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Old school Runescape (osrs) Osrs Hallowed players can now quickly train agility using the hallowed sepulcher agility course, which takes the top spot from the rooftop agility courses.

You will find all the information you need to know in this osrs agility guide for the hallowed sepulcher.

Osrs Hallowed
Osrs Hallowed

The Path To Getting There
The new area of Darkmeyer is home to the Holy Sepulchre. Your Drakan’s medallion, which you received from the quest Sins of the Father, is the key to getting here the first time you visit.

The Hallowed Sepulchre agility course cannot be accessed without Sins of the Father.

There is also a reward shop where you can purchase Hallowed Crystal Shards that can be used to teleport directly into the hallowed sepulcher lobby

Does Hallowed Sepulchre Have Specific Requirements?

A minimum of 52 agility is required to participate in the Agile Course at the Hallowed Sepulchre, although it’s recommended that you have at least 72 agility as a starting point. As such, you should do agility rooftop courses until then. If you would like more information on agility rooftop courses, see our osrs agility guide.

Hallowed Sepulchre can also be accessed by completing Sins of the Father.

A Brief Overview Of The Hallowed Sepulchre Agility Course

Old school Runescape does not have an agility course like the hallowed Sepulchre.

It either sparks love or rage in the player community.

Hallowed sepulchre takes an entirely different approach to agility courses compared to regular courses that simply require you to follow the path and click around.

Getting to the next obstacle doesn’t just involve clicking. The obstacles must be avoided by you. Completing a floor of the Hallowed Sepulchre requires a considerable degree of skill and there is certainly a learning curve.

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Osrs Hallowed
OSRS Hallowed

However, many players want to mindlessly click around which is why these players would benefit more by doing the Priffdinas course or rooftop agility course instead.

Hallowed Sepulchre is perfect for those who enjoy challenges.

The Hallowed Sepulchre Agility Process
A total of 5 floors make up this agility course and based on your level of agility, you can access one floor at a time.

Each new floor is available every 10 levels, so you begin on floor 1 at agility level 52 and reach floor 5 at agility level 92.

Theft of coffins
Each floor contains coffins which can be looted.

A chance to obtain the Ring of Endurance can be found on the fifth floor of the Grand Hallowed Coffin, which is currently worth 63M.

Each opening will result in at least 400K in loot, if you count the chance of getting the ring.
It is worth about 80K each to open a lock without considering the chances of receiving the ring.

Agility in Making Money
At present, the agility course for the Hallowed Sepulchre is the most profitable money-making method for skilling in the game, overtaking the thieving elf method.

Due to the 63 million dollar value of the Ring of Endurance (you can now average 3 million per hour), you can now do so much faster.
If you want to make 3M per hour with agility, you need at least 92 agility to reach the Grand Hallowed Coffin on floor 5 of the agility course.

The hallowed sepulcher agility course requires the following skill sets as well:

  • A thief stole 66 items
  • belonging to 54 prayers
  • with 49 magical features
  • based on 56 constructions
  • that range is 62 yards
Osrs Hallowed
Osrs Hallowed

EXP rates for the Holy Sepulchre Agility Course

According to the current knowledge, the hallowed sepulchre agility course has the following experience rate:

  • 42K over an hour at levels 52-62
  • 50K over an hour at levels 62-72
  • 60K over an hour at levels 72-82
  • 70K over an hour at levels 82-92
  • 85K over an hour at levels 92-99

From level 72 agility onwards, you will be able to train agility using the hallowed sepulcher agility course.

When they refrain from looting coffins, some players have scored as much as 100K exp per hour.

How Do You Reward Hallowed Sepulchres?
As a reward, hallowed marks can be gained by looting coffins on each floor of the hallowed Sepulchre course. You receive more marks for looting higher-level coffins. Several rewards can be obtained with these marks.

Faster completion of floors with more rewards.
The best way to get these types of rewards is to get them as soon as possible, as they will cut your time on floors drastically, increasing your hourly experience rate. The hallowed sepulchre agility course is the only place where these rewards are equippable.

  • A token that is allowed on the course adds one minute of extra time
  • Embrace the hallowed sepulchre with a wrestle that goes undefeated
  • Embrace the hallowed sepulchre with a focus that never fails to conjure portal frames
  • that speed you forward on your prayer journey
  • Prepare bridges with the hammer of the holy one never breaking
  • In case of failure, you do not take damage or lose time with the untouched ring

Compelling rewards
Besides increasing your hourly experience rate, the hallowed sepulchre also provides some nice cosmetic agility rewards, including:

  • Black dye: transforms your graceful outfit pieces into black
  • color Dark acorn: turns your pet giant squirrel into an ebony color

Osrs Guide to the Hallowed Sepulchre
The most comprehensive guide available is the hallowed sepulchre agility guide by Gnomonkey RS. It covers everything in-depth but is a bit long.

Brief summary
Hope you found this hallowed sepulchre agility guide for osrs helpful. As an alternative way to train your agility in osrs, the hallowed sepulchre agility course can be incredibly fun.

In addition, it is a great way to make money in osrs as well – starting at 92 agility, it shows to be the best skilling money maker in osrs.
It is important not to underestimate this agility course. Do not expect good experience rates in your first few attempts, as it takes a while to get the hang of it.

Learn from the summaries of the many YouTubers that cover the hallowed sepulchre by watching their osrs guides on the hallowed sepulchre.

Be sure to let us know if anything on this guide is missing so that we can fix it!

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