Hunter Money Making Osrs Guide in 2022

Hunter Money Making Osrs Guide in 2022

Hunter Money-Making in OSRS: A Quick Guide

Hunter is either a favorite of a hated skill or a favorite skill but you can’t deny that it is one of the best money making skills in the osrs. Getting levels up in hunter is a quick process. Below are 3 ways players can make money fast in hunter.

The Chinchompa Hunt
1.6M in profit per hour for the Black Chinchompas

Level 82 is required to be a Hunter

150K in experience per hour

Additional requirements:

  • box trapping at Eagles Peak
  • and 43 prayers for overhead protection
  • with a charge glory amulet (for level 30 wilderness teleportation)

Wilderness at level 33

The best way for hunters to make money in Osrs is by far black chinchompas. However, they only grow in the wilderness, so Pikers can easily take advantage of their high profitability. So it is essential to have tanking gear and good magic defense.

It is also suggested that you have a charged amulet of glory or a royal seed pod so that you can teleport to safety in level 30 wilderness if you are attacked.


Getting pked does not affect your profits per hour since this is a wilderness method.

Up to 800K/hour Profit from Red Chinchompas

Level of hunter: 63+

Hourly experience: 150K

Other requirements include:

  • the Eagles Peak mountain range (for box traps)
  • Second best place: westerly provinces diary (nearly as good)
  • Songs of the Elven (best-located)

Due to the risk associated with hunting black chinchompas, hunting red chinchompas is less profitable but more common than hunting black chinchompas.

It is, however, difficult to find a good world in red chinchompa locations due to their crowded nature. The red chinchompa hunting ground, which is an ideal location that will definitely not have any bots, can be accessed by players who have completed the hard western provinces diaries.

Gwenith is the location where end-game players can hunt red chinchompas after they finish Song of the Elves.

Hunting Implings: Profit Up To 600K/Hr

A hunter’s level must be at least 83

Additional requirements:

  • access to Lost City (mini-game)
  • Strong physical fitness is recommended
  • as the game requires 50 magic to snare the monsters
  • Wizard Elnock’s Magic Butterfly Net (available at pure-pure)

Gielinor’s impalas can be captured anywhere, but to make them profitable you must play the pure-pure (or impetuous pulses) mini-game.

Your hourly profits are largely determined by your random number generator, since more advanced implings spawn at random.

With the dramen staff equipped, you can enter the lost city shed (located in the Lumbridge swamp) and reach pure-pure. The fairy ring network can also be used to travel to Zanifis if the player has completed fairy tale part 2.

Our pure-pure guide offers more in-depth information

Video Guide to Hunter Money-Making
The Edboys have created an in-depth guide to making money with hunter that anyone who prefers more information can check out:

We hope that this quick guide to making money with hunter in osrs has convinced you that hunter is a skill worth leveling.

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