osrs bossing guide

Osrs Bossing Guide (EASIEST / SOLO / DUO) in 2021

Osrs Bossing Guide offers lots of fun bossing activities. Players grind their accounts out in preparation for someday becoming bosses. For players on ironman accounts, bossing can be a great way to obtain certain items and make money in OSRS. It is the ultimate guide for getting started with bossing in the osrs.

This guide will walk you through the steps

With this bossing guide, we’ve tried to make it easy for you to try out a new boss anytime! What is the process? It isn’t difficult. You can navigate to your preferred type of osrs boss using quick navigation (solo, duo, etc.).

There are three sections: EASY, MEDIUM, and HARD. In every section, there is a section called ‘BOSS INFO’ and a section called ‘BOSS GUIDE’. There are clickable sections for boss information and boss guides. You can always gather more information on a particular boss by selecting the BOSS INFO submenu.

osrs bossing guide
osrs bossing guide

There are always videos in the BOSS GUIDE submenu that explain how to pick your gear, get to the boss, and what strategies to use to win.

Also try this: Osrs Combat Training Guide

Beginner’s guide to OSRS bosses

Don’t have enough stats to start bossing in OSRs yet, but would like to get into it? For complete beginners to old-school Runescape bossing here are 6 basic bosses.

The stat requirements for each of these bosses are intermediate and there are no quest requirements whatsoever.

You can get to them very easily as well!

It is important not to carry more than four valuable items when you are fighting bosses like KBD, Crazy Archaeologist, and Chaos Fanatic who are in the wilderness.

Would you like to unlock bosses of higher levels? The most efficient means of leveling in OSR is by following our combat leveling guide.

King Black Dragon KBD Guide
Giant Mole Giant Mole guide
Crazy Archaeologist Crazy Archeologist guide
Chaos Fanatic Chaos Fanatic Guide
Barrows Brothers Barrows Guide
Dagannoth Rex Dagannoth Rex Guide

Bosses in OSRS that are best for DUOing
Do you want to DUO with some fun bosses? Bossing in OSRS is best experienced in a group, and you can choose bosses that are noob-friendly, including the Black Dragon King.

Listed below are the easiest to hardest duo bosses in OSRS.

osrs bossing guide
osrs bossing guide
King Black Dragon KBD DUO Guide
Bandos (General Graardor) Bandos DUO Guide
Armadyl (Kree’arra) Armadyl DUO Guide
Saradomin (Commander Zilyana) Zilyana DUO Guide
Zamorak (K’ril Tsutsaroth) Zamorak DUO Guide
Coporeal Beast Corp DUO Guide
The Nightmare Nightmare DUO Guide

How to solo the best bosses in OSRS
Are you looking for a way to solo boss in old-school Runescape? Look no further!

The following is a list of easy and hard SOLO bosses in OSRS.

Are you able to go far enough? Remember: F2P bosses are the first and second ones.

Giant Mole Giant Mole SOLO Guide
King Black Dragon KBD SOLO Guide
Sarachnis Sarachnis SOLO Guide
Daggonath Rex Daggonath Rex SOLO Guide
Bandos (General Graardor) Bandos SOLO Guide
Armadyl (Kree’arra) Armadyl SOLO Guide
Saradomin (Commander Zilyana) Zilyana SOLO Guide
Zamorak (K’ril Tsutsaroth) Zamorak SOLO Guide
Zulrah Zulrah SOLO Guide
Vorkath Vorkath SOLO Guide
Coporeal Beast Corp SOLO Guide

Making Money With Osrs Bossing Guide

Bossing in OSRS is a great way to make money. This list includes some of the most successful bosses!
In the following list, you’ll find an array of the end game, hard, and medium-hard bosses from 2M and up in GP per hour.
osrs bossing guide
osrs bossing guide
The Nightmare of Ashihama Nightmare Guide End game 3 – 5M
Theatre of Blood Theatre of Blood Guide End game 2 – 5M
Alchemical Hydra Alchemical Hydra Guide Hard 4M
Corrupted Gauntlet Corrupted Gauntlet Guide Hard 3M
Vorkath (with DHL) Vorkath Guide Hard 3M
Cerberus Cerberus Guide Hard 2.5 – 3M
Chambers of Xeric (raids) Chamber of Xeric Guide Hard 2 – 3M
Bandos Boss Bandos Guide Medium 2M
Zamorak Boss Zamorak Guide Medium 2M
Gauntlet Gauntlet Guide Medium 2M
Zulrah Zulrah Guide Medium 2-3M

Skill-Leveling Bosses in OSRS

The skill bosses add a new dimension to old school Runescape, making skilling more fun and adding the potential for money-making as well.

The Wintertotd boss, for instance, allows you to make some money and still have a good fire-making experience.

In addition, conventional fire-making isn’t fun at all.


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