osrs pking builds

Osrs pking builds Complete Pking Guide in 2022

                                            A complete guide to PKING in OSRS (PURE PKING GUIDE)

Old School Runescape allows you to osrs pking builds very often. When you fight in the wilderness, you will find nothing more thrilling than risking your gear!

Due to their superior combat stats, most wilderness players are pure builds, which makes pking on a main account challenging.

Throughout this guide, we’ll look at every single pure pking build in the game.

Depending on which one you choose, some of them are relatively easy to build, while others are more elaborate, such as the zerker pure.

Almost every PK pure build in OSRS
includes a defence pure
Osrs pking has one of the most common types of pures: The defence pure. Firstly, they are fun and secondly, they are extremely simple to make.

osrs pking builds
osrs pking builds

The F2P 1 Definition Pure.
A F2P 1 Defence pure is actually a really fun type of PK build and you don’t need a lot of time to make one. P2P training spots allow for the creation of these pures in a couple of hours.

Pures with defence stats are as follows:

  • Attack 40 (for equipping rune weapons)
  • level high in strength
  • and range of 40 or more
  • but not magical or praying
    As a primary weapon, maple shortbows are used for maximum damage, while rune scimitars or 2 handed swords are used as killing weapons.

A pure P2P connection
A P2P 1 Defence pure takes a bit longer to create than its F2P counterpart, but there is a lot more earning potential as well.

Compared to their F2P counterparts, they also have a lot more variety of games.

If a 1 Def pure uses a choice weapon, they can have anywhere between 50 and 75 attack.

Pure stats for 1 Def:

  • 70 or higher in range
  • with 70 or more strength
  • for 43/52 prayers

against pure spec weapons:

  • The Granite Maul (50 attacks)
  • DDS/Dragon claws (60 attacks)
  • Godsword Armadyl (75 attacks)
osrs pking builds
osrs pking builds

Obelisk Mauler Pure
In the obby mauler pure, there is only one weapon available to the pure: the Tzhaar-ket-om, which requires 60 strength to use.

Pure Obisidan will also wear berserker necklaces, which increase damage by 20% for obsidian mauls.

Violent Pure (42 Defence)
The following are the essential statistics of Void pures – ranged pures:

  • Defeat count: 42
  • out of 42 attacks
  • against 42 strengths
  • with 42 or more hitpoints
  • and 70 or more ranged attacks
  • including 22 prayers

In order to wear void, pure Void must have 42 attack, strength, and defence stats.

To be able to obtain the full void knight equipment, they also have to grind pest control for many hours.
It boosts the accuracy of players by 10% and the damage by 20% when wearing void.

There are many types of pures in old school Runescape, but this is one of the most elaborate. Pure Berserker Berserkers have a 45 defence level, which they achieve entirely through questing.

Moreover, they follow a very specific zerker quest guide in order to obtain the barrow gloves (a recipe for disaster) while staying under the 45 defence limit.
Detailed stats for a zerker pure are listed below:

  • 45 points of defence
  • including 43/52/70 prayers
  • Their spec weapon of choice will give them 60/75/99 attack (depending on the weapon selected)
  • a strength of 75+

Because it takes so long to build zerker pures in osrs due to the fact that they require high skilling stats to reach barrow gloves, many of the zerker pures that already exist are actual main accounts.

A range of tanks
are characterized by the following stats:


  • At least 80 points of defence, preferably 99 points
  • at high range At least 80 points of defence, preferably 99
  • with 77 prayers
  • (for revenge) and 94 magic

The time has come for you to speak
How do you create pure?

Do you want to go all out and start a zerker pure or are you going to use a one-defence pure more casually?

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