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If you are a speed cubing enthusiast, you may be interested in watching a documentary on the sport. The Speed Cubers by Sue Kim highlights the lives and careers of the world’s best speed cubers, including Feliks Zemdegs. It’s a fascinating and entertaining film that will inspire and motivate you to do your best in this sport.


The Speed Cubers is a documentary about the sport of speed cubing and its champions. Directed by Sue Kim, this film follows Feliks Zemdegs and Max Stengel as they compete to win the world speed cubing championship. It is a fascinating watch and a must-see for speed cubing fans.

Max was diagnosed with autism at the age of two, but has since become a role model for countless people. He has now set nine world records in speed cubing, including the world record for a sevenx7x7 cube. The previous record was under two minutes. The sport is governed by the World Cube Association, and Max holds nine world records.

Max’s parents use the sport to help him overcome his autism. They also encourage him to be more patient, and help him develop his patience while waiting in line. This helps him interact well with other competitors and officials.

Feliks Zemdegs

The documentary about speedcubing champions Feliks Zemdegs and his team, The Speed Cubers, will capture the audience’s interest with its fascinating portrayal of this unusual sport. Directed by Sue Kim, the movie will give audiences the inside scoop on these amazing athletes and their incredible feats.

Feliks Zemdegs, the world’s number one speed cuber, has a fan base that spans the globe. His social media pages have seen a lot of engagement, with over 126k followers on Instagram and 91k on Facebook. The speed cube star also has his own YouTube channel, with more than 470,000 subscribers. His videos have garnered over 120 million views since 2008.

Although they are rivals in the speed cube world, they have a mutual admiration for one another and enjoy supporting each other. Feliks’ family uses speed cubing as therapy, and his parents believe it will help their autistic son overcome his challenges.


QiYi has recently released the MS 3×3 magnetic speed cube, which is part of their new MS line. This cube features a crisp, precise feel, and is ideal for competitive solvers. This speed cube is also available in a bundle. It is the best speed cube for the money, so it should be a good option if you’re looking for an affordable speed cube.

The QiYi MS is an inexpensive speed cube that can be used by beginners and professionals. The cube features a sticker-less and sticker-covered version. Its turning speed is extremely smooth and rapid. However, it can be difficult to control a fast-turning speed cube, especially for beginners.


QiYi GTS M2 speedcubes are one of the best cubes you can buy if you want a cube that’s both fast and cheap. With magnets in the corner and edges, these cubes provide a tactile, comfortable cubing experience. The cube is only available in Black, though.

This cube’s magnetic positioning system is unique in that it has eight pairs of magnets in its core, which react with the magnets on the individual corner pieces. The cube is extremely fast and easy to turn. Its magnetic system helps provide stability and lowers the intensity needed to move a layer.

Another benefit of QiYi GTS M2 speedcubers is that they have smooth turning edges. This makes the cubes very quiet and smooth, preventing scratching. They also make for precise layer turns. However, this feature means that the cube is not as controllable for beginners.

Gan 11 M Pro

The GAN 11 M Pro speed cube is the newest flagship cube from GAN. It features a new omnidirectional magnetic core that provides an enhanced magnetic feel. The cube weighs 63 grams and features an advanced dual adjustment system. The magnetic strength can be changed from light, moderate, or strong.

The GAN 11 M Pro speed cube also features an adjustable aim-assist feature and corner magnets. These features allow the cube to turn smoother and faster. This speed cube is a great option for both beginners and advanced cubers. With its dual-adjusting system, you can adjust elasticity and tension according to your needs.

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