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Guide to Cave Horror Slayers for OSRS Cave Horrors

We will cover all the information you need to slay Cave Horrors in OSRS in this guide.

Slayers must be level 58 to unlock Cave Horrors, which drop the Black Mask, which increases melee damage by 16.67% (and mage/range damage by 15%).

In addition to making a slayer helmet, the black mask is also important for training slayers.

Cave horrors drop a lot of high-level seeds, herbs, and nature runes, as well as black masks, which are valuable in the grand exchange so it is a job you must not avoid.

                                               Requirements for Cave Horror

Level 58 of the Slayer
Slayer quest requirements: Cabin Fever
Spell Weapon: Witchwood Icon (to avoid its attacks)
These monsters are not unlocked by default. Mos Le’harmless, the island you unlock after completing the Cabin Fever quest, is the location of the cave where they live.

For protection from Cave Horrors, you will also need a Witchwood Icon (which can be bought from a slayer master).

A light source is also required to enter the cave.

                                                        Stats on Cave Horror

  • Level of combat: 80
  • With a maximum hit of 9
  • Experience gained per kill: 58
  • Immune to: everything
  • Minimum level to become a slayer: 58

                                                      Location of Cave Horror

During the Cabin Fever quest, it is possible to unlock Mos Le’Harmless, an island containing Cave Horrors.

There is no other place in Gielinor where you can combat cave horrors.

It is necessary to carry a light source when entering the cave.

Mos Le’harmless can be reached easily via the teleport grouping ‘Trouble Brewing’.

Charter ships can also be used to travel there.

                                                   Setup for Cave Horror Gear

Cave Horrors use magical attacks, so make sure you are wearing armour that has high magic defense, such as d’hide, karils, etc.

Additionally, proselyte armor can also boost your prayer power. The use of this strategy does not require you to use a Witchwood icon because your protect from melee will negate their special attacks as well.

Setting up your gear can be tricky.

                                 What are the benefits of Cave Horror tasks?

There is a lot of enjoyment to be had from Cave Horrors!

The seeds, natures, and black mask drops will make good money for regular accounts on this task.

Black masks are needed for ironmen accounts to create their slayer helm and once they are done, they should continue doing this task for seeds, herbs, and nature runes.

Since Cave Horrors only have 55 HP, they can be killed very quickly, and the quest also offers a good experience rate and is very quick.

Why would anyone skip this task when you can use a cannon, right?

                                                     Rates of Cave Horror EXP

In Cave Horrors, depending on your gear and stats, you can expect to see up to 25k EXP per hour with Melee.

This number can be increased to 30k exp an hour when Piety is used as well.

An exp rate of 60k per hour is possible with a Cannon.

                                                   Drop Table for Cave Horror

Cave horrors drop an average of 2,598.44 GP each, according to OSRS WIKI.
There is a 247k GP profit per hour at Cave Horrors. See OSRS Wiki for details.

Drops of special value:

  • Mask of the Black Panther

Regular Drops:

  • Botanicals
  • The following seeds are available: Snapdragon, Avantoe, Kwuarm, Irit, etc.
  • Runes of Nature (3-6)

                                          A video guide to OSRS Cave Horror

This guide for Osrs Cave Horrors hoped to provide all the information you need to fight the cave monsters in Mos Le’Harmless Cave. Feel free to let us know if anything was missed.

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