Complete Osrs Barrows Guide For Beginners in 2021

Complete OSRS Barrows Guide are described in this guide. It is also fun to play Barrows as a PVM moneymaker. There’s no need for high skill levels to play this minigame!

Getting to a Barrow in OSRS

You can arrive at Barrows in many different ways. A barrows guide osrs Teleport spell can be used or a Barrows Teleport Tablet can be obtained from the Grand Exchange.

Teleport directly therebetween runs using the barrows gear setupTeleport so that you can quickly bank!

Ironman accounts can also get to Barrows with the Fairy Ring code B*I*P. To get there without a Fairy Ring, purchase a Barrows Teleport Tab.


In OSRS, how best barrows setup work
Once you have gone through Barrows, it looks intimidating, but it’s actually very simple.

It consists of two steps:

the barrows strategy osrs brothers process followed by A Maze of Balls

There are five brothers inside the Barrows: Dharok, Ahrim, Karil, Verac, and Torag. They all have different fighting styles and abilities. You must defeat the 5 brothers in their crypt through the Barrows Minigame. You will need a shovel to dig above a brother’s crypt in order to get inside.

The empty crypt will lead you inside (this is a random event) and lead you to the brothers’ crypts. The very last step of this minigame is to leave the crypt after you have fought and defeated the other four brothers.


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You will lose 10 prayer points every 15 seconds that you are inside the crypt during the minigame. Don’t forget to keep track of your prayer! Ranelite is a great tool for doing so.

Barrows Brother

Most players view Dharok as the greatest threat, so he is usually the first target to be killed. The lower Dharok’s hitpoints get, the stronger his attacks become. Whenever you fight Dharok, protecting from melee is your best defense.

A successful attack by Ahrim will cause your strength to decrease by 5 levels by 20%. Ranging and melee attacks can both be used to kill Ahrens.

If you use protection from mage against Ahrim, you’ll always be able to kill themKaril’s special attack can lower your agility level by 20% if he hits you successfully at least 25% of the time. That will make it more difficult for you to run through the tunnel. Both magic and melee do not suit Karil well.It is always best to pray from range to defeat him.


Attack Style: Melee
Max hit: 23
Special: Hits through prayer and defense
Prayer: none
Vulnerable against: Magic

Vera can hit through prayer and defense, so you don’t have to worry about praying against him. Magic is vulnerable to Verac.

Attack Style: Melee
Max hit: 24
Special: 25% chance per successful hit to lower your energy by 20%
Prayer: Protect from Melee (optional)
Vulnerable against: Magic

For each successful hit Torag lands, his energy is reduced by 20%. Because Torag’s attack is so inaccurate, he does not pose a serious threat. He is fragile against magic. You may choose to shield him, but it is not mandatory.


Attack Style: Melee
Max hit: 24
Special: Heals himself
Prayer: Protect from Melee (optional)
Vulnerable against: Magic

Upon successful hits, Guthan heals himself 25% of the time. This occurs no matter how much damage he deals. Protect from melee can be used against Guthan if necessary as he is weak against magic.

Tunnels of how to get to barrows osrs

In order to get into the maze, you must defeat at least four of the Barrows Brothers.

There will be tunnels beneath any crypt that remains empty (it can be the crypt of any brother).
Ensure you enter the maze after you have defeated four of the five brothers!
Search the empty coffin to gain access to the tunnels.
When you click on the message, you will be asked whether you wish to enter.
You will need to find the chest room when you get inside.
These tunnels can be easily navigated, as you can see.

Choosing the right door to open can sometimes be difficult. Right-click on each door to choose which one to open.
A puzzle may appear on some doors. You can choose from four different combinations. There are four possible solutions:


You should not guess the solution, as this will cause the tunnel to shuffle and make things more difficult!

There will be an attack on you from the last remaining Barrows’s brother somewhere inside the tunnel. Take him out first before opening the treasure chest.


While you are passing through the tunnels, it is also recommended that you kill at least three monsters to maximize your reward potential.

After you’ve reached the center and taken all the steps, follow these steps:

You’ve killed all 5 of the Barrow brothers
as well as at least 3 other monsters
! Now you can get your reward by opening the rewards chest!

Once you’ve finished your run, teleport to the bank and go for another one.

Requirements of the Barrows Administration

The Priest in Peril quest is required before you can access Barrows.

This is one of the best bossing activities because Barrows is available for players of medium levels.

To get started, you’ll need the following skill levels:

(Your body can be protected from melee, ranged attacks, and magic)
A melee attack against Ahrim can also beat him, as well as 60 Ranged),
plus 60 Strength, Attack, and Defense.
It is recommended to have at least 50 Magic.

Barrows Gear Setup Recommended

The gear requirements for the PVM minigame Barrington aren’t very high.

Many players here prefer to use fashion scape or Graceful over real armor!



Setup of Barr’s weapons
These are the most effective weapons against which of Barr’s brothers.

Dharok, Karil, Verac, Torag and Guthan For these brothers, Magic is most effective.
– Nightmare staff
– Trident of the Swamp/Seas
– Slayer staff
– Iban’s staff
Ahrim Ahrim is weak against Ranged and Melee
– Blowpipe
– Rune crossbow/magic short bow
– Abyssal Whip
– Dragon scimitar

It is extremely useful to have a spec weapon such as DDS and Dragon Claws, which will allow you to run faster.

Armour setup at Barrows

Barrows Low-Level Setup

Several budget and low-level setups can be used for barrows, including black d’hide and an amulet of glory, neitznots, ava’s accumulators, and an Iban’s staff (or slayer staff). Make sure you have a melee switch with you.

Barrows Medium Level Setup

Your primary weapon should be a trident of the seas/swamp and a blowpipe and whip switch for medium-level gear. Having an occult necklace with a 10% magic damage increase will help you out a lot.

Setup for Barrow’s Max Gear

Using full ancestral along with Harmonised Nightmare Staff and occult bracelet is the recommended gear for the highest level. With dragon claws as a spec weapon, you can use full sides as a melee switch.

Setup of Barrow’s Void

With bonuses and easy hood switches, Void or Elite Void can also make great barrows.

Inventories for Barrows
These items should be in your barrow inventory:

Access Barrows via the Teleport tab:
Use the Dueling Ring to teleport to the bank.
Use the shovel (very important!)
Ranged/Magic switches are helpful.
Two prayers are recommended.
Fish (e.g. sharks) are also helpful.
Use a combat potion if you want.
You can choose to range too.
You will need one super energy to do so.


An ancient lockpick (optional: may be used to open all locks inside the crypts of barrows)

A reward for Barrows
The chance of obtaining an item from one of the barrows brothers is 1/17 percent at Barrows.

When you have slain monsters at Barrows, you determine your reward potential.

Make sure you keep your reward potential between 86% and 88% to maximize your rewards. The ability to earn shitty rewards, such as bolt racks, is available for players who achieve over 88% reward potential.

Slaying monsters inside the tunnels will increase the reward potential.

Here is a list of the best monsters to kill to maximize your reward potential:

There are 6 Barrows Brothers plus two skeletons plus one bloodworm
The whole family of Barrows Brothers, along with two skeletons and one crypt spider
(all six Barrows brothers + four bloodworms)
6 out of the 7 Barrows Brothers, plus a giant spider, crypt spider, and skeleton
A giant spider, a skeleton, a bloodworm, and all six Barrows Brothers

Kill Order for Barrows
You can do Barrows in any order you want.

You need to pray against Dharok, Ahrim, and Karils first since they are the bosses you need to deal with first.

Thereafter, take on each of the three opponents in that order: Guthans, Veracs, and Torags.

However, it is up to you how you choose to proceed.

Change it up every now and then to prevent it from becoming monotonous.

In OSRS, can Barrows be a profitable business?
By completing 12 runs per hour, you can make 665k per hour in barrows according to the OSRS Wiki Calculator.

The maximum gear setting is 25 runs per hour, so these numbers would be 1.7M per hour in maximum gear.

However, luck is an important factor when you play Barrows. It is unlikely that you will obtain an item with a 1/17 chance, but since the prices differ so much, you can end up making a lot of money per hour.

Final thoughts

You should be adequately prepared for the Barrows Brothers by reading this OSRS Barrows Guide.

OSRS’s PVM minigame is a beginner-friendly one. It’s fun and a money-maker at the same time!

Runelite plugins make Barrows’s experience much easier if you don’t already have them.

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