Jad Osrs Quick Guide

Jad Osrs Quick Guide 1-99 Complete in 2021

Jad OSRS quick guide will help you prepare for the fight caves where you will face TzTok-Jad to get the fire cape. Make sure you practice using the simulated Jad before going up against him.

  • 1 Stats of Jad
  • 2 Requirements for Jad
  • Gear recommended for Jad
  • Level 3.1 1 Defence Gear
  • List of recommended items
  • for the 5 Jads
  • that spawn in 5.1
  • and 5.2 Jad Safe spots
  • A healer is a person who heals
  • through 6 Jad Simulators

Statistics about Jad

  • Battle level: 702
  • 97 maximum hits
  • Stabbing, magic, and ranged attacks

Requirements for Jad Osrs Quick Guide

Tztok-jad can be faced with no less than 43 overhead prayers and 61 ranged prayers. It is highly recommended to have higher stats.

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A list of recommended gear

Jad’s gear should be obvious. Max out prayer bonuses and ranged attack bonuses.

Consequently, it is recommended to choose a blessed decide set over a regular d’hide set or even Karil’s armor. The Armadyl armor should be selected for slot purposes.

For jad, we recommend the following weapons: Tebow/blowpipe combination, blowpipe, Karils crossbow, Armadyl crossbow, and Rune crossbow.

Jad Osrs Quick Guide
Jad Osrs Quick Guide

Pure defense gear 1

  • When attempting to do jad, defense pures should prioritize prayer bonuses. The guide for doing Jad in OSR.
  • Mitre of any god (to increase prayer bonuses).
  • Vá’s accumulation.
  • of glory/fury.
  • bolts from diamond dragons (e) for JAD.
  • crossbows/rune crossbows.
  • that have robes (for prayers).
  • a lawbook.
  • Leather chaps, black d’hide and red d’hide.
  • gloves, mithril bracelet, and red d’hide regen bracelet.
  • holy sandals/ranger boots.
  • ring of suffering/ring of archers/ring of the gods.
Jad Osrs Quick Guide
Jad Osrs Quick Guide

An inventory recommendation
in OSRS for combating Jad.
You should always have a blowpipe equipped with at least adamant darts in your inventory for each gear setup (and if you have 75 ranged).

One defense pure with little experience should take purple sweets. Though expensive, sweets can be stacked.

A blowpipe is the only item you should have in your inventory. You should also have 2 potions and super restores.

Strategy of Jad
On cave wave 63, Jad spawns.

During the battle:

  • Use automatic retaliation
  • Concentrate on Jad’s prayer switches (his maximum hit is 97)
Jad Osrs Quick Guide
Jad Osrs Quick Guide

A spawn of Jad
Generally, Jad spawns randomly, but you can find out where he will spawn by exploring your fight cave. As long as there is a level 360 on wave 62, Jad will always spawn there. You can thus predict Jad’s spawn in wave 63 by paying attention to that spawn.

Safe spots on the Jad map

Healing practitioners

Four healers of levels 108 will spawn when Jad reaches half health. Many players make mistakes during this phase. Make sure you focus on prayer switches above all else.

You need to get the healers off the jad and on you as soon as they spawn, that way they won’t heal them anymore. In some cases, you may not have to kill the healers at all if you have good enough armor and stats. If you have to kill a healer, always line him up so that he cannot be healed.

Log out after finishing wave 61 if you intend to log off before the fight. I would not recommend playing during wave 62 because this might throw you into the middle and unprepared to deal with Jad’s first attacks.

Using the Jad simulator may prove beneficial.

There’s only one way to defeat Jad: flicking prayers at it. There are two types of attacks by Jad (ranged and magic), so you have to pray accordingly. Otherwise, you are likely to die very quickly. The Jad simulator is the best way to become familiar with this prayer flicking.

The only option for this is the Jad simulator by Runeapps. Despite the graphics and prayer icons being different, this simulator is based on an rs3 version of Jad, but it makes use of the same prayer flicking mechanism found in osrs.

Selecting “prayers” instead of “curses” will make the simulator seem more like an OSR game. You can change other settings to suit your comfort level or playing style.

Gaming relies heavily on muscle memory, and bossing in OSRs is no exception. It is not possible to turn into a prayer-flicking god by spending ten minutes on a simulator. Conversely, spending 10 minutes every week will help you develop muscle memory and become more confident when facing jad.

Téléchargering a jad simulator is a sign that a keylogger is trying to intercept your osrs password. Using the JADSimulator by RunEapps is the only way to use this simulation.

The osrs jad quick guide for the fight caves should have been useful in preparing you for the fight caves. Make sure you try out the Java simulator before you do this.


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