osrs construction guide

Osrs Construction Guide 1-99 Ultimate Fastest/Complete

Every method on how to get 99 is included in this Osrs Construction Guide. It is possible to buy construction skills. Putting money into construction is the key to advancing. 99 construction should not be considered if you do not have 150m to discard.

osrs construction guide
osrs construction guide

Training construction in Old School RuneScape can be very expensive. For players to save time and money, it is recommended to stock up on planks at the Grand Exchange in advance. This way, they will not have to buy more supplies constantly.

In the beginning, players have to purchase an individual property, which costs 1,000. The Daddy’s Home mini quest, which awards a house and a crate of Construction supplies, could also be completed by them, giving them enough experience to reach level 8 and a crate of Construction supplies.

Rimmington is the default location of the player’s house, but it can be moved to one of eight other cities under certain conditions. In addition to the exit portal in the garden, you will have two rooms in the house; a Parlor and a Garden.

Darkness of the hallowvale 5
The eyes of glouphrie 5
Tower of life 10
The Fremennik Isles 20
The great brain robbery 30
Cold war 35
Making friends with my arm 35
Dragon slayer 2 50
Song of the elves 70

To take Song of the Elves, you need to be level 70 in construction. The Oak Larders cost about 7-8M in order to reach level 70 construction.

Your POH should have the following rooms:

The base location of Rimmington is best for levels 1 – 40. The reason for this is that next to the portal, in the general store, you can un-note your items through an NPC named Phials. He charges 5 coins for un-noted items, so you should bring cash.

By achieving level 40, you’ll have access to a regular butler who will assist you with bank transactions.

Butler as usual
  • There are 12 seconds left to bank
  • Each trip involves 20 items
  • An average of 5K every eight trips
Defiant Butler
  • A bank transaction takes 7.2 seconds
  • Each trip consists of 26 items
  • An average of 10k every eight trips
Every other osrs construction guide you’ll find does not provide accurate pricing, which is the most annoying thing. These are the prices YouTubers use by plugging the parameters into a calculator. As the butler is not being calculated in the cost, this is inaccurate.
You can increase your experience rate significantly by using a butler, especially if you use a demon butler, but it will cost you over 30,000,000 GP extra to use one.
Mahogany Homes has been added to OSRS as of the August 26th update. Go to Fashionscape for more information.

While training construction with the carpenter’s outfit you will gain 2.5% experience points. The outfit can save you a lot of time and money while you are training construction, so if you plan to acquire 99 construction, it is recommended to buy it.

Mahogany homes reward shop is the only place to obtain the carpenter’s outfit. Become a contractor at Mahogany Homes and do jobs around Gielinor to practice your trade. Earn carpenter rewards points and gain experience.

The outfit will cost you 2000 reward points if you buy the full outfit with the reward points.

Outfit for Carpenters OSRS
Among the outfits in osrs that boost exp is the Carpenter’s outfit. Wearing this outfit will boost your experience by 2.5%.
Mahogany Homes, newly added to OSRS on August 26th, is a construction outfit. Take the Fashionscape route.
osrs construction guide
osrs construction guide
Carpenter’s outfits in OSR give you 2.5% exp boosts while you train construction, just like any other skilling outfit. It’s recommended that you get the outfit if you intend to go for 99 construction since you’ll save a lot of money and time in the process.
For obtaining the carpenter’s outfit, go to the reward shop at Mahogany Homes. You can practice your trade by becoming a contractor at Mahogany Homes. The carpenter rewards points you earn will help you within your trade.
If you purchase the full outfit with reward points, you’ll have to spend 2000 points.
How to build OSRS on a budget
for 99 construction in OSRS
In order to get from level 1 to 99, the cheapest way is to pay 130-160M. It depends on what type of butler you have (regular or demon) and how you get it.
The beginner EXP rate will be included for every method, as well as the click-perfect EXP rate.

Levels 1 – 33 Chairs

Room: Parlour

1 – 8 Crude Wooden Chairs 14 28 planks/28 steel nails
8 – 19 Wooden Chairs 46 138 planks/138 steel nails
19 – 26 Oak Chairs 73 146 oak planks
26 – 33 Oak Armchair 102 306 oak planks

Levels 33 – 74 Oak Larders

Room: Kitchen

33 – 47 Oak Larders 2,246 17,968 Oak planks

Total cost: 10M + 3.7M butler

Alternative Levels 66 – 99

Room: Super Garden

66 – 99 Teak garden benches 23219 139,314 500 – 750K/hr

Total cost: 144M + 7.2M demon butler = 151.2M


77 – 99 Gnome bench 13,761 82,566 600K – 900k/h

cost: 206M + 10M demon butler

77 – 99 bench gnomes as an alternative
A demon butler is required as well as perfect clicks for this method to work. The clicks must be perfect in order for this method to work. To make two tablets at the same time, you will need a superior garden in your house. Your butler will always be done building if you click like a pro.

Introducing Mahogany Homes, the new alternative

Players are now able to train their constructions much more cheaply with the arrival of mahogany homes. No, not to mention you spend all your time in your own POH, which is less fun than traditional training construction methods.

You can contract for jobs connecting with various NPC’s homes in Gielinor when you purchase Mahogany homes. Amy, the Realtor in Falador, can help you get started with this. Her level of expertise will determine what you are assigned. Your level determines how many points you earn and the experience you get.


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