Osrs FireMaking Guide

Osrs FireMaking Guide 1-99 Complete in 2022

                                            GUIDE TO FIRE MAKING IN OSRS 1-99 (ENTIRE GUIDE)

Unlike cooking and fletching, Osrs FireMaking Guide is also a skill that can be purchased and advanced rapidly from level 1 to 99. Here is a guide to Firemaking in OSRS that shows how fast this skill can be.

Below is a navigation menu that will help you locate your current firemaking level. Wintertotd requires level 50, although it takes a little longer, you will no longer lose money.

There are two ways to get 99 in Osrs firemaking training
There are currently two ways to reach 99 fire-making in Osrs. You can reach 99 firemaking within 50 hours with both of these.

The traditional method requires more training time.
Traditionally, fire-making training is the fastest method, though it costs approximately 11M in total, and it is also pretty click-heavy.

You can reach 99 in under 35 hours using the conventional training method.

Osrs FireMaking Guide
Osrs FireMaking Guide

Method of training in firemaking by Wintertodt
The Winterton method is another option. There is a new skill-boss in the game called Wintertodt. It requires 50 firemaking to access. This mini-game-like boss will give you a fast firemaking experience at a slightly slower pace while allowing you to enjoy the environment.

In less than 50 hours, you can go from 1-99 using the wintertodt training method.

This is the fastest guide for making 99 fires in OSRS

The old-school fire-making method is the fastest way to achieve 99 fire-making. From levels 1 to 99, you will be burning logs. In old school Runescape, this is still the fastest way to train the fire-making skill despite the Wintertotd skill boss having good experience rates.

In this guide, I am excluding Magic and Mahogany logs since they are far too expensive compared to the experience they provide. These can be used to get 99 even faster if money is not an issue.

It takes 35 hours to reach 99.

The amount of money spent on 99 is 11.2MGP.

1-15 Normal logs 61 40 (2411) 50k/hr 1k 3 minutes
15 – 30 Oak logs 183 60 (10,952) 80k/hr 7k 8 minutes
30 – 35 Willow logs 101 90 (9,043) 125k/hr 1k 5 minutes
35 -42 Teak logs 221 105 (231,123) 150k/hr 60k 10 minutes
42 -45 Arctic pine logs 128 125 (15,983) 170k/hr 75k 6 minutes
45 – 60 Maple logs 1,573 135 (212,230) 190k/hr 11K 1 hour
60 – 90 Yew logs 25,050 202.5 (5,072,590) 280k/hr 4.6M 18 hours
90 – 99 Redwood logs 21,966 350 (7,688,099) 500k/hr 6.5M 15 hours
Total 11.3M 35 hours

Wintertodt is recommended as soon as you reach level 50, the experience rates are slower, but your money won’t be burned.

OSRS Guide to Wintertodt

In the past, fire making was the skill where you burned your money. With the arrival of Wintertodt, this has all changed.

This osrs fire making guide presents the second method of training – wintertotd. As an alternative to burning logs at the grand exchange, it’s generally the most preferred method of training fire making as you make some money while you do it and it’s fun.

In addition, Wintertotd is only 15 hours slower than our conventional fire making method of training.

The best way to get 99 fire making is through Wintertotd if you’re on a budget.

What is wintertotd
Firemaker Wintertotd is an Oldschool Runescape skill boss. Rather than combat, it uses a skill (in this case fire making) to defeat it. Lighting the braziers together with the pyromancers drains the Wintertotd’s energy.

It is not a minigame but an actual boss. Though there is no fighting, the damage can still kill you, so don’t bring anything valuable. If you die here, your status will be erased.

A Dedicated World for Wintertotd
If you want fast experience rates, you must play in WintertotD’s dedicated worlds. Experience rates vary according to how long the games last, and official world games only last approximately 4 minutes each.

There are four official WintertotD worlds: 307, 309, and 311.

Osrs FireMaking Guide
Osrs FireMaking Guide

Wintertodt is only available to those with 50 firemaking skills. If you follow my guide, you can achieve this within 30 minutes, and you will only spend 100-120k dollars.

It takes about 50 hours to get from level 50 to level 99 using this method. The amount of woodcutting experience you can gain depends on your woodcutting level.

Instructions for getting to Wintertotd
The game necklace is all you need to teleport to WintertotD. Games necklaces can be obtained in the grand exchange.

Setup of the gear
While playing this mini-game, you must wear warm clothing due to the extremely cold temperatures.

Some examples of warm clothing include:

  • The fire-cape, infernal cape, fire-making cape, obisidian cape
  • were all Pyromancer costumes
  • that looked like Santa hats or fire tiaras
  • Outfit for hunting (polar, wood, larupia, graahk, kyatt)
  • armor made of yak hair
  • Santa Claus, chickens and other holiday items

This is a complete list of all the warm clothing items in OSRS if you still can’t find a piece you own

Setup of inventories

  • using the best hatchet
  • for your situation
  • along with a knife
  • you can eat

a game of Wintertotd

Wintertotd requires players to chop down the roots of the haze tree, located near the braziers, and add them for damage to the boss. Players can light these braziers with tinderboxes.

A player has access to the pyromancers’ supplies, including bronze axes, hammers, tinderboxes, knives, and unfinished rejuvenation potions, once inside the game. To reach the haze trees, the player needs to chop their roots. They can add mist roots to the braziers once they have a full inventory of mist roots. The kindling haze can be created by fletching the leaves using a knife. The fire making experience gained from using this is 27% more than regular haze roots on the brazier, but as we all know, you lose time fletching it so it’s not really recommended.

Due to the extreme cold in winter, the temperature of the play will damage it. Additionaly, sometimes it snows and damages the pyromancers, the braziers, as well as the players. A hammer can be used to repair a damaged brazier.

A Wintertodt hit can kill a Pyromancer with just three hits, since they have such low health. Hence, rejuvination potion must be used to cure them. Having completed Druidic Ritual, players can use mist herbs to create a rejuvenation potion using the unfinished potions from the supplies.

While you’re between games, you should try to get your health back to 100%. You can achieve this by teleporting to clan wars with your ring of duelling and restoring your stats in the free-for-all portal. Use house teleports if your house has an elaborate rejuvenation pool.

Experience Rates at wintertotd
With every successful game (against a minimum of 500 points), you will be rewarded with experience points. 100 times your level is the reward for every successful game. In other words, 5000 experience points will be awarded at level 50 firemaking. Game play usually lasts four minutes on the official servers.
EXP Rate at level 50: 150K/hr

At level 90, EXP rate is 300K per hour

a WinterTotd reward
A successful game will also reward you with a supply crate in addition to exp rewards. Every 500 points over 500 points will earn you an additional reward in this crate.

In Fishing, Harvesting, Mining, Farming, Crafting, and Log Cutting, you will earn rewards such as fish, herbs, ore, gems, seeds, and logs based on your skill level.

An outfit for pyromancers
Wintertotd requires players to get the Pyromancer outfit, or firemaking outfit, as their main reward. The player gets an additional 2.5% boost in firemaking exp when wearing the full Pyromancer outfit.

The outfit effectively increases your hourly experience rates while at Wintertotd, as well as keeping you warm.

Firemaking Experiences Through Quests

The Giant Dwarf 1,500 16 firemaking
Heroes Quest 1,575 /
Enlightened Journey 4,000 20 firemaking
Making friends with my arm 5,000 66 firemaking
Enakhra’s lament 7,000 45 firemaking

Cape of Firemaking in OSRS
Ignatius Vulcan, the firemaking master in Seers’ Village, will give you your cape after you have reached 99 firemaking (under 50 hours if you follow this firemaking guide).

If you want to do WintertotD after you reach 99 firemaking, the firemaking cape counts as a warm clothing piece.

In addition to being a constant source of light in your inventory, the fire-making cape also does double duty.

Overview of the OSRS Firemaking Guide
The following guide on osrs firemaking should be helpful to you if you are trying to get 99 firemaking as fast as possible. Firemaking is one of the fastest skills to max in old school Runescape as both of the training methods in this guide will help you do so in under 50 hours.

It is highly recommended that you take the wintertotd firemaking method over conventional training, unless you have a lot of money to burn. The burning of those logs won’t drive you insane, and you’ll make some money.

So anyway, here’s our old school Runescape firemaking guide. If anything needs to be changed or added, please let us know.

The firemaking calculator can be used to calculate log prices for yourself.


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