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Osrs Leagues Shattered Relics Everything You Need in 2022

                                 You need to know everything about OSRS League 3: Shattered Relics!

The Oldschool Team has announced Osrs Leagues 3: Shattered Relics in an August 3rd keynote following the success of Leagues 2: Trailblazers and the very first Twisted League.

You’re in luck if you missed Twisted League or Trailblazers or if you’re one of the millions who enjoyed the 2 month-long seasonal game mode!

How Do OSRS Leagues Work?

Seasonal leagues offer a similar experience to Deadman Mode in Old School Runescape.

Players start in leagues from scratch with no stats, items, or bank. Logging in with your normal osrs account is not affected, so you don’t need to worry. You do not carry over items and stats from leagues to the real game.

A league lasts for approximately two months. In League 3, it lasts for six weeks.

Osrs Leagues
Osrs Leagues

Date of release for Leagues 3: Shattered Relics:

Until January 19th, 2022, Leagues 3: Shattered Relics will be released. It is scheduled to run for six weeks, and will conclude on March 2nd.

The Old School Team sadly had to postpone Leagues 3 until early 2022 after it was originally scheduled for November 3rd of 2021.

If you are involved in Group Ironman, we apologize for the inconvenience. Prepare your AFK skills ahead of time before Leagues 3 starts!

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Our current knowledge of League of Legends 3:

Leagues 3 isn’t getting an abundance of information from Jagex in order to be fair to all party involved. If not, the more experienced players will be able to plan everything ahead and ruin the fun for those who are just getting into Leagues for the first time.

The details of Leagues 3 are as follows:

A content-locking system will replace area-locking in Leagues 3 through the use of skills, minigames, bosses, quests, and more.

Expansion Rates:
Leagues 3 will also increase your exp rate, just like DMM. League of Legends 3 has the same amount of experience as Leagues 2.

Does Leagues 3 allow trading?
As in previous versions of Leagues, no trades will be allowed in Leagues 3. It is a game mode that should be treated seriously!

Osrs Leagues
Osrs Leagues

Original game was changed in the following ways:

  • Increased XP by fivefold
  • Each account starts off with 3 skills unlocked (you can’t choose which ones you want, everyone starts out with the same skills)
  • Unlock points are required to unlock bosses and minigames
  • Around Gielinor, there are fragments of buffs

Rewards for Leagues 3 in OSRS
have carryover effects to the main game.

Reliquia hunter outfit, trophy/banner, and home teleport animation are some of the default rewards returning.
Below you will find a list of those rewards:
Various Hunter Outfits made of shattered relics
Teleport to the home of the shattered relics
under League Banner 3
Leagues 3 Trophy
I’m delighted to share with you a sneak peek into the new Leagues 3-exclusive rewards:

Pack of weapons of different types
The weapon Variety Pack is one of Leagues 3’s most exciting rewards. The following items can be slathered with the skins available in this pack:

  • Whip of the Abyss
  • Tentacle of the Abyss
  • Crossbow the Abyss
  • Book of God
  • the Mystic Robe

The screenshots below illustrate the potential of this:

In the main game, you will receive these awesome rewards as well.

When you play League of Legends 3, you’ll be able to earn multiple weapons variety packs, so you may even be able to unlock them all!
A Dwarf Multicannon ornament kit
Would you like to get rid of the old school dwarf cannon design? Absolutely! As part of the League 3 rewards, you will receive an ornament kit for your dwarf multicannon to spice it up.

Kit of Void and Elite Void ornaments
We all grind pest control for void at one point or another because of how great it is, but let’s be honest, the robes do not look great.

The Void Ornament Kit Reward in Leagues 3 will change that.

The robes alone are awesome! I can’t imagine anyone not wanting those yet.

What Leagues 3 will look like in OSRS
with restrictions
Obviously, leagues do not exist without a few restrictions!
Some parts of OSRS, such as skills and bosses, will be restricted, but you will be able to explore all of Gielinor.

The Old School team will preselect just three skills for you when you start Leagues 3.

Your progress in the league will be determined by how many unlock points you earn by completing tasks.

There will be a price difference between expensive and valuable skills.
Despite the fact that some bosses (such as ones from the Wilderness) will be available to all, more difficult bosses (such as those in raids) will be locked.

By doing so, players will have to decide for themselves what their priorities are and formulate a path for themselves.

A fragment replaces a relic.
Relics were used in previous leagues for increasing drop rates, levels, skilling, etc.

Rather than whole relics, fragments of relics are used instead. Their power is only a small part of their total power, so they are weaker than fragments. Combining fragments, however, will give you a powerful buff.

Gielinor offers a variety of ways to find these fragments such as skilling, clue scrolls, bosses, and more.

In order to encourage strategic playstyles, the number of fragments that can be activated at once is limited. Players can exchange these fragments at a bank.

There will be no inventory space taken up by fragments because they will have their own interface!

Each fragment contains:

  • At least one base effect
  • You can use these two set effects in conjunction with others to create a powerful buff

Furthermore, players will be able to customize their fragment presets.

An example fragment of what you can find in Gielinor during Leagues 3 is shown below.

Leagues 3 will not include:

  • auto-completed quests will not be included in Leagues 3.

Videos about OSRS Leagues 3
OSRS YouTubers are already working on theories for Leagues 3 to figure out what skills you will unlock at the beginning and where you are supposed to spawn. One video that shares these thoughts comes from Only Trails.

WeSkillNow has created tier lists of skills that can be helpful to you before the release of Leagues 3 in OSRS.

Leagues 3: Shattered Relics concludes our look at the game.

This article will be updated as new information becomes available. Keep your eyes peeled for the Leagues starters guide too, just like we published the group ironman guide!



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