Top 5 Problems for International Students and Their Solutions

Top 5 Problems for International Students and Their Solutions

Prime Factors:

The top challenges for an international student include,

  • A cultural shock to mix up with a new community.
  • The budget issue of how to fund your studies.
  • A language barrier to communicating with the people.
  • Different learning styles and grading criteria.
  • Finding an economical accommodation option to live.

The details of these problems faced by international students and their related solutions are discussed below.

Being an international student is an exciting chapter of your life. You can move to your dream destination, live independently, and experience a new culture while obtaining a world-class education. However, not everything about this journey is rosy and nice. There are certain problems that international students face while adjusting to a new culture and environment. For instance, there are times when they feel stressed. Also, they are supposed to deal with the situation that they don’t face in their home country.

It is common for an international student to feel homesick, isolated and have some financial difficulties. However, with the right mindset and support, they can thrive in such an environment. In the guide below we have identified some common challenges faced by international students. Listed below are some common difficulties that they ensure and how to overcome them.

What Are the Problems of International Students, And How They Can Overcome?

Are you wondering what the educational issues are for international students? Being an international student means you are lucky among many other applicants who got this opportunity. But as it is said, if you want to achieve something, you must make several sacrifices. For instance, above all the problems for an international student, academic pressure is the most strenuous.

Adjusting to a new educational framework that is quite different from your home country can affect your academic performance. If you are facing problems with writing academic projects such as coursework, then it is better to avail of coursework writing services to keep up with the pace. Remember, there is no option to overlook your performance, especially when you are solely moved with your studies.

Let’s identify some other problems for international students and solutions to them.

1. Cultural Shock

Adjusting to the new cultures is one of the biggest problems for international students. You are already in a life that you know nothing about. Let’s be honest, you can argue that the internet is a place which all you to see various cultures and worlds. But there are certain things that you can only experience while you are residing at that particular place. Cultural shock may make you feel disoriented and like you are living an unfamiliar way of life.


  • Remind yourself that it is normal.
  • Learn some common phrases to communicate.
  • Don’t hide it from your friends and family.
  • Don’t isolate yourself, but meet with the local people.

2. Financial Difficulties

Finances are the problems that international students mostly overlook. Even students have an illusion that studying abroad is more affordable than in their hometown. The fee might be less than what you are paying in your country. But there are some other livings, travelling and academic expenses that they don’t count. Above all, currency exchange can be one of the most challenging things to cope with.


  • Set up the budget before leaving home to resist financial problems for international students.
  • Estimate monthly expenses covering living, transport, food, study material, etc.
  • Look for scholarship grants by the university for international students.
  • Do some part-time jobs.

3. Learning Styles & Academic Expectations

An international student transiting to a new academic environment is a problem for international students. The academic expectations in your host country might be different from those in your home country. Also, the grading criteria or the way teachers deliver coursework may happen in a different framework. After all, you sacrificed everything for your academics, so this international student’s problems need to be at the top of your list.


  • Attend an academic culture program before you attend college.
  • Research your university’s academic expectations on your own.
  • If you are having an issue with writing your coursework because you are not efficient at writing it in new settings, then hire a coursework writer to improve it.

4. Language Barriers

It can be one of the most dreadful international students’ problems in the UK. English is not a common language spoken in every country. Such barrier may often impede their communication with surrounding people. It holds students back in their social life as they feel isolated. Moreover, studying courses in different languages may increase their academic struggle.


  • Look for support groups for international students such as government-funded programs, associations, etc. This way you can beat these problems for international students.
  • Be friends with local and international students.
  • Be open to learning new things.
  • Make use of translational apps.

5. Finding a Good Accommodation to Live In

Finding a good place to live may also be a challenge for international students. For instance, on-campus accommodation for students may fill up quite fast. Also, it is more expensive than other options, which might burden your finances. Moreover, there are some real property owners or scams that may already be waiting for international students to worry them. As a result, it will just increase your struggle to secure a good living place.


  • Look for Facebook groups to connect with the local community that can provide you with good, affordable options.
  • Search for the local website rather than ranting palace from a landlord.
  • You can also consider living with the host family if possible.


No one can hide the fact that there are numerous problems for international students. It might be your dream to study at your dream university. However, after enrolling, what you are supposed to face in a foreign place is a matter of concern.

Of all the common problems discussed above, academic pressure is at the top. Don’t think of this pressure as similar to what you face in your home country. Different teaching strategies and grading criteria must be added.

Here if you think of affecting your grades as you are not using the new system, then seek coursework writing help from experts. These experts are better aware of the conventions to assist you in new settings. Therefore, know the problems above and be aware beforehand if you are also moving abroad for your higher studies.

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