Recipe for Disaster Osrs

Osrs Recipe for Diaster Quick and Complete Guide


One of the most exciting quests in Osrs Recipe for Diaster. We’ve put together this quick guide for a recipe for disaster with the help of Slayermusiq1’s quest guides.

Get those barrows gloves now and stop making excuses.

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Start a Cook’s quest
by clicking here.

1. The Mountain Dwarf must be freed.

2. The Goblins’ generals need to be freed.
3. Getting Pirate Pete out of prison.
4. Releasing the Lumbridge Guide.
5. Getting rid of Evil Dave.
6. Restoring King Awowogei’s power.
7. Expelling Sir Amik Varze.
8. Detaining Skrach Uglogwee and releasing him.
Fighting the culinaromancer in the final battle.

Recipe for Disaster Osrs
Recipe for Disaster Osrs

An Additional Cook’s Quest
You will need to get some ingredients for the cook in Lumbridge castle (1,2,1,1). He will ask you to get them:

the eye of the newt
as well as Greenman’s ale
tasted like rotten tomatoes
combined with dirty blast (think fruit blast mixed with ashes).
The quest is completed once you have the ingredients, so speak to him once more. Start the recipe for disaster cutscene by heading into the dining room.

A feast awaits.

The culinaromancers’ hold on individual council members must be loosened in Recipe for Disaster’s 100 subquests.

The gypsy frozen all council members during the quest to prevent them from being attacked by the culinaromancers. The player must obtain their favorite ingredients to save them.
You may want to inspect every single council member and speak to the cook before starting each subquest; this will speed up the process if you’re doing them all at once.

1. The Mountain Dwarf: A Heroic Achievement!

Requirements Fishing Contest Quest
Items – (Ice) gloves (or you kill a level 13 icefiend)
– bucket of milk, pot of flour and an egg which can be bought from the culinaromancer’s chest
– bowl of water (bowl and sink in lumbridge kitchen)
– 4 asgarnian ales (bought during the quest)
– 1000 coins
Teleports – 2 teleports to burthorpe (games necklace)
– 1 falador teleport
– 1 lumbridge teleport

2. Releasing the Goblin Generals

Requirements Goblin Diplomacy
Items – Bread
– Orange
– A knife
– blue, green or purple dye
– spice
– fishing bait
– bucket of water
– charcoal
Teleports – 1 teleport to goblin village (mind altar teleport or falador teleport)
– 1 lumbridge teleport

3. Release of Pirate Pete

Skill Requirements – 31cooking
– 42 crafting (if ironman)
– 4 smithing
Items – raw cod
– pestle and mortar
– bread
– knife
– fishbowl
– needle
– 3 bronze wire
Teleports – 1 teleport to goblin village (mind altar teleport or falador teleport)
– 1 lumbridge teleport

4. Getting Lumbridge’s Guide free

Recipe for Disaster Osrs
Recipe for Disaster Osrs
Quest Requirements – Big chompy bird hunting
– Biohazard
– Demon slayer
– Murder mystery
– Nature’s spirit
– With’s House
Skill Requirements 40 Cooking
Items – Cake tin
– Bucket of milk
– Pot of flour
– Egg
Teleports – 1 teleport to wizard’s tower (necklace of passage)
– 1 lumbridge teleport

5. Getting Evil Dave freed

Quest Requirements – Gertrude’s cat
– Shadow of the storm
Skill Requirements 25 cooking
Items – 9 stews
– 1 pet cat
Teleports – 1 Edgeville teleport (glory)
– 1 lumbridge teleport

6. Releasing King Awowogei

Quest Requirements – Monkey Madness
Skill Requirements – 48 agility (not boostable)
– 70 cooking (boostable)
Items – Pestle and mortar
– Knife
– Rope
– 5 coins
– M’speak amulet
– Ninja, Zombie and Gorilla greegree
Teleports – 2 ape toll teleport (ape toll and crash island)
– teleport
– fairy ring C L R

7. Getting Sir Amik Varze freed

Quest Requirements – Started Legends Quest
– Family Crest
– Heroes’ Quest
– Shilo Village
– Underground Pass
– Waterfall Quest
Other Requirements – Defeat level 227 Black Dragon
Items – bucket of milk
– pot of cream
– pot of cornflour
– axe
– machete
– dramen/lunar staff
– dramen branch
– pestle and mortar
– ice gloves
– raw chicken
– anti-dragon shield
– antifire potion
Teleports – 1 teleport to shilo village
– 2 teleport to draynor village (glory)
– teleport to lumbridge

8. The liberation of Skrach Uglogwee

Recipe for Disaster Osrs
Recipe for Disaster Osrs
Quest Requirements – Big chompy bird hunting
Skill Requirements – 20 firemaking
– 41 cooking
Items – axe and pickaxe
– iron spit
– ball of wool
– tinderbox
– any logs
– row chompy
– ogre bellows
– ogre bow
– ogre arrows
Teleports – 1 Rantz (feldip hills teleport scroll or fairy ring code aks)
– 1 Tai Bwo Wannai (fairy ring ckr)
– 1 teleport to lumbridge

Culinaromancer versus final fighter

Quest Requirements – 175 Quest Points
– Desert Treasure
– Horror from the deep
Requirements Ability to defeat enemies without prayer
Recommended Items – Wind/water/eart/fire spells (dagganoth mother)
– Ice gloves
– melee/range armour
– good food


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