Osrs RuneCrafting Guide

Osrs RuneCrafting Guide 1-99 Ultimate Complete in 2022

                                                    RONECRAFTING GUIDE (1-99 OSRS) (FASTEST/AFK)

The most disliked skill in OSR is runecrafting. Runecrafting methods can, however, earn up to 1m GP per hour, which is extremely profitable. We will look at every method in the game to reach 99 in this osrs runecrafting guide. For your convenience, you can navigate to your current level and preferred method via the navigation below.

We will start off the osrs runecrafting guide by looking at the recommended quests and items.

Gear Setup Recommendations

  • A beautiful outfit (or other pieces that are lightweight)
  • Spellbook of Moon (Magic Imbue & Contact with NPCs)
  • Potions of stamina and energy
  • Banks and lava runes (dueling rings)
  • (increases the chance of making runes from 50% to 100%)
Osrs RuneCrafting Guide
Osrs RuneCrafting Guide

Requirements for the quest
The rune mysteries quest must be completed before you can start runecrafting. The beginner quest is easy to complete and does not require any prerequisites. The abyss mini-quest is not just for rune mysteries, but also for access to rune pouches and abyss runecrafting. You will also achieve Level 9 runecrafting immediately after receiving 1,000 experience points.

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Pouch runecrafting

Pure essence can be stored in runecrafting pouches. Thus, you can bring a whole lot more to the altar than just an inventory.

Killing abyssal creatures will grant you access to pouches. While the larger pouches cannot be used until you meet the requirements, you will be able to get them as a drop if you have the needed level of runecrafting.

Small Pouch 0 3 Doesn’t decay
Medium Pouch 25 6 45 uses
Large Pouch 50 9 29 uses
Giant Pouch 75 12 10 uses

Talk to the dark mage in the Abyss’ inner ring if you need to repair your pouches. The lunar spellbook allows you to contact NPCs from anywhere using NPC Contact. The pouches in your skillcape won’t decay once you reach level 99.

Osrs RuneCrafting Guide
Osrs RuneCrafting Guide

The best way to achieve 99 Runecrafting in OSRS
Questing Levels 1 – 23
using The Abyss Mini-quests 1-9
You can achieve 99 runecrafting as quickly as possible by doing the Abyss mini-quest. This quest takes about 3 minutes with teleports and unlocks the ability to use runecrafting pouches. It also grants you 1,000 exp which will instantly put you at level 9 runecrafting.

Glouphrie’s eyes 9 – 23
You will reach 23 runecrafting when you fulfill the prerequisites for the Eyes of Glouphrie quest (6,000 experience), even without running any runs yet.

Feature requirements:

  • five types of construction
  • methods 46 types of magic
  • 46 types of woodcutting or 50 types of firemaking
  • to complete the grand tree quest

The alternative is to do air runes up to level 14 (Falador), then switch to fire runes (duel arena altar) if you do not meet the requirements for eyes of glouphrie.

Lava runes levels 23 to 99

Lava runes are the fastest way to learn rune crafting in old school Runescape because they are so close to the fire altar. To bank in castle wars, just use your dueling ring to teleport to the altar, then use it again to teleport back. Do this repeatedly.

Lava runes have the disadvantage that you will not make any money using this method.

Rate of Expansion: 50 – 70K/hr

Near the duel arena is the Fire Altar.

It can also be called 23 – 99 Ourania Altar.

Ourania altars generate random runes instead of a specific rune as with other runecrafting altars. Completing the Ardougne Medium Diary also provides a chance to gain bonus runes.

For the Ourania altar, also known as the ZMI altar, there are no runecrafting requirements. Nevertheless, as your runecrafting level increases, you will have greater chances of obtaining more valuable runes, which will increase your hourly profits accordingly.

In addition to not requiring a talisman, tiara, or staff, the Ourania altar is unique in that it does not require any talismans, tiaras, or staffs.

Osrs RuneCrafting Guide
Osrs RuneCrafting Guide

The requirements

  • The following are 100% recommended requirements: 71 magic and lunar diplomacy for the Ourania altar teleport spell. You do not need to meet these requirements to access the altar, but if you need to constantly run back and forth you will sabotage your experience rates.
  • The altar can be accessed at level 1, but a higher level (40+) is highly recommended.

Experience Rate: 20-50K/hr (dependent upon your level of runecrafting)

How to reach the altar of Ourania

  • Using the lunar spellbook, Ourania can teleport (requires 71 magic).
  • Using a spirit tree network, Ourania can teleport to the battlefield.
  • Aradougne can then walk there from the teleportation point.

Run the altar
The Ourania altar has two paths, a short one and a long one. There are aggressive warriors, mages, rangers, and others guarding the short way. However, the longer way takes almost twice as long and is completely monster-free.

You will rarely take damage from monsters in the official world: 327 when you’re running the altar.

Alternate Method: Runecrafting While Away at Zeah

People who do not like the old school runecrafting method can now gain runecrafting experience using the semi-AFK method. To access this method, Arceuus must have 100% of your favor in Zeah. Below is a list of additional requirements. Because mining is a fairly slow part of this method, it is considered semi-AFK.

The requirements are:

  • 100 percent Arceuus favor
  • Running (blood runes) 77 and Running (soul runes) 90
  • Agility (recommended but not required) 73
  • Artisanship 38
  • Mining 38

Setup of gear/inventory

  • A gracious outfit is a must
  • as well as a pickaxe (any kind will do)
  • an axel

The best way to get there

  • Using the Arceeus spellbook, teleport to Arceeus’s home
  • Fairy ring code AIS (if you are unlocking the fairy ring for the first time you will have to pay Trossa 80K first. She is next to the fairy ring)

Instructions for Zeah runecrafting

  • There are 27 dense essence blocks in the mine
  • Turn them into dark essence blocks by running to the dark altar
  • as you return to the mine and chip them into fragments
  • You will no longer be able to chisel those dark essence blocks once your inventory is full since you can only carry 27 fragments at a time
  • Take the fragments from the altar and use them to create runes on the blood/soul altar
  • Using the fragments on the altar, chip the remainder of your inventory
  • as you did in steps 1 through 6
77 – 90 Blood rune 40K/hr 600K/hr
90 – 99 Soul Rune 50K/hr 250K/hr

Money Making Methods for OSRS Runecrafting
The price of runes changes every day just like everything else in old school Runescape. Check out a runecrafting calculator to figure out how much profit you can make. If you click on any of the following links, you will be taken to the relevant running guide.

44 – 59 Nature Runes 500K/hr 20K/hr
59 – 82 Double Cosmic Runes 700K/hr 20-25K/hr
82 – 91 Double Astral Runes 850K/hr 25K/hr
91 – 95 Double Nature Runes 1M/hr 25K/hr
95 – 99 Wrath Runes 1m – 1.5m/hr 30K/hr

Learn more about the moneymaking methods in our runecrafting moneymaking guide.

With the moneymaking method, you will make 1.06B profit if you go all the way to 99. You’ll need about 508 hours to complete this from level 44 to level 99.

Tips for Runecrafting
Avoid grinding too quickly
The runecrafting skill in OSRS is not as popular as it should be. You shouldn’t try to reach 99 all at once since experience rates are slow and you may become discouraged. Runecrafting should instead be trained once or twice a week for a few hours to gain levels.


Replace your altars with new ones whenever possible.
Managing the same altar all the time can be boring, especially when you don’t make much money, as with the lava rune altar. Alternate your runs with some ZMI altar runs in between, they will make you some profit and will be a lot more fun.

Leveling efficiently
It’s important to level your account efficiently if you want to get the maximum cape. Running is a huge part of runecrafting, therefore you need to wear an outfit that is graceful. In other words, you need to train your agility before your runecrafting. Your run will also restore faster if your agility level is higher.

It is my hope that this osrs rune crafting guide was helpful to you. More guides can be found at our skilling guides for every skill in the osrs.

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