Osrs Top 10 skilling Money Makers

Osrs Top 10 skilling Money Makers in Osrs

                                                  IN OSRS TOP 10 SKILLED MONEY MAKERS

While we recommend PVM for Osrs Top 10 skilling earning money or experience in Osrs, there are many other skills you can develop in the game to earn decent money and experience. Here are the top 10 P2P skilling money makers in OSRS, ordered by requirements (easiest > hardest).

1. The Smithing blast furnace can generate up to 900K profit per hour

The required level is 15

Based on your level of smithing, you can earn between 60 and 900K/hr

See our separate guide for more information

There’s nothing more fun than playing the blast furnace minigame in old school Runescape, which offers one of the highest money/exp rates. One of the fifteen official worlds has blast furnaces where players talk to each other frequently. This reminds me of the days when skilling was actually fun and not just mindless grinding.

Osrs Top 10 skilling Money Makers
Osrs Top 10 skilling Money Makers


  • Become the Giant Dwarf (anybody can do it)
  • A pair of ice gloves (not necessary, but helps a great deal with GP/exp rates)

Also see Osrs FireMaking Guide

Whenever you run the blast furnace, always use the official worlds since they are the only ones where the blast furnace is actually running all day, for which you will pay 75K per hour you spend there. Here’s a guide that shows you how to use the blast furnace if you’re not sure where it is.

2. Profit up to 225K per hour from stringing bows

This level requires 55 points

Based on your level of fletching, you can make 200K – 225K/hr

. This is a skill that earns you a lot of money quickly. Since leveling fletching is so fast, you can go from level 1 to level 55 in no more than 2.5 hours.
Stringing bows is significantly more profitable than cutting bows and has a higher experience rate than cutting bows.

Among the bows you’ll string are:

  • During Level 55 – 85, you can get 200k profit per hour using Maple longbow (U).
  • For levels 85 – 99, you will get 225K per hour with magic longbow (u)

We will write a separate guide on how to make money with fletching.

3. Up To 500K Profit/Hour from Cooking Karambwans

It is highly recommended that the cooking level be at least 30

There are few 99’s in the game as easy as cooking, since it can be leveled quickly. Additionally, you make money from the skill, making it a great game for new players.

There are many different ways to make money cooking kambwans, and depending on the level of attention you give you can earn 200 K per hour to 500 K per hour. The regular method of cooking Karambwans produces 200K per hour. However, the tick manipulation process can produce up to 500K per hour! In addition to 1 tick karambwans, you can earn up to 1M experience per hour with 1 tick karambwans.

Osrs Top 10 skilling Money Makers
Osrs Top 10 skilling Money Makers

4. Earn Up To 1M Profit Per Day With Herb Runs

32 is the required farming level
Additional requirements:

  • A magic secateur (which increases herb yield by 10%)
  • View Guide: OSRS Farming

Run herbs during the day to earn passive income. If you do at least 5 runs a day with all patches unlocked, you can make over 1M a day using this method.

Herb runs start to be profitable at 32 farming, when one unlocks ranarrs, though those on a tight budget should consider 38 farming for toadflax. When a herb dies, it’s not the end of the world since it only costs 1.6K.

If you have unlocked fewer patches, you will earn about 40 – 90K per trip with toadflax seeds. Osrs mobile allows you to perform herb runs every 80 minutes and grow your patches while offline as well, so you can access your account from anywhere, whether you’re at the office, in school, or at home.
Depending on how many patches players have unlocked, players can earn 80 – 200K per herb run with snapdragon seeds at higher levels.

Visit our Efficient herb running guide for in-depth information on efficient herb running and patch placement.

5. A Gemstone Mine Can Earn 500K Per Hour

The required mining level is 40

Additional requirements:

  • villagers of Shilo
  • (access to mine + teleport to it) Karamja gloves 3
  • Gold bags (not required, but lessens banking)

The best way to train mining is by mining gemstones because it gives you up to 500K profit per hour while also earning you 50K experience.

The profitability of mining is, of course, determined by your level, so a higher level is always recommended. Using this method, lower levels (40+) will make $250K per hour.

6. The perfect way to catch sacred eels: Up to 350K profit/hour

A fishing level of 87 is required

Among other requirements:

  • Regulation quest
  • level 72 in cooking

Catching sacred eels is good money, and it’s pretty AFK too, so there’s a reason many gold farmers come here. If you’re playing a different game or doing homework, you can easily catch these if you’re watching Netflix or doing your homework.

The other nice thing is that you never have to bank. To turn the eels into Zulrah’s Scales, you’ll use a knife.

7. The Magic of Humidifying Clay: Earn 900K a day

Level of magic required: 68

Additional requirements:

  • Mentor of dreams
  • Diplomacy with the moon

Training your magic level is a great way to earn money if you’ve completed dream mentor and lunar diplomacy. This method allows you to gain 50K experience per hour, making it an excellent combination of magic training and money-making.

The spell will work if you have an astral rune in your inventory, a steam battlestaff equipped, and clay in your inventory. Once you apply the humidification spell, the clay will become soft clay.

8. The Astral Rune: A 1.5M Profit/Hour Turnaround

A level of 82 is required

along with the following requirements:

  • Magic level 82
  • mastered Lunar Diplomacy

While runecrafting offers many methods for making money, my suggestion is to run Astral Runes. If you do not mind making 1.5M per hour, the experience rate is 35K per hour. That is an excellent rate for runecrafting, believe it or not.

In our list of the top 10 money-making methods in OSRS, runecrafting is at the bottom since it’s a very slow skill to level up but can make you a lot of money. Get our recent runecrafting guide if you plan to learn your runecrafting so you can gain levels fast and earn money!

9. 1.6M profit per hour from hunting black chinchompas

Hunting Level Requirement: 80

Additional requirements:

  • Strong magic defense gear, such as black d’hide
  • boxes (for setting up box traps).

At higher levels, hunter is one of the best skills for making money, and hunting black chinchompa is the most lucrative method to do so. As a result, it can be a stressful and high-risk method of making money, because you have to hunt in the wilderness.

You can hunt red chinchompas if you want to lower your risk, but you’ll make half as much money as if you hunted black chinchompas.

10. A Pickpocketing Elves: Make Up To 3 Million Profit Per Hour

The requirement for theft is 85

The other requirements are:

  • An extra 400K profit per hour is only required with 97 herblore (93 with botanical pie)
  • as well as 50 agility (double if you use rogues outfit).
  • A master-level quest for the Song of the Elves
  • diary in Ardougne

In OSRS, picking pockets with elves is the fastest way for you to make money with skilling, but it requires a lot of requirements. For instance, it requires 85 theft and 97 herblore to increase profits.

For this method to work, you must have completed Ardougne Hard Diaries, which increases your success rate by 10%, and wear the thieving skillcape, which increases success rates by 5%. By increasing your success rate by 20% and adding 99 thieving, you will no longer fail.

It is possible to spam-click your way to 3M per hour if you have such high requirements. Cool, isn’t it?

We also have a thieving guide that has other methods for making money and fast leveling if you’re not quite there yet.

Alternatives to the Top 10 Skilling Methods
Try out the top 10 skilling money makers uploaded by theEdBoys for an alternative method if none of the methods listed here suit you, or if you prefer video guides.

The ideas you learned about earning money by osrs skilling are hopefully new to you. Our recommendation for newer players is to train their fletching, cooking, and smithing skills because these professions provide low requirements and also yield good money.


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