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Easy Steps to Optimize Your Instagram Profile

Profile optimization is an excellent method to gain more Instagram followers. Like any other social media network or search engine, Instagram has its own algorithm that helps highlight the user who has their profile most organized and optimized. 

There are some steps you can do to optimize your profile in order to boost your brand awareness on Instagram. Without further ado, let us go to the first method:

Steps to Optimize Your Instagram Profile

1. Learn to Use Hashtags

The first method here is learning how to use hashtags properly. Do you know what hashtags are? People usually put these above, under, or inside the post’s caption. Hashtags usually consist of one word or more words that are combined into one. This can be a nice way to gain more free Instagram followers since people can find your content easier. By clicking the hashtags or searching for them in the search bar, there’s a chance that your content can be put on the top results. 

Start adding some relevant hashtags to your product, brand, or the post itself. Add at least three of them, but never over-optimized. Putting so many hashtags inside one post can easily be considered spam, and it’s a red flag for your account. Avoid doing this at all times.

2. Make Captivating Captions

Like Instagram Bio, captions are also one factor you may use to show and introduce your brand to others through crafted words. Try your best to make captions that look as captivating as possible. 

The caption space usually consists of 2,200 characters, but most people would use only a half portion of it. Captions that are too long seem tiresome to read, and surely, the audience would feel overwhelmed with a picture with long paragraphs of captions written all over it.

So, keep the captions simple, short, but meaningful. You can look for preferences in the other competitors’ pages or do your research to know what’s best to put inside your Feeds. If you successfully made it, you may notice that new 100 free Instagram followers or more have been recently following you. Try to talk about what kind of captions to put on the product with the team.

3. Complete The Instagram Bio

Now that we’ve learned about captions, how about Bio?

Usually, people put anything they have in mind on their Bio. It can be their professions, hobbies, or other random information like a dog’s name, favorite foods, etc. If you want your brand to be more exposed to more Instagram users, optimizing your Bio is one thing you should do.

Try to create a short description of your brand, and add the links to your website or marketplace you have. That way, users can easily buy from you if they feel interested in your products. So, before using the Instagram followers increase app, like Ins Followers, we recommend you to at least optimize your profile bio first. Remember, enter your brand’s information, and provide easy access links for the audience.


And that’s the blog about some tips you can do to make your profile more optimized. Although these are not deep methods, at least you can make an effort by doing the light optimizations first. Before considering what kind of content to create, it’s always best to optimize your profile for a more professional look and be easy to notice by Instagram’s algorithm.

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