Osrs Prayer Guide

Osrs Prayer Guide 1-99 Complete Cheapest and fastest in 2022

                                          CHEAPEST/FASTEST PRAYER GUIDE FOR OSRS 1-99

Prayer is an incredibly useful combat skill, protecting the user from harm. You can quest, boss, and PK more easily with this. Due to the fact that this is a combat skill, you gain a combat level every 8 prayer levels. Every method of training prayer in the game will be covered in this OSRS Prayer Guide. There are many ways to do it on an iron man, including the cheapest method, the fastest method, etc. At the end of this page, I have included a small prayer guide for F2P players, even though Prayer is largely a skill for P2P players.

Osrs Prayer Guide
Osrs Prayer Guide


The P2P Prayer Guide is ready to go.

OSRS Prayer Guide for 1-99
Players can train prayer in various ways. It is most commonly used with the Gilded Altar method (expensive, but extremely fast). As well as Ectofuntus, chaos altars, and ensoulled heads, there are others.

Step 1: Gilded Altar

As an osrs beginner, I’ll explain how to train the prayer skill with the Gilded altar, as it’s in my opinion the best way to do so. You don’t need any prerequisites (unless you are Ironman), you don’t have to take any risks, and the service is super-fast.

Player-owned houses have altars with gold. 1.2M GP is needed to create these altars at level 75 construction. As a bonus, we have the ability to use the altar in other players’ homes as well. These are always being hosted in Yanille and Remmington in world 330. Open house parties can be found at the portal at either location and at the advertisement board next to the portal.

As soon as you have found the right home, you can begin the bone runs. It is important to remember that you must keep both burners next to the altar on at all times in order to get the best experience per bone (3,5X). Several people usually take care of this at house parties, so it rarely happens.

Osrs Prayer Guide
Osrs Prayer Guide

Applied Rimmington Methodology

Because you can have all of your bones noted in your inventory at the Rimmington location, it is faster than at Yanille. If you use this method, you will have 26 bones in your inventory unnoted, a noted stack of bones, plus coins.

The NPC Phials can un-note your bones for you in the general store south of the portal after you’ve run it. A note will cost you 5 coins. An inventory will cost you 130 coins. You’ll save a lot of time but make a little bit more money.

Yanille Method

Every time you go to the bank in Yanille you have to run to it. This method is still fast, but it’s not as fast as the Rimmington method. The price isn’t too high for fast experience.

Glory Method
You can teleport to Edgeville from some player-owned houses by activating a glory in the “quest hall” of their buildings. Using the teleport tabs in the house, you can make quick runs.

Your house must be set to either Rimmington or Yanille in order for this method to work. Do your altar run by teleporting to the player’s house, entering the player’s name, then entering your bones. After the run has been completed, use their glory to teleport to Edgeville, bank, and then teleport back using the house tab. You should also switch your house teleport settings to teleport you outside instead of inside.

How to choose the right bones
A key difference between praying and the other skills is that you can access a wide variety of bones starting at level 1. With the exception of superior dragon bones, all other bones require prayer levels of 70 or higher. Whether you spend money and time on achieving 99 is entirely up to you.

Experience points per hour in OSRS Gilded Altar.

Big Bones 52K/hr 250 58.5M
Babydragon Bones 105K/hr 123 120M
Dragon Bones 252K/hr 51 155M
Lava Dragon Bones 300K/hr 43 233M
Superior Dragon Bones 525K/hr (from level 70) 23 (from level 70) 292M

In OSRS, a player can do approximately 1000 bones per hour, so this is what we used in our calculations. Some guides might offer a higher experience rate per hour, but they’re not as realistic.

The chaos altar is another method.

A wilderness zone with multiple combat zones is where you can find the Chaos Temple at level 38. With this altar, you will have the same experience as a lit gilded altar, but the bone is only consumed 1/2 of the time.

Osrs Prayer Guide
Osrs Prayer Guide

You are therefore using fewer bones in total, which means you are wasting less money on your prayer skill. For those with ironman accounts without a gilded altar and without access to the grand exchange, this will be useful.

Despite the chaos altar being the fastest method of prayer, it has a few disadvantages. Due to the multi-combat capability, it’s easy to get PKed. Due to this, it is high-risk, as it requires you to risk your bones to effectively perform it.

Your bones will experience 7x each on average. If you use the recommended setup, you can get insane experience/hour.

Chaotic Altar location and transport

As shown on the picture, you can teleport to the lava maze by using the Burning amulet, which allows you to teleport to the chaos altar.

The ancient magicks of Ghorrock are also possible, but they are very hard to use and don’t even provide a faster route (level 96 magic).

Set up the Chaos Altar Gear
The best armor you should wear is one that has high Magic defense, such as a dragonhide armor set, and a teleportation item that is at least level 30, such as a combat bracelet or ring of wealth. As well as food, super restores, and saradomin brews, you should make room for them in your inventory. To outrun your opponents, it is recommended that you use a stamina potion.

Just in case someone tries to log in, you should always pray to mage. When your prayer runs low, you can recharge it when you are close to the altar.

Runs on the Chaos Altar
with high risk and reward. In exchange for the best prayer experience, you will risk both your cash and noted bones.

You will be teleported to the wilderness with a bunch of bones, some cash (enough to un-note your bones at 50gp each) and some noted bones (whatever it is that you are willing to lose).

When you’re done using your bones, go outside and ask the Elder Chaos Druid to un-note them for you. Keep doing this.

Whenever you run out of bones, just run to wilderness level 30 and use your ring of wealth to teleport out, then bank at the grand exchange.

Getting away from pkers
As a result of using this method, you will encounter pkers quite a bit. This is why you have to know the right way to approach them.

Protect yourself from mage at all times, as I mentioned previously. The combination of this with the magic defense bonus will give you a higher chance to be splashed by your opponents, so you can run towards level 30 wilderness and use your ring of wealth to teleport out.

Experience gained from Chaos Altar per hour.
It is important to note that experience rates may vary greatly depending on your setup.

Big Bones 105K/hr 124 29M
Babydragon Bones 210K/hr 62 59M
Dragon Bones 504K/hr 26 77.5M
Lava Dragon Bones 595K/hr 22 116M
Superior Dragon Bones 1M/hr (from level 70) 12 (from level 70) 147M

(3) Ensouled heads (includes experience, human resources, and money)

As a method of training prayer skills, Ensouled Heads is not only unique, it is also the method with the highest requirements. Due to the fact that you will be killing reanimated monsters with this method, you will gain not only prayer experience, but also magic experience (from the spell) and combat experience.


  • The Magic of 72
  • Runes for reanimating a spirit
  • Heads that are reanimated
  • Fairy tales part 2: Fairy ring access
  • an armor and a weapon
  • You can switch this with Tyss, located at the dark altar, if you have 60% Arceuus favor)
  • It’s recommended to have high combat stats
  • The dwarf cannon is an optional item.

The Prayer Experience you can reach with a cannon is over 300K per hour. Cannonballs, of course, would take up a significant chunk of your budget.

Reanimating creatures in the dark altar area is the only use for the necromancy spellbook.

Reanimated Goblin 3 130
Reanimated Monkey 7 182
Reanimated Minotaur 12 286
Reanimated Scorpion 19 454
Reanimated Bear 21 480
Reanimated Unicorn 22 494
Reanimated Dog 26 520
Reanimated Chaos Druid 30 584
Reanimated Giant 37 650
Reanimated Ogre 40 716
Reanimated Elf 43 754
Reanimated Troll 46 780
Reanimated Horror 52 832
Reanimated Kalphite 57 884
Reanimated Dagannoth 62 936
Reanimated Bloodveld 65 1040
Reanimated Tzhaar 69 1104
Reanimated Demon 72 1170
Reanimated Aviansie 78 1234
Reanimated Abyssal 85 1300
Reanimated Dragon 93 1560

Prayer Guide for OSRS 1-99 F2P
Free-to-play players must bury bones in order to raise their prayer level. Free-to-play players, however, do not need to have a high prayer level because the highest protection prayer is Mystic Might, which can be unlocked at level 45.

The Restless Ghost – Levels 1-9.
It takes under five minutes to complete the restless ghost quest. It’s the first and best way to level up without burying bones, as it doesn’t have any requirements.

Burying big bones at levels 9 – 45
Getting experience in prayer as a F2P player is as simple as burying big bones. Getting experience in prayer is simple. In order to begin, you will need to obtain the necessary big bones. You’ll need about 890,000 GP to get 4026 big bones from 9 – 45.

You can also get big bones for free using this method. The hill giants who live in the dungeon in Edgeville are the best place to do this. You can also level up your other combat skills by fighting the hill giants, who are level 28. You will need to kill 4026 hill giants and bury their bones right away as each one drops one big bone when it dies, so you will need to kill and bury 4102 bones to reach level 45.

Access to Edgeville Dungeon
The Edgeville Dungeon can be accessed in two ways. It is recommended to head west of the grand exchange to the cabin first. Brass keys are required for entry (you can purchase them from the grand exchange). As soon as you descend the ladder, you will be greeted by the hill giants.

In order to use the second method, you must start from Edgeville.

From Level 45 to Level 99
It isn’t recommended for free-to-play players to level beyond 45, since beyond this level you can’t perform protection prayers. Continuing to level your prayer will require you to save up for a bond.

The number of big bones required to reach level 99 from level 45 is 864,862. You will need 190M GP to reach this level. I wouldn’t recommend it.

Praying for the powerful is a challenging quest.

The restless Ghost 1,125 / /
Priest in Peril 1,406 / /
Making History 1,000 / /
Rag and Bone Man 500 / /
Recruitment Drive 1,000 / 12QP
Mountain Daughter 2,000 / 20 Agility
Ghosts Ahoy 2,400 / 25 Agility, 20 Cooking
Another Slice of H.A.M. 3,000 25 Prayer 15 Attack
Rag and Bone man 2 5,000 / 40 Slayer
The Great Brain Robbery 6,000 50 Prayer 16 Crafting, 30 Construction
Rum Deal 7,000 47 Prayer 32 Crafting, 50 Fishing, 40 Farming, 42 Slayer
Spirits of the Elid 8,000 / 37 Thieving, 33 Magic, 37 Mining, 37 Ranged
Swan Song 10,000 / 100QP, 40 Crafting, 42 Firemaking, 45 Smithing, 62 Fishing, 62 Cooking, 66 Magic

It is hoped that this OSRS Prayer Guide has been helpful. Should anything be missing, please let us know.

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