Osrs Mahogany

Osrs Mahogany (Construction calc) in 2022

A thorough guide on OSRS Mahogany Homes

In this guide, you will learn everything you need to know about Osrs Mahogany.

Earlier this month Jagex launched Mahogany Homes, a way to train construction that is more varied and cheaper than conventional construction training.

The goal of this quick guide is to give you a first glimpse of the new method we’re developing.

Only Mahogany Homes are covered in this guide. Our construction calculator osrs Guide 99 offers regular Construction Training.

Where Can I Find Mahogany Homes in OSRS?
Construction training is conducted by Mahogany homes in OSRS. You basically work as a contractor doing projects around Hosidius, Varrock, Ardougne, and Falador when you are in Mahogany Homes.

It’s pretty simple to get a job at Mahogany Homes. You go to your local branch and speak to the owner who’ll give you the job. Once you get your furniture fixed, you need to go to the house of an NPC within the area and help them out.


When you have completed that, you’ll receive a carpenter point reward and experience reward. You can use these in the mahogany homes reward shop!

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Construction is fun when playing Mahogany Homes. Training this way is more affordable than regular training (you gain more experience per plank) and you earn rewards as well!

Compared with efficient construction training, Mahagony Homes provides a slightly slower experience per hour, but it is considerably cheaper, making it better suited to those with low funds or ironman or group ironman accounts.

Osrs Mahogany

A Guide To Starting Mahogany Homes
You’ll need a player-owned home in order to sign up for Mahogany homes. You’ll have to purchase a home for 1k if you don’t already own one.

There are estate agents in every major city of Gielinor, from whom you can buy a player-owned house.
By speaking with Amy in Falador, you can become a mahogany homeowner if you already own a player-owned house. She operates a branch next to the Realtor in Falador.

As soon as you sign up, you can choose from a variety of jobs offered by OSRs. The following locations are currently available:

  • Amy (Falador)
  • Ellie (Ardougne)
  • Holly (Angelo)
  • Marlo (Varrock)

Mahogany Homes Contracts come in different levels
so it is possible for Mahogany Homes to be constructed at any level. Depending on your level of construction, you will be able to choose a level from Beginner to Expert at the mahogany homes branch.

Upon completing the job, you will receive a carpenter point based on the level you achieved and the materials that you used. As a result, the higher level you achieve, the higher your carpenter point.

Beginner Normal Planks 1
Novice Oak Planks 2
Adept Teak Planks 3
Expert Mahogany Planks 4

Farming contracts can be compared to mahogany homes in terms of how they work and function.

Mahogany homes need certain equipment.
To replace the furniture in the NPC’s homes, you will need the appropriate equipment while doing mahogany homes. This equipment includes:

  • nails, screws, hammers, etc
  • a saw
  • Depending on your skill level, planks can range from regular to mahogany
  • stainless steel bars.

For traveling quickly, it is preferable to have teleportation runes or tabs (tabs are preferred).

When Lunar Diplomacy is unlocked and the Magic score is 67, the NPC Contact spell is a great way to meet with the branches and increase experience rates.

Osrs Mahogany
Osrs Mahogany

Mahogany Homes: Increase Experience Rates

Mahogany Homes will have experience rates of between 100k and 200k per hour construction calc osrs, according to Mod Jagex Acorn on Reddit. Despite being cheaper and less effective than other training methods, this method is still pretty good.

Beginner 1 Normal Planks 30k 40k
Novice 2 Oak Planks 65k 80k
Adept 3 Teak Planks 120k 140k
Expert 4 Mahogany Planks 200k 220k

You can save millions of dollars by learning how to build mahogany homes.
Regular construction training versus mahogany homes
Earlier, I mentioned that Mahogany Homes is more affordable than traditional construction training.

We at Mahogany Homes are able to offer Construction training at a low cost because we get a lot more experience out of every plank. The very fact that planks make construction so expensive makes it such a hard skill to learn!
Mahogany Homes is therefore the most effective strategy for handling ironman and group ironman accounts.

People who are looking to save money should also take advantage of this offer.
We’ve created a graph that shows you how much more you’ll get from a Mahogany Homes plank than from a conventional construction course.

1 Regular Plank 3.1 Regular Planks
1 Oak Plank 2.9 Oak Planks
1 Teak Plank 3 Teak Planks (2.2 teak planks if using mythical capes)
1 Mahogany Plank 2.4 Mahogany Planks

What do you think of Mahogany Homes?

Mahogany Homes offers you a series of training courses that will save you money on your way to 99 construction (or whatever goal you have).

In addition, you will have access to several useful rewards.

Now Mahogany Homes obviously has a slower rate of experience than regular construction training (although still pretty good).

Stick to regular training if you can afford it.

If you are interested in finding out how to reach 99 construction, read our 99 Construction Guide.
We reward you for supporting our community.
You gain carpenter reward points based on what tier jobs you complete on mahogany homes. The beginner jobs will yield 1 point while the expert jobs will yield 4 points. The novice and adept jobs will give you 2 and 3 points respectively.

Osrs Mahogany
Osrs Mahogany

See below for a list:

Beginner 2 points 50 80
Novice 3 points 75 120
Adept 4 points 100 160
Expert 5 points 125 200

Members of mahogany homes can use their reward points at the reward shop.

In the shop, the carpenters’ outfit is probably the most exciting prize. As with any other skilling outfit, when worn in full this outfit increases EXP by 2.5%. Approximately 2000 Carpenter reward points are required to complete the complete set.

The carpenters outfit is obtained by completing 500 jobs. Beginners would have to complete 2000 for the full outfit.

The reward shop also has an exciting item called Amy’s Saw, a tool that saves you an inventory slot when taking on Mahogany Homes. 500 reward points are needed to purchase this item.

Those with Ironman accounts will be able to purchase the ‘Supply Crate’ reward for 25 points, which contains everything from planks to bars to trusses!

supply crate reward for mahogany homes osrs Supply Crate 25 Gives you random construction supplies. (great for ironman)
amys saw reward for mahogany homes osrs Amy’s Saw 500 Gives no additional boosts but is equippable so it saves an inventory slot.
plank sack reward for mahogany homes osrs Plank Sack 350 Gives you 28 EXTRA plank spots in your inventory.
hosidius blueprints reward for mahogany homes osrs Hosidius Blueprints 2000 Gives your house a Hosidius-style makeover.
carpenters helmet reward for mahogany homes osrs Carpenter’s Helmet 400 Part of the Carpenters’ set (2.5% for full set). Helmet gives 0.4% construction exp boost.
carpenters-shirt reward for mahogany homes osrs Carpenter’s Shirt 800 Part of the Carpenters’ set (2.5% for full set). Shirt gives 0.8% construction exp boost.
carpenters trousers reward for mahogany homes osrs Carpenter’s Trousers 600 Part of the Carpenters’ set (2.5% for full set). Boots give 0.6% construction exp boost.
carpenters boots reward for mahogany homes osrs Carpenters’ Boots 200 Part of the Carpenters’ set (2.5% for full set). Boots give 0.2% construction exp boost.

The fastest and most efficient way to build mahogany homes
You can learn construction at Mahogany Homes using the most efficient method.

Conditions: Mahogany Homes must meet the following requirements to be the most efficient:

  • Diplomacy with the Lunars has been completed
  • by the magic of 67
  • A high level of agility is recommended
  • for teleportation tablet construction (ironmen) 50 and above
  • You should have your POH in Hosidius
  • Jewelery piece that teleports you close to a bank, such as the Ring of Dueling or Xeric’s Talisman

Setup of the gear
Get a 2.5% experience boost by wearing the Carpenters’ Outfit or Full Graceful.

If you wish to speak with NPCs, bring your staff.

Setup of the inventory

  • rune pouch (for contact runes with NPCs)
  • Tablets for teleporting to: Ardougne, Varrock, Falador, and the House (if you possess Xeric’s Talisman, you don’t need them).
  • 1 pair of steel bars (for some houses).
  • Hammer and saw
  • any type of wood plank you can think of, based on your construction skill level.
  • If you have a plank sack with 28 planks, that would be great.


  1. Reach out to Amy via NPC contact.
  2. Complete their furniture by teleporting there.
  3. Take a cup of tea from the homeowner (this will help you recover from your run).
  4. Travel to the bank via teleport.
  5. Contact NPC Amy to find out about your next job.
  6. The cycle continues!


The guide to Mahogany Homes for OSRS is now complete.

Building these homes has become a lot easier and cheaper. It is no longer necessary to use conventional construction training methods like ripping out furniture and reassembling it.

Everyone interested in learning construction should give mahogany homes a shot, as it is both cheaper than other methods and has pretty high experience rates.

As soon as possible, Ironman players should switch to Mahogany Homes to save supplies and money.

You can view FlippingOldSchools video about the update.

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