OSRS Group Ironman Guide

OSRS Group Ironman Guide – All Details You Need To Know


Since Group Ironman mode was officially released on October 6th at 11:00 BST, we can now play OSRS from scratch with friends in the group variant of the beloved ironman mode.

You will learn everything there is to know about Iron man mode, and you will learn how you can start your own.

We have provided a complete Group Ironman Starters Guide.

How soon will the Group Ironman mode be available in OSRS?

On October 6th (11:00 AM BST), Group Ironmanmode’s official release date will be announced.

Group Ironman is coming to OSRS in early to mid-autumn/fall, according to Mod Kieren at a Group Ironman Keynote on August 3rd, 2021. This Keynote can be seen below.

Group Ironman is what it sounds like.
Using the regular ironman mode, group ironman creates a gamemode for groups of players.

Ironman group races are almost identical to regular ones, except that you will compete in groups of two to five participants.

In other words, you can only receive items through drops or by creating them yourself. Getting ahead in the game will require you to acquire skills. You can, however, trade with other members in your group because you are playing in groups.

In this way, you can assign certain tasks to others, such as delegating crafting to one person, runecrafting to another, herblore to yet another, and so forth. Playing with a group will allow you to acquire high-level amulets, access potions, runes, and more.

Group Ironman teams will have to use many different strategies to complete end-game content, such as chambers of Xeric, the theatre of blood, and the nightmare of Ashima.

The osrs servers will be used for group ironman as well as regular ironman mode. This means that you will be able to play with other group ironman competitors, regular ironman competitors, and regular osrs players, but not to trade or exchange items with anyone besides your own group.

OSRS Group Ironman Guide
OSRS Group Ironman Guide

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Workings of Group Ironman

Teams of two to five players will participate in Group Ironman. Each individual player who wishes to join the group ironman mode will be required to start a new account from scratch.

As a result, you can’t convert an individual Ironman into a group Ironman. Once group ironman becomes available to osrs, everyone will get a fair shot.

Adding or removing members of a group will be the responsibility of the group leader. The leader will initiate the process for removing a group member through a vote.

A group ironman in which you are kicked out will not let you join another. In order to participate in the game, you will have to join your own team and invite new players.

Combat in groups

Can be done with PVM for Ironmen in groups. The member who dealt the most damage gets the drop in regular PVMing.

The drop will not occur if you are crash by a non-ironman, as it does for regular ironman accounts.

For example, non-ironman players securing a hit against General Graardor will either get the drop or not receive it.

The group will be able to participate in raids involving non-members such as the Theatre of Blood and Chambers of Xerics.

Keep in mind that in order to maintain your Group Prestige Status (more details later), all activities like Chambers of Xerics and Theatre of Blood must be confined to your own group. Those events are still playable with other players, but your prestige status will be immediately revoked.

Trading Group Ironman

Members of GIM will be able to exchange goods and services among themselves. This will allow them to trade quest items, unlock content faster, and get boss drops from each other.
Obviously, Group Ironman is unable to trade directly with other Ironman Groups or regular players.

There is no shared storage.

From the regular bank, you will have access to a shared storage for your Ironman Group (through a new icon).

You will not be able to share items in your shared storage with other members of your group, but they will be able to access your bank.

You will not be able to share your personal information.

Ironman scores by group

A different bracket will be used for each group ironman team size. When group ironman is released, we will have 4 additional hiscores available in the game.

It is possible to create one for every two players, one for every three players, and so on, up to five players.

Although you may go up in brackets, you may never go down in brackets. Therefore, if a team had 3 players, you can still play in that bracket even if someone leaves.

You will instead be able to participate in the 4-man hiscore brackets if you add a member to your 3-man team.

Your group’s total skill level determines what rank the GIM hiscores will be assigned. Based on the experience of the group.

One important caveat: The total experience is only based on the work done in the group. A newly-added group member is not counted towards the group’s overall experience.

Group Prestige

Status will be awarded to every Ironman Group. As you can see from the game and the scoreboard, this icon indicates that the original group hasn’t been tampered with.

It is only possible to achieve Group Prestige if everyone joins The Node at the same time.
Adding players later will negate the prestige you have earned.
Participation in raids (COX/TOB) with players outside of your guild will also reduce your prestige.
This is to prevent GIM from being boosted.

Every player will also have prestige. Players with prestige have a star next to their name. When you join a new group, your individual prestige will disappear.

Updates to the Group

Members A group leader can step down (7 days have been given).

The player who joins first becomes leader if the leader has been inactive for 30 days. Inactive leaders will be demoted, and remain in the group as members.

The Iron Tutor on the Node can help you leave a group. The grace period is seven days for this process. You can join a new group or create your own after you leave a group.

Become An Ironman For Your Group

The Node, a small island beneath the tutorial island, is where group Ironman accounts are created.
You must talk to an Iron Tutor on Tutorial Island in order to become a group ironman.

Likewise, you can go to these tutors if you’re interested in becoming an Ironman.

Depending on what you choose, you will have the option of regular or hard group ironman.

For your account to become a group ironman, you must do this BEFORE leaving the tutorial island.

A group ironman account can only be created if this step is completed.

The boat will take you to The Node once you finish tutorial island.

It is not possible to make an existing account into a group account (even an ironman account).

Create a group account

You can create your own Ironman Group and recruit members as soon as you reach The Node.

Create your group by following these steps:

  • Go to the “Create Group” link
  • Select Group Prestige if you want it
  • Press the ‘invite’ option when you right-click on a player at the Node.
  • Select the group name (only saved after the group has been confirmed)
  • Check the box for confirm (only after everyone has been invited).

Both group and clan names can be used. The name of your group cannot be the same as an existing clan name.

Instead, wait for someone to invite you to a group before completing this step. Avoid clicking the group creation link!

“Recruitment Process”

In the Node you can recruit others once a group has been created.

It will be easier to recruit or get recruited to the worlds created by Jagex.

Invite potential candidates to your group by right-clicking on them.

After you have created your group, click confirm.

You will not be able to change the size of your group after you confirm once your group is full.

Ironman of Hardcore Group

There wouldn’t be a hardcore variant in Group Ironman mode, would there?

Thank goodness, we’ll have one!

There is one important difference between Hardcore Group Ironman and regular Group Ironman:

Your group count will determine the number of lives allotted to you (e.g. 4 group members = 4 lives total).
You will be demoted to a regular group ironman if your group loses ALL their lives.

In the Chambers of Xerics and the Theatre of Blood, Hardcore Group Ironman will also be unable to die safely.

Which of these two groups should you choose?
In contrast to Regular Group Ironman (GIM), Hardcore Group Ironman (HGIM) has more stakes. Perhaps we should start there? After all, what is really at stake?

A lot, to be honest.

A lot of work goes into playing HGIM. You will be playing less efficiently since you must avoid death at all costs.

The progress of an ironman group will therefore be much slower than yours.

Furthermore, the Hardcore status will become very meaningful to you very fast.

This is so important that, if you lose your status, you might not even continue to play. Hardcore ironman aren’t the only ones who start anew after their hardcore accounts expire.

It’s much more fun to start a regular Ironman group if you don’t plan to take it seriously. Rather, play the hardcore mode to see how it goes, not just to try it out.

I would definitely suggest starting the hardcore group mode if you’re really set on it!

So Why the Group Ironmen Game?

There has always been a distinct lack of social interaction in ironman games. However, you are not able to play with other players on the original servers of OSRS. In the theatre of blood and xeric chambers, however, there are no more encounters.

The group ironman is the perfect group-game for everyone. By delegating the tasks, you will be able to advance more quickly through trading within your team while still playing a harder game mode.

There will be plenty of content produced by the group ironman mode with a lot of youtubers and twitch streamers participating. The arrival of group ironman will also attract many, many players back to osrs, as Reddit and Twitter have proven.

As a result of the combination of nostalgia and team-play, the number of OSRs players will increase.

OSRS Group Ironman Guide
OSRS Group Ironman Guide

Tips on Selecting Your Ironman Group Team

Choosing your teammates is undoubtedly one of the most difficult parts of Group Ironman mode.

How do you choose which team at The Node to join? Do you stick with your closest friends or join a random team?

When picking a group ironman team, you should consider these four golden rules:

  • Make sure you are all on the same page about priorities
  • Ensure each team member has equal ambition
  • Ensure you are not playing with a team that is below your skill level
  • Only invite players who are in the same timezone as you to a group ironman

It is first of all necessary to ensure that every member of your team shares the same goal. In order to maximize efficiency, it’s also important to set different priorities for your team. It defeats the purpose of starting a group ironman if everyone wants to grind to the max. You should therefore set priorities that are different, but the overall goal should be the same.

Secondly, you want to be part of a group of fellow ambitious ironman team members. Do you consider yourself a casual player? Consider joining a casual team. You shouldn’t convince your casual friends to join your team if you know you are a real grinder. It won’t go well.

You should also consider your experience level. If you possess an infernal cape, do you have a maxed main? Moreover, do not play COX, TOB or even the fight caves with rookies who are inexperienced. Similarly, if you’re a noob, play with people who are noobs. Nothing wrong with that! As your team won’t perceive you as a bottleneck, you’ll have more fun.

Play with other players who are in the same time zone as you. At the very least, play with players who are in the same time zone. Group ironman is intended to make the lonely ironman experience less lonely by doing activities together. This is not a great setup if one half of your team is in bed, while the other is out grinding!

You should take these points into consideration when choosing your team for Ironman mode.

Roles of the Ironman Group

Team Ironman accounts can access content much more quickly than regular Ironman accounts since they have a team behind them.

In the early game, for example, everyone in the group has to unlock the crossbow in order to use it for ranged training by finishing Death to the Dorgeshuun.

The max house can be used by everyone if one member of the group has one. The dedicated craftsman who crafts all the Zenyte Jewelery, and the potter who makes potions, could be another person.

With everyone focusing on their specialization, you guys will be able to unlock events in the game as fast as possible.

The following are some examples of groups that take on ironman roles:


The person focuses on unlocking food for the team by quickly knocking out skills such as fishing and cooking. Mines and other skills could also be managed by this person.


Herblorist is the blender of potions. During the bossing phase, potions are extremely important.


They are focused on making their crafting level as high as possible so that they can provide Zenyte Jewelry for the team.


This group member is committed to getting to the maximum house as soon as possible. Thus, group members can fast track bossing and other activities by using that house.


To obtain Abyssal Whips for the team, this player focuses on getting 84 Slayers as quickly as possible.

Runner Crafter

Rune crafting is the main focus of this player, which feeds runes to the rest of the team.

Getting Started with Ironman Groups

We have created an OSRS Ironman Efficiency Guide that can help you play Ironman more efficiently. Those instructions follow Oziris’ method (though they might be a bit more novice friendly).

Alternatively, if you would like something more casual, here are a few ideas of how to start off your early game.

Wintertodt will be on the itinerary for most Ironman groups. They will be able to get a cash stack, get quest items, and get some skilling experience by participating in WintertotD.

In addition, you can rush the Agility Pyramid to make as much as 250k gp per hour.

Group members can split up tasks. Consider, for instance, having 3 players rush Wintertodt and 2 players rush the Agility Pyramid.

Wintertodt rush

Wintertotd can be reached as soon as possible if you follow these steps.

Then, you will pick up planks from the Barbarian Assault spawn and train your construction until 20 so that you can get more experience at Wintertodt. Finally, you will train your Firemaking to 50 at the Castle Wars Teak Tree.

You will gain experience with firemaking and fletching as you use the logs above the castle. Additionally, you will play X Marks The Spot (merely because it’s on the way) and Monk’s Friend (for the Woodcutting Experience). You will learn how to steal from cake stalls (and get cash from silk) after picking up cluehunter gear around Ardougne (to keep warm at Wintertodt).

The Sheared Ram Pub with videos

Pick up everything that spawns in the kitchen and basement of the Lumbridge castle. Pour water into the jug.
The Rune Mysteries can be started on the 1st floor by speaking to Duke Horatio.
Hop around the worlds by lighting the logs atop Lumbridge Bank. Repeat this process until you have 15 firemaking points. Keep one log in your inventory and pick up ashes for later quests.
Make 1000 arrow shafts from the same logs by fletching them.
Locate Lumbridge Castle’s clue.

Get 5 thieving from the men downstairs. Use the money to buy a steel axe from Bob’s Axe Shop.

Go to Bob’s Axe Shop and dig up the clue.
Talk to Feather Aereck to begin the Restless Ghost
Afterwards, teleport to Castle Wars (via clan wars) and head toward Yanille.

Be sure you have a steel axe, coins, jug of water, one log, a spade, a tinderbox, and a tinderbox box in your inventory.
You should run toward Yanille. Retrieve the cluehunter piece from her. Here are the locations.
Make the Ardougne Diary a point to trade with the hunter salesman as you pass by. After that, buy an oven-proof dish at the cooking shop.

Begin and complete the Monk’s Friend Quest at the Ardougne Monastery. See the Quick Guide for details.
You’ll receive 13 Woodcutting for completing the quest. Chopping logs until you reach 15 Woodcutting is next.
Woodcutting until 35 oak logs is next. Using your tinderbox, light the logs.

Until 20 thieving, steal cake from Ardougne Market place (sit beneath the baker to avoid detection). Store them in a bank, since you’ll need them later for food. Also store 15 loaves of bread.

Once you reach 25, steal Silk. Keeping some of them for quests and selling others later to the trader.
In the meantime, you can complete two quests while you are waiting for the silk traders to stop seeing you as a thief:

OSRS Group Ironman Guide
OSRS Group Ironman Guide

The Sea Slug Quest (Quick Guide) and Sheep Herder (Quick Guide)

Search for the cluehunter puzzle piece north of Ardougne. See location information here.

Gulluck and sons sell 1000 bronze arrow tips at Tree Gnome Stronghold. The agility course can be used to receive 10 agility.

It would be a good idea to start The Grand Tree while you are there, just make sure you give your stuff to Hazelmere, including the bark sample.

Get 130 planks by going to Barbarian Assault, just north of the agility course.
You can unlock the mini game teleport by following the tutorial when you are there.

Once you have taken the boat from Ardougne to Brimhaven, you can unlock the mini game teleport. Pick up the cluehunter piece by running to the Harpie Bug Swarms.

Once you reach Port Sarim, take the boat there.

Diango has the chronicle for sale in Draynor Village. There are also teleportation pages available.

Dig up the Ancient Casket in the pig pen in Draynor Market (2 tiles north of the fence).

Remove four tiles from the plant near the wheat field and dig up the clue.

Complete X Marks the Spot quest by running back to Port Sarim and speaking with Veos on the docks. Turn on

Construction’s XP lamp.

Then, use your Chronicle to teleport to Varrock.

Start the mini quest Father’s home at the estate shop. Refer to the Quick Guide for details.

You must purchase 600 bronze nails from the Sawmill Operator, five bolts of cloth, and a saw (if you don’t have one) before you can move on.

Finish Daddy’s home quest before you can move on. Take the teleporter to Lumbridge and bank. The following items must be placed: bronze nails, cash stack, notated planks, hammer, un-notated planks.

Buy 1000 feathers at the Fishing shop in Port Sarim by running towards Port Sarim. From Port Sarim, move to Rimmington, then enter your house. Learn 20 craft skills in Construction. To un-note your noted planks, use Phials (next door in the general store).

Run to the Teak Tree south-west of Castle Wars and teleport to Castle Wars (once again by Clan Wars).
The Isle of Souls (teleport to the Soul Wars) is also home to 3 teak trees.
Logs should be lit until you have 50 firemaking logs when the tree is down.
Then make your way back to Port Sarim. Talk with Veos about traveling to The Great Kourend.
Fletch the shafts of your arrows, the brass tips of your arrows, and feathers into bronze arrows while you run to Wintertodt. Take notes while you gather the cluehunter piece. Locations are listed here.

Agility Pyramid: The Rush

The Agility Pyramid is a great early-game money maker for group ironman.

You can make approximately 200k per hour on the Agility Pyramid when your agility is 65 or more and 250k per hour when your agility is 75+.

For this reason, you should have one of your team members rush to the pyramid as soon as possible.

Following these steps should take you approximately 12 hours to advance from level 1 agility to the Pyramid:

Completing 1 – 20 Gnome Stronghold Agility Course (While you’re there, enjoy Tree Gnome Village).
There are two ways to get to Ardy: Take the boat from Rimmington to Ardy or use the Lever in Edgeville (walk north from Ardy). If you’re in Ardy you can practice thieving to get some food)
Al Kharid Agility Course from 20 to 30 minutes
Varrock Agility Course from 30 to 40 minutes
Canifis Agility Course from 40 to 60 minutes
Seers’ Village Agility Course from 60 to 65 minutes

Making Money as a Group Ironman

Below is a list of ways to make money as a group during early games.

Snowtodt (Early Game)

One of the best early game money makers is Wintertodt. By completing the quest you will be able to acquire experience in Firemaking, Fletching, and Construction, and by gaining rewards you will receive money and items that are both useful and useful for questing.

You can make the necessary preparations (50 firemaking, 20 fletching, and 20 construction) on the first day.

As a Group Ironman, Wintertodt remains the best activity early on.

A pyramid of agility (early game)

Ironman groups find the Agility Pyramid to be an incredible income generator, since you can earn up to 250k per hour with this system.

Wintertodt is the second best early game activity simply because it gains you more resources.

Having one or more members of the group run to the Agility Pyramid for money would still be very beneficial to the team.

Early Game of Last Man Standing

Ironman accounts can also profit from playing the Last Man Standing minigame.

To do this, you use your rewards points to purchase rune arrows that you then sell at the general store.

Having good skills at this mini game (or simply pking well) could make you a lot of money.

Here is a guide if you are interested in learning more about Learning Management Systems.

OSRS Group Ironman Guide
OSRS Group Ironman Guide

How to set up a group account with Ironman

1. Combining quests is the best method for maximising your efficiency.

You should combine quests because you won’t be able to teleport as easily as with a main account.

Among the quests you can combine are:

  • the Rune Mysteries, The Restless Ghost, and The Legendary Captain.
  • Goblin Diplomacy, Druidic Ritual, and Doric’s Quest
  • The Pirates Treasure and the Vampire Slayer
  • Those who pass the test on the museum mini quiz will receive the shield of Arrav, Demon Slayer, Romeo and Juliet, Gertrude’s cat, and Priest in Peril. When you are in Varrock Rune Mysteries, you should complete them as efficiently as possible.
  • There is a waterfall, a gnome village, and a fighting arena on the site

2. Complete quests by knocking out diaries

Running around Gielinor to complete quests will allow you to complete most Achievement Diary tasks. It is recommended that you look at the instructions for the easy diaries on the OSRS Wiki before creating your own Ironman Path.

You will find specific directions to the Diary tasks following our Efficiency Guide.

3. During quests, collect as many items as possible

In addition to collecting quest items while you travel through Gielinor for other quests, you should also collect Grand Exchange items since you will not have access to the Grand Exchange.

Buy extra for your party.

This is a recommendation made in the Efficiency Guide.

4. Get food as soon as possible

We recommend you steal from cake stands in Ardougne if you’re looking for early game food.

Swordfish can be purchased at the bar on Karamja.

Later in the game,you can also get great food from the Warrior’s Guild Food Shop.

Of course, you should have a gatherer on your team that gets food for you guys ASA

5. Work together as a team

you don’t have to do it alone. Your actions should benefit your team as well.

Work efficiently and assign tasks to your team members.

Make sure that you are always carrying extra items for your teammates. Make sure that you also ask your teammates to do the same.

6. Finding Your Way Around

A group ironman account can be obtained in the early game in several ways.

The first method is to purchase a Chronicle and Teleport Pages from Diango. Teleporting to Varrock will enable you to access the Champions Guild
, where you can access minigames by using the Mini Game Teleport menu. These include wars, fishing, and trawlers.
Travel to Ardougne for 30gp by using the new ship in Rimmington
If you’re using teleports, you can temporarily boost your magic level with Wizard Mind Bombs (Falador Pub)


The above is all the information you need to know about Group Ironman. This Ironman Starters Guide should help you and your team get off to the best possible start. Look forward to seeing you at Node.

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