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      Here’s everything you need to know about OSRS League 3: Shattered Relics!

The Oldschool Team has announced Leagues 3: Shattered Relics in a keynote on August 3rd, following the huge success of Leagues 2: Trailblazers and Twisted League.

Twisted League or Trailblazers were two months-long seasonal game modes that are returning this summer!

Leagues are a part of OSRS.
The leagues, which work similarly to Deadman Mode, are a seasonal variation of Old School Runescape.

When entering a league, players have no stats, items, or bank. It will not affect your account whatsoever if you use your regular osrs account to log in. Leagues do not transfer items or stats from the game to the real world.

Teams typically remain in a league for 2 months. This year, League 3 will be six weeks long.

Date of release for Leagues 3: Shattered Relics:

Until January 19th, 2022, Leagues 3: Shattered Relics will be available. During the six weeks, the event will conclude on March 2nd.

The Old School Team had been planning to hold Leagues 3 on November 3rd of 2021, but the event had to be postponed until early 2022 due to the event being cancelled.

I am not accepting any requests from you at this time. If Leagues 3 starts, be sure to be ready with AFKable skills!

Our current knowledge of Leagues 3:
Leagues 3 isn’t getting much attention from Jagex as a way to be fair to everyone. If not, experienced players will likely be able to plan everything out before the start of the season of Leagues, ruining the fun for more casual players.

The game has been announced as Leagues 3:

The game’s content will be locked through skills, minigames, bosses, quests, and so on, rather than through geography.

Rates of Experience:
In Leagues 3, you will, of course, have an increased experience rate just like in DMM. As in previous Leagues, Leagues 3 exp is 5X as well.

Are trades available in Leagues 3?
Leagues 3 won’t let you trade like previous Leagues editions didn’t let you. Teams ought to be treated like ironman games!

From the original game, the following changes were made:

  • EXP Rate: 5X
  • Each account starts with only 3 unlocked skills (you cannot choose them, everyone starts with the same skills).
  • You must earn unlock points to unlock bosses and minigames.
  • Gielinor is littered with bits and pieces (buffs)

Rewards for OSRS League 3
achievements will carry over to OSRS.

There are some of the default rewards back, including home teleport animations, relics hunter outfits, and banners.

The default rewards are as follows:
3 different tiers of the Broken Relics Hunter Outfit
including the Broken Relics Home Teleport
Teleportation Banner 3
Leagues 3 Trophies
I am excited to present the new Leagues 3-Exclusive Rewards:

Variety Pack of Weapons
A weapon Variety Pack is one of Leagues 3’s most exciting perks. As a result of unlocking this pack, you will have access to the following skins:

  • The abssal whip
  • Tentacle of Abyss
  • Runner Crossbow
  • Book of Gods
  • Robes of Mysticism

The following screenshots illustrate how this might appear:

It is of course expected that these awesome rewards will be carried over to the main game.

With Leagues 3, you will earn a variety of weapon packs so you might be able to unlock them all!

Dwarf Multicannon ornament kit
Are you tired of the old-fashioned design of dwarf cannons? Then look no further! A new league 3 reward is an ornament kit for your dwarf multicannon to make it more attractive.

Voids & Elite Voids Ornament Kit
Pest control is grinded by everyone at some point to get void because they’re effective, but let’s be honest, the robes aren’t that great.

A Void Ornament Kit Reward in Leagues 3 will change that.

Those robes are gorgeous! Can you imagine not wanting to have them?

What Leagues 3 will be like in OSRS
restricted areas
Obviously there will be some restrictions, Leagues 3 would not be Leagues without them!

There will be limited access to some parts of OSRS such as bosses and skills, even though you will be able to explore Gielinor.

The Old School team has pre-selected just three skills for Leagues 3.

The more unlock points you earn through completing tasks, the more skills you’ll be able to unlock as you progress in the league.

Some skills will be more expensive than others, however.

In addition to bosses in the Wilderness and raids, more advanced bosses (such as the Wilderness bosses) will be locked.

Therefore, players will have to decide what their priorities are and set their own individual goals.

Rather than relics, fragments will replace relics.
Relics were previously used as powerful buffs for boosting drop rates, experience, skilling, and so on in previous leagues.

Rather than relics, fragments are used this time, which are just smaller fragments of relics. As fragments only hold a little of a fragment’s power, they are weaker than fragments. But fragments can be grouped to create a buff that is much stronger!

It is possible to collect fragments throughout Gielinor via skills, clue scrolls, bosses, and so on.

The number of fragments players can activate at once is limited to encourage strategic play. These fragments can be exchanged at the bank, though.

There will be no inventory space occupied by fragments because they will have their own UI!

Each fragment consists of the following items:

  • Based on a single effect
  • You can combine these 2 set effects with similar sets to create a powerful buff

As well as setting their own presets for fragments, each player will be able to customize their own sounds.

During Leagues 3, you can collect fragments like these in Gielinor.

Leagues 3 will not include:

  • There will be no automatic quest completion in Leagues 3.

Videos About OSRS Leagues 3
Several OSRS YouTubers have already started planning out how you will spawn and learn which 3 skills you will be able to unlock at the start of Leagues 3! Check out this video from Only Trails for more info.

WeSkillNow has put together a list of the skills that can definitely help you prepare for OSRS Leagues 3.

In conclusion
We have now completed our article on League 3: Shattered Relics.

This article will continue to be updated as new information is released. Keep watching for our Leagues starter guide, just like we did for the Ironman group.



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