The OSRS ZULRAH GUIDE: Simple instructions for rotating the ZULRAH

Zulrah causing you problems? Are you preparing for your first entry by doing your research? Here is this guide on how to start playing Zulrah or finally stop dying to the venom of Zulrah.

Defeating Zulrah Is Important

Once you get the hang of it, Zulrah can be a hugely profitable boss. By teleporting with the Zul’Andra scroll or fairy ring scroll (BJS), you can easily reach this boss. This is especially true if you have a zulrah bank tab in your house and a rejuvenation pool.

You can expect to kill in 2-3 minutes once you have mastered the rotations and have the proper gear and stats. You can make up to 3M/h here when you combine quick banking and an efficient point of sale system. Thus, Zulrah is the best-paying boss in old-school Runescape, even more lucrative than Vorkath. Are you convinced yet?


Understanding Zulrah Before You Try It

The Zulrah consists of three forms in which the Zulrah rotates. Depending on these different versions of Zulrah, you might need to switch overhead prayers and gear.

Serpentine form:

When you see the green color, you need to be prepared for missile attacks BEFORE changing gears to serpentine. This type of form requires mage.

Magma form:

Melee attacks will be made by the magma form. It is impossible to defend against it. The magma zulrah will stun you if he sees you staring at him with a 30. If you do not move away quickly, he will hit you with it. The best way to deal with it is to use mage.

Tanzanite form:

The Tanzanite form can use both mage and ranged attacks. The most common form of attack is the tanzanite form, so you should protect yourself against it. This form of attack requires ranged defense.

A special attack against Zulrah
there are two special attacks against Zulrah.

Venom Clouds

Zulrah will spit out venomous clouds during various parts of the fight. In the vicinity of the enemy, you will receive rapid damage if you stand within a 2*2 radius of them. As a countermeasure, you should put yourself at the right place at the right time throughout the rotation, but we’ll discuss that later.


Zulrah also spawns snakelings as part of her special attack. You should always wear either a ring of suffering or a ring of recoil since they have a combat level of 90 but only 1 HP.

Sharkelings can hit up to 15 and when there are multiple around you, you are easily comboed out with venomous clouds.

Zulrah will be taken care of by your ring, so you don’t have to worry about killing her. So you can finish the kill faster, you need to keep your DPS on Zulrah.


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The Zulrah rotation

There is a little bit of complexity in zulrah, but don’t be scared off by that. Once you get used to the rotations, it’s not too hard, and zulrah helper has created an application that’ll make it easy to get used to the rotations.

Using the zulrah helper
If you don’t have a second monitor, then resize and place the zulrah helper window near your Runescape client if you do not have a second monitor. If you prefer to use your phone, you can open it from there.

The first phase
In its beginning, Zulrah takes the form of a serpentine snake.

There are three outcomes in Phase 2.
It then rotates through the three outcomes.
There are five possible patterns depending on the outcome of phase 2.

During phase 2, there are only two possible patterns when magma spawns. Tanzanite will always be the pattern during phase 3.


Setup of the gear
Since zulrah has both ranged and magic weaknesses, it’s a good idea to equip yourself accordingly. Below are the best and worst equipment setups.

Magic setup

Top/bottom/head slot Ancestral Ahrim Elite Void Infinity
Necklace slot: Occult Fury Glory
Cape slot Imbued god cape God cape Skill cape
Staff slot sanguinesti Trident of the swamp/seas
Shield slot Arcane Mage’s book Malediction ward
Blessing Rada’s blessing 4 God blessing
Gloves slot Tormented bracelet Barrows gloves Void knight gloves Combat bracelet
Boots slot Eternal Infinity Wizard Brimstone
Ring slot Ring of suffering Ring of recoil

Setup of ranges

Top/bottom/head slot Armadyl Blessed D’hide Karil Black D’hide
Necklace slot: Anguish Fury Glory
Cape slot Ava’s assembler Ava’s accumulator Ranged cape
weapon slot Twisted bow Blowpipe
Ammo slot Dragon (if twisted bow) God blessing
Gloves slot Barrows gloves Blessed vambraces Black D’hide vambraces
Boots slot Pegasian Ranger boots Blessed boots Snakeskin boots
Ring slot Ring of suffering Ring of recoil

Setup of inventories
If you don’t have a rejuvenation pool you can use the clan wars FFA portal with a rune pouch (for revenge), dramen staff (for using the fairy ring network), Zul’andra teleport scroll, ring of dueling

Combination food for sharks/manta rays would be 4 karambwans and sharks.

Anti-venom, ranged potion, magic potion, or bastion potion if stats exceed 90, 1 prayer potions, and teleport to your house are mandatory items.


Using Zulrah Tips and Tricks

Using Zulrah Helper
You should always have the Zulrah helper next to your OSRS client during your first couple of fights and while learning rotations.

Mark tiles with runelite
Using the runelite client, you can right-click on an island tile and use shift to mark it.

Prepare yourself for death at Zulrah
First of all, you will die a great deal at zulrah. You need to prepare for that. Unlike General Graardor, Ulrah is not a boss you can live off of by eating and putting your protection on. To perform zulrah, you must switch gears, pray, and be seated correctly. The process is not easy. This is especially true for those unfamiliar with PVMs.

Do not worry about dying; the place is safe and you can retrieve your belongings if you speak to the priestess at the front of the boat.

It is hoped that this guide to the osrs zulrah was helpful. Zulrah Helper allows you to easily memorize rotations without having to worry about rotations.


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