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Using Smithing money making in OSRS 2022

Using Smithing To Make Money in OSRS

There are several ways for smithing to earn money in osrs, this article examines a few.

A Blast Furnace that makes money by smithing

Our complete smithing guide in osrs includes an in-depth guide to blast furnaces, in case you’re not familiar with how they work.

The blast furnace method can be used as early as level 30 smithing, however, for every 10 minutes you spend there until you reach level 60 smithing, you must pay 2,500gp.

Using the blast furnace to melt steel bars costs 2,500gp.

  • 670K profit per hour
  • required for smithing: 30
  • hours exp rate: 94K

The blast furnace melts adamantite bars

  • The profit per hour is 950K
  • at 70 levels of smithing
  • at 101K exp per hour

Making rutile bars in a blast furnace

  • Hourly profit: 850K
  • Required level of smithing: 85
  • Hourly experience rate: 107K

The F2P Method of Smithing Rune Items to Making Money

The best F2P smithing method in the game is to smith rune items at an anvil. In F2P gameplay, 90 smithing is extremely expensive to achieve without a blast furnace since it requires 99 smithing. You can learn more about F2P smithing methods in our Smithing Guide.

You will smith three items: rune plateskirts, rune plateslegs, and rune 2h swords. Find out which GE price is most profitable at the moment by checking the current GE price. There are 3 rune bars required for each of these items.

Also, you will need at least 30 million dollars to purchase 2700 bars of runite, which you will smith each hour.

900 rune items will be generated per hour for a profit of 600K gp per hour. Many players use this method in order to gain 200M smithing experience per hour, as it also gives 200K experience per hour.

To reach 550M in total, you must reach 99 smithing and 200M experience. This will result in you getting 1.7B in total, but it will be two times as slow as doing it at the blast furnace.

We hope you were able to learn just how profitable smithing can be through these smithing money-making methods. You can find pricing information on the wiki page.



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