Osrs Wyrms Quick Guide

Osrs Wyrms Quick Guide 1-99 Complete in 2021

Osrs Wyrms Quick Guide

Whether you are seeking to kill wyrms for a slayer task or for its droppable, this Osrs Wyrms Quick Guide will cover everything you need to know to kill wyrms.

The Wyrms Statistics

  • Level of Combat: 99
  • Maximum hit: 13
  • XP gained per kill: 133
  • Attacks weak against stab and ranged
  • Requires 62 Slayer level

Location of the Wyrm
The Karuulm slayer dungeon has both drakes and wyrms. If you are using a fairy ring teleport, you will be able to reach code C I R the quickest. If you are using a skills necklace, you will be able to teleport to the farm guild to the southwest of the dungeon.

Make sure you wear the right boots for the Karuulm slayer dungeon, such as granite boots, brimstone boots, or stone boots. You are free to wear any boots if you have completed the Elite Kourend and Kebos diaries.

The Best Way To Fight Wyrms

In either melee or ranged setup, wyrms can be defeated. In order to be effective at ranged, you’ll need good ranged stats, since your gear will have an excellent magic defense.

Keep your protection from magic prayer active during the fight if you want to take no damage from the wyrms. It’s also possible to wear high-def gear and tank the hits.

Wyrms are very easy to kill because they do not have a special attack, unlike drakes.

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A set-up for gear
If you want to minimize the use of your protection from magic prayer, you should prioritize magic defense during the wyrm task. Even with the melee setup, you should wear black decide at a minimum.

The best DPS for wyrms is a blowpipe with a high range. Melee setups are only advised if your ranged ability is extremely low or if you have a rapier or lance at your disposal.

Setting up a range of gears

  • The Slayer helmet and the black mask (i)
  • Vassa’s assembler and accumulater
  • Necklaces of agony/fury/glory
  • The blessing of Rada, the unholy blessing, or the bolts (if using a crossbow)
  • Blowing toxic gas (recommended)/DHCB/rune crossbow
  • Stone boots/brimstone boots/granite shoes (MUST HAVE)
  • The Barrows glove/the blessed vambrace/the d’hide gloves/the ranger glove
  • A ring that symbolizes archers (i)/fire (i)/seer’s (i)
Osrs Wyrms Quick Guide
Osrs Wyrms Quick Guide

Setup for the Melee gear

  • Slayer helmet and black mask (i)
  • Legends cape/obby cape/fire cape
  • Torture pendant/Amulet of fury/glory
  • pendant for Rada/any god blessing
  • lace/whip/dragon scim for Rapier/dragon hunter dragons
  • Defending dragon/Avernic defender/Tokz-ket-xil
  • Black hide/blessed decide/armadyl chest plate/Karlis leather top
  • The armadyl chainskirt, the karil chain skirt, the blessed decide, and the black decide
  • The perfect pair of brimstone boots/stone boots/granite boots (MUST HAVE)
  • Ring of berserk/treasonous ring/brimstone ring/ring of seers

Setup of the inventory

  • with two bastion/range potions
  • as well as four prayer potions
  • based on the manta rays and sharks
  • technique of teleportation
  • including a bone crusher
  • preferably wearing a holy wrench
  • weapon (optional)
  • wearing an herbal sack (optional)
  • using a dragon/lunar staff to connect fairy rings
Osrs Wyrms Quick Guide
Osrs Wyrms Quick Guide

Drop Table for Wyrms
Each Wyrm drops a Wyrm Bone. In addition to herbs, we have seed, gems, noted herbs, and more.

Browse our full range of herbal items today.

A few valuable drops:

  • (1/10000 on 1/2000 off-task) Dragon sword
  • 1/10,000, 1/2000, 1/5000 – Dragon Harpoon
  • The Dragon Thrownaxe should hit 75 – 150 times (Offtask: 1/10,000; Ontask: 1/2000).
  • 1/10,000 – 1/2000 (off-task: 75 – 150 Dragon Knife)

Drops that are untradeable:

  • Scrolls with hard clues
  • Brimmer’s key

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We hope this guide on osrs wyrms helped you prepare for the fight with wyrms found in the Karuulm Slayer Dungeon. Please let us know if you see anything missing.

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Osrs Wyrms Quick Guide
Osrs Wyrms Quick Guide

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