Osrs Thieving Guide

Osrs Thieving Guide 1-99 Complete in 2021

Osrs Thieving Guide

Thieving in Oldschool Runescape is explained completely in this 1-99 OSRS thieving guide. The equipment needed, the most efficient methods, and the best ways to make money through theft are all included.

  • Theft Equipment 1
  • 1.1 Silent gloves
  • and 1.2 Ardougne coat
  • and 1.3 Uncertain necklace
  • as well as 1.4 Rogues gear
  • Quest 2 for levels 1 – 24
  • OSRS Thieving Guide – Fastest way to 99, and 1.3 OSRS Gear Quest 2 guides
  • to level 45 to 99 blackjack
  • : 4.1 What is Blackjacking?
  • 4.1.1 When you successfully knock out the opponent:
  • If you fail to knock out the opponent:
  • 4.1.3 When an NPC attacks you:
  • Alternative Methods for OSRS Thieving
  • from 55 to 99 Ardougne Knight
  • 5.1.1 Gear to use:
  • 1.2.1 Item inventory:
  • 5.1.3 Ardougne knights’ exposure rates and profits per hour
  • Coinpouch 5.1.4
  • Detecting the Ardougne knight safely 5.1.5
  • Select Pickpocket from your settings by right-clicking
  • Moneymaking Alternative 5.2: Master Farmers
  • Skills 6 More

Equipment used for theft

Every time, we start by listing out all the possible thieving equipment that increases profit and exp.

Silent Gloves

Pickpocketing is less likely to fail when wearing silencers. Once they’ve failed 62 pickpockets, they’re degraded but can be repaired by using a dark kebbit fur (and a thread, needle, and knife in your inventory).

Osrs Thieving Guide
Osrs Thieving Guide

The fancy clothes store in southwest Varrock is where you can purchase them for around 3K. Alternatively, you can bring two dark kebbit furs and 600gp to get them there.

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Clutch of Ardougne

Stacks poorly with gloves of silence.

Ardougne easy diary Ardougne Cloak 1 10% increased chance to successfully thieve from stalls in Ardougne
Ardougne medium diary Ardougne Cloak 2 10% increased chance to pickpocket in Ardougne cloak doesn’t need to be equipped
Ardougne hard diary Ardougne Cloak 3 10% increased chance of succeeding when pickpocketing, anywhere in old school runescape cloak doesn’t need to be equipped
Ardougne elite diary Ardougne cloak 4 No extra thieving benefit

The necklace is dodgy

While pickpocketing, wearing a dodgy necklace improves your chances of avoiding being stunned and damaged by 25%. Lower levels will appreciate this feature the most.
You lose a charge each time you prevent the necklace from taking damage, so the necklace holds 10 charges. When those charges are used up, the necklace evaporates.

The necklace has no impact on blackjacking.

Equipment used by the Rogue

A player can obtain the Rogue’s Den outfit by playing the mini-game Rogue’s Den. Wearing the whole set guarantees double pickpocket loot. Especially if you plan on pickpocketing Ardougne knights or master farmers all the way to 99, this is essential.

To obtain the full outfit, you will need to spend about one to two hours.

Osrs Thieving Guide
Osrs Thieving Guide

Levels 1 – 24 of the questline

You should strongly consider taking this road to 24 thieving because there are no requirements for these quests. You need these subquests for around diaries, recipe for disaster, and others.

Biohazard none 1,250 Quick quest, 15- 20 minutes Needed for Ardougne diaries (cloak)
Hazeel Cult none 1,500 Quick quest, less than 10 minutes
Fight Arena defeat monsters from safespot (44,63, 137) 2,175 Quick quest, 15 minutes
Tower of Life 10 construction 500 20 minute quest, you can use our 1-99 construction guide to find out how to grind those first 10 levels. You can do them in under 5 minutes.
Tribal Totem 21 thieving (you have this after completing the former 4 quests) 1,775 Quick quest, under 20 minutes

Guide to 99 Thieving in OSRS
For those who aren’t interested in searching all the way to 25, you can do men/women in Edgeville, then go over to the Ardougne market to do cake stalls for the remainder of the quest. You will then be able to sell fruit at Hosidius.

1 – 5 Men/women 49 Edgeville 15K/hr
5 – 25 Cake stalls 466 Ardougne market 20K/hr
25 – 30 Fruit Stalls 194 Hosidius 40K/hr
30 – 37 The Feud Quest* N/A N/A You’ll get a 15K exp reward
37 – 45 Fruit Stalls Again 1,195 Hosidius 40K/hr

Using the fruit stands in hosidius requires 15% favor. You will need favour for other skills such as woodcutting and agriculture, so you should gain it now since it is so quick.

In your quest menu is a teleport that will take you to Hosidius regardless if you have Xeric’s talisman or not.

45 – 99 levels of Blackjack

At 45, you can begin blackjacking, which gives you the best thieving experience in the game. The disadvantage of blackjacking is that it is more click-intensive than other conventional methods, so most players avoid it.

Don’t let that frighten you away though, because it’s really simple once you get the hang of it.

The requirements:

  • A quest for feuds
  • To access a blackjack rogue trade mini quest (if Ironman)

A magical carpet will take you to Pollnivneach.

Osrs Thieving Guide
Osrs Thieving Guide

Blackjacking is composed of the following steps:

Choosing a bandit appropriate to your thieving level is the first step in blackjacking (refer to the table below). Right-click on the bandit, then select lure. After that, lure him into a building. You can pickpocket the bandit once you close the door/curtains.

Blackjacking a bandit is the first step in picking his pocket. Select ‘knock-out’ from the right-click menu when faced with a bandit. If you succeed, it will put him to sleep (you succeeded), while if you fail it will prompt the statement “I will kill you”.

You should always pickpocket a bandit after knocking him out, whether you succeed or not.

If you succeed in the knockout:

You should pickpocket the bandit twice if you succeed in a knockout. When he wakes up, you should pickpocket him again.

After a knockout failure:

Once he’s knocked out, the bandit will try to pickpocket you and try to attack you again.

When an NPC attacks you:

The NPC may keep attacking you if you mess up. After the NPC hits you, lure them again. You can start blackjacking again after they stop attacking you.

In case this doesn’t work, find a staircase and run away. They will become less aggressive this way.

45 – 55 Bearded Pollnivnian Bandits 60 – 80K/hr bearded bandit osrs blackjacking
55 – 65 Pollnivnian Bandits 100 – 150K/hr bandit osrs blackjacking
65 – 99 Menaphite Thugs 250K/hr osrs menaphite thug

Thieving Guide for OSRS – Alternatives
to Knights of Ardougne 55-99

With an Ardougne Cloak 2, pickpocketing the Ardougne knight at level 97 will no longer fail.

The following gear is recommended:

  • the double-money outfit for rogues
  • Ardougne medium diaries (if you have not yet finished them)
  • You do not need to actually wear the Ardougne cloak, just own it.
  • Shady necklaces

You can heal up with jugs of wine (heals 11HP, costs 3gp each) or you can steal cakes from the food vendors in the market.

A look at the ardougne knights’ hourly rates of profit

55 – 70 50K/hr 6,774 30K/hr 60K/hr
70 – 80 100K/hr 14,810 60K/hr 120K/hr
80 – 90 150K/hr 39,861 85K/hr 170K/hr
90 – 95 220K/hr 40,632 130K/hr 260K/hr
95 – 99 250K/hr 50,568 150K/hr 300K/hr

Wallet for coins

Pickpocketing an NPC will reward you with a coin pouch. There is a limit of 28 pickpockets you can have at a time. After that, you are no longer able to steal from the knight. To continue spam-clicking, all you need to do is click on the pouch once you reach 28.

Safety pins for knights of Ardogne

If they become unaggressive for too long, Ardougne knights despawn. As a countermeasure, someone needs to keep splashing the knight aggressively while remaining in the same place. Thieving world, clan chats, or mains are all good places to do this.

A world number of 378 and clan chat numbers of ‘thievinghost’ and ‘splashworlds’

Sometimes the knight moves around in splash worlds, which can be a bit annoying.

He even demonstrates how to counter the coin pouch without clicking away from the knight and how to safely spot the Ardy knight. This video is a must-see if you’ve ever thought about doing ardy knights to 99.

Select pickpocket from the settings menu by right-clicking

Navigate to the joystick icon on the top right of your options menu (near the logout button). A dropdown menu will appear at the bottom with the option ‘NPC attack options’. If you set it to hidden, the attacking options for NPCs will be hidden completely. As a result, only the word “pickpocket” will appear on the Ardougne knight and you should be able to spam-click it.

Other Moneymaking Alternatives: Expert Farmers

If you have completed the hard Ardougne Diaries and have the full rogues armor, master farmers are an excellent alternative to ardy knights. Despite the lower experience rates, master farmers can earn you up to 1.6m gp per hour.

You will automatically receive the seeds when you receive the tithe farm reward (seed box). While it can be made a little easier by doing so, it is not required.

Here is a table of the rewards you receive when you have both Ardougne’s hard diaries and a full Rogue’s outfit.

38 57.5% success rate 30K/hr 100K/hr 200K/hr
50 64.7% 40K/hr 250K/hr 500K/hr
60 70.7% 50K/hr 300K/hr 600K/hr
70 84.4% 75K/hr 500K/hr 1M/Hr
80 91% 90K/hr 600K/hr 1.2M/hr
90 97.6% 120K/hr 750K/hr 1.5M/hr
94 100% 130K/hr 800K/hr 1.6M/hr

There are three safe spots in the game: Hosidius (safe spot), Draynor (bank/no safe spot), and Ardougne (safe spot)

It is my hope that you can get that money skill cape through this osrs thieving guide. Stacking this cape with gloves of silence and cloak of Ardougne increases your success rate by 10%.


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