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Arceuus Favor Guide Explaining the House Favor

A successful Arceuus library favor guide for OSRS (100 percent favor)

The following guide will provide you with all the information that you need to gain 100% Favour in the Arceuus House.

I think that gaining favour in Arceuus’s house is the easiest of all houses.

It is easy, enjoyable and a great experience to gain Arceuus’ favour.

The Arceuus Library, the place you gain favor, is considered to be one of the fastest ways of gaining runes in the game. Furthermore, it is a great place to learn magic for free.

For every ironman account that I create, I train my Magic from 35 to 55, earning 100 Arceuus Favor.

Even for non-ironmen, training in magic is costly, and runecrafting is boring and slow.

Arceuus Library should be inserted. Here’s where you can quickly progress from 0% to 100% Arceuus Favour.

                                             How to Access The Arceuus Library
A teleport (using the Arceuus Spellbook) or nearby Fairy Ring are other fast ways to get to the Arceuus Library, but if you don’t already have favour, you won’t have access to them.

Due to this, the best method to reach Wintertodt is to use your Games Necklace’s teleport and walk south.

                                               Is Arceuus Library Easy To Use?

It is located in Arceuus and is a library.

For each correct book the player collects for Sam, Professor Gracklebone, or Villia, they gain 2.5% favour AND a book of Arcane knowledge.

That means a total of 40 books must be obtained.

I know it seems like a lot, but trust me, it is one of the fastest ways to gain favor.

One caveat, though: it doesn’t work for everyone.

At least if you want it to be fast. You will need the Runelite client for this method.

We wrote another article on Runelite – everything you need to know if you’re not familiar with it.

Why does Runelite matter?

You will be able to locate the books you are looking for using Runelite.

The original book would have been on tens of shelves, and you would have had to look through them all to find it.

You’d have to spend a lot of time searching for it.

The Runelite client, on the other hand, simply leads you where the arrow points!

                              A Guide To Setting Up Runelite At The Arceuus Library

If you walk into the library, Runelite is not automatically turned on.

Since the books are assigned randomly and change every 80 – 100 minutes, there is no way to predict what will appear next.

I won’t keep you there for too long.

Runelite must first callibrate.

You’ll need to look through a few random shelves to get it set up.

White tiles will be placed in front of these shelves.
Locate your first book on these shelves.

You will then have new shelves highlighted for you to search with Runelite.

There will be a few books displayed on these shelves. Runelite is approaching the end of its calibration process, but it is not quite there yet.
Check the shelves.
Runelite may need to be calibrated one or two more times before it is fully functional.

Only one book will appear before the shelves when Runelite is fully set up. The book and the text will both appear in yellow.
You can earn Arceuus Favour after you see this.

                                               The Library: How It Works

If you want to gain favour with Professor Gracklebone or Villia, right-click and pick help from the menu.

You will be assigned a book to collect for them.

Now, you should check if there is an arrow on the mini map. You will see it as Runelite pointing to the book.

A green arrow should show on your mini map (or your screen, if you are close enough) when you are close enough to it.

A yellow arrow will also appear on your screen when you are close.

A green highlight will appear on the selected book.

When you have the book that Runelite pointed you towards, return the book to the NPC who requested it.

(The book will be highlighted in green if it is the right one)

You will be given 2.5% favor and an Arcane Knowledge Book.

This Book of Arcane Knowledge will allow you to gain experience in Magic (11 times your current level) and Runecrafting (4 times your current level).

Using Book of Arcane Knowledge on a level 50 character will gain you 550 experience.

The NPC will be unable to be helped until you help another one first.

Professor Gracklebone is always my first contact, so next I will speak with Villia.

I will then contact Professor Gracklebone.

Once you have 100% favor with Professor Gracklebone, speak to him again, and repeat this pattern all the way to the end.

However! Read on for an effective method of doing this.

                                           The Best Way To Run A Library

I can explain to you how you can do it EFFICIENTLY now that you understand HOW Arceuus Library works.

Firstly, you will need to reduce your weight.

It is obvious that graceful is the best option for you.

Keep your weight as low as possible if you don’t have gracefulness.

Additionally, you’re expected to bring four to eight potions of stamina. Keep your inventory empty at all times.

Contact Professor Gracklebone to get him to assign you a book.

Find the book that he assigned you and begin reading.

Take every other yellow-highlighted book Runelite highlights from the shelf on your way there.

Then why? This is because Professor Gracklebone/Villia will request these books from you in the future.

When this happens, you can just hand them the document without having to find it first.

How cool is that? The experience rating here is so high because of how fast one gains favor here.

Upon getting the book, give it to Professor Gracklebone and then speak with Villia to complete the process.

If you have a book in your inventory that one of the NPCs asks for, a green tile will appear below it.

Talk to the other NPC to request the next book if this happens. If so, simply talk to them again to give them the book.

Follow these steps until they have 100% of your favor.

                                      Information about the organization

Professor Gracklebone and Villia are the only two I use because they are close to each other. It would be helpful if you could assist Sam as well.

You can discuss a dark manuscript with Horphis when you have 20% favor.
Your favor increases by 5%.

The dark manuscript does not exist in all variations.

Because of this, I would recommend sticking with Professor Gracklebone/Villia for fast favor and experience.

                                                        Favours from Arceuus

As much as possible, never use Books of Arcane Knowledge on skills below 20. The experience you get will simply not be worth it since you are getting 11x as much as you are with runecrafting.

You won’t be able to calibrate Runelite until you have 100% Arceuus Favor, so you shouldn’t log out until you have it.

The Kourend Teleport will be available once you read the Transportation Incantations book

Taking part in the Bear Your Soul Miniquest begins once you have read the Soul Journey book.

                                                                   In conclusion

If you use the Arceuus Library effectively, you should get 100% Arceuus Favor as quickly as possible.

In addition to gaining great magic/runecrafting experience, this is also a nice bonus.

Even if your Magic/Runecrafting level is below 50, why not stick around until you have it? One of the fastest ways of training for both skills is through the Arceuus Library, and it is free as well!


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