Osrs Bandos Guide

Osrs Bandos Guide 1-99 Complete in 2021

Getting ready to face General Graardor for the first time is an important part of this OSRS Bandos Guide. Furthermore, we discuss how to access the god wars dungeon and how to setup solo or duo Bandos PVM.

How to start – OSRS Bandos guide

Location of the General Graardor
In OSR, you can find the god wars dungeon. The guide to Bandos (General Graardor) contains information about the dungeon.
God Wars Dungeon is home to General Graardor (Bandos). Using a troll him teleport will get you there faster, but you must have completed the Eadgar’s Ruse quest.
Create troll him teleport tabs by using a scroll of redirection (nightmare zone reward) on the house teleport tab. When you reach Trollheim, bring two troll him tabs into your inventory, and right-click to return the tab to a house teleport tab once you have teleported there.
Osrs Bandos Guide
Osrs Bandos Guide

Recommendations for Statisticians

In order to access the Bandos Room, you need 70 Strength, but high combat levels are encouraged.

  • It is highly recommended to pray 43 times (70+ is better).
  • If you are in melee, you need 80 or above attack/strength/defense
  • With ranged attacks/hitpoints/defence, there are 90+ ranged attacks

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Equipment Setup

Role of an attacker
In terms of in-slot weapons, the Scythe is the best in slot weapon for the attacker role. However, since it is a two handed weapon, you should already have it in your inventory. Secondly, the Ghrazi Rapier and third, the abyssal tentacle are the best options. In order to maximize the attacker’s strength, the best slots would besides gear + Neitiznot Faceguard + Avernic Defender + torture and primordial boots.
For maximum magic defense and cost savings, replace your chest plate with a karills top/blessed decide. A dragon defender, helm of Neitiznot, double dragon boots, and fury can be used in place of Bandos if you are on a budget.
A tank’s role
The best options in slot for the tank will be Justiciar armor + Elysian spirit shield because they provide high defensive stats. For an alternative shield, you can bring a DFS/Crystal shield or a Zamorak d’hide body, along with Guthans helm and skirt if your budget is tight.
It is important to make sure you have Bandos and Zamorak items in order to avoid aggressive monsters. However, Saradomin items are less important because of the easily avoided minions.
Osrs Bandos Guide
Osrs Bandos Guide

Setup of inventories
Include the following in your inventory:

  • Weapons of Special Attack (DWH, BGS, SGS)
  • The Guthan Set (for healing minions)
  • Extending trip time with bone to peach tabs
  • High-altitude pouch, potion sharing, vengeance pouch
  • teleport tabs for Trollheim
  • (if melee) Super combat potion
  • for restorative effects
  • Saladormin brews

Table of Bandos Drops / Rewards

It is often hard to find an empty world in General Graardor’s world drop table due to his generous drop table. Your profit per hour can vary from 500k to 2M depending on your team setup (solo, duo, tria).

See below for General Graardor’s valuable drop table. You can win a Bandos Chestplate or Tasset for as little as 1/127.

Item Chance
Bandos Chestplate 1/381
Bandos Tassets 1/381
Bandos Boots 1/381
Bandos Hilt 1/508
Godsword Shard 1 1/762
Godsword Shard 2 1/762
Godsword Shard 3 1/762
Osrs Bandos Guide
Osrs Bandos Guide

Preparing the room
Counting the kills

The boss room is accessed after 40 kills, just like every God Wars Dungeon boss. Goblins, hobgoblins, ogres, and other monsters that serve Bandos need to be counted.

Killing the level 12 goblins located north of the God Wars Dungeon is the quickest way to increase your kill count.

If you want to access the bands section, you will need a hammer once you reach 40 kills.

Room Location of the Boss
The boss room of God Wars Dungeon is located to the north-west of where you enter the dungeon. If you have a dragon Warhammer that will work, you will need a hammer to get to this part. The goblins frequently drop hammers if you do not have a DWH.

The hammer can be picked up by dropping a brew. Banging on the door with the hammer will allow you entry. Pick up your dropped item and drop another beer in this area. Head over to the main dungeon area to get your dropped brew. Once again, pound the door with the hammer, drop the brew, and pick it up again.

The Duo Guide to Fighting Bandos
in Tank Roles
Protection From Melee overhead prayer
Figure showing locations of DPS (attackers) and tanks in the bandos room of the god wars dungeon. General Gaardor can be found in this room.
and maintenance of the tank are the most difficult parts of the job. General Graardor’s attacks must be tanked by him/her. Bandos always attacks the first person he sees in a room, which is why you should always position the tank next to the Graardor spawn and the attacking roles close to the northwestern corner of the room (next to the altar).

Underfoot Walking Strategy
If the tank is fighting sides, it should follow the “walk under” strategy. The tank also applies this strategy in phase 3 of Verzik. General Graardor wants to walk under the tank every time he whips it. Bandos’ hits will be lowered, saving you food over time.

Role of an attacker
when praying overhead: protect from ranged attacks
based on position
Before starting an attack, the attacker should wait for the tank to engage the General. Avoid approaching Bandos’ spawn point.

Other Vengeance
If you use Vengeance Other runes on the tank every 30 seconds, you can speed up kills very quickly.

The minions
Tanks and attackers may use protect from magic once general Graardor has been killed; attack the magic Seargen Steelwill minion first. When a minions has been knocked down, the player should use Ranged prayers to protect the remaining two minions and switch to Guthan’s prayers to heal them.

Guide to Bandos solo
An overview of Bandos solo
Bandos solo gear
As the tank and DPS, you become both when soloing General Graardor. Your gear should therefore be optimized for both roles.

As the tank and DPS, you become both when soloing General Graardor. Your gear should therefore be optimized for both roles.

When soloing General Graardor, as the tank and DPS, your gear needs to be optimized for both roles.

Inventories for Bandos solo
As brewing continually will result in a lot of DPS loss, solo players would be better off bringing anglerfish instead of Saradomin brew. As a replacement, bring a combo-food of one or two brews.

Solo Fight between Bandos
Protection from Melee Overhead Prayer
Bandos is a solo event if you’re an ironman. The same “walk under” strategy you would use in a two-person or three-person fight can be applied to soloing Bandos. This means that you walk under General Graardor every two whip hits to reduce your damage taken from the boss.

It is best not to bring Guthan’s as a solo player and instead use the abyssal tentacle or rapier to quickly finish the minions.

I hope you have found this OSRS Bandos Guide helpful in preparing for General Graardor. When entering the godwars dungeon, don’t forget your god items (zamorak / bandos) so you don’t get attacked by minions. You will need to bring a rope if it is your first time.


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