Osrs Hunter guide

Osrs Hunter Guide 1-99 Ultimate Fastest and Profitable

                                                                      HUNTER GUIDE FOR OSRS

Hunters can make a lot of money quickly and have a lot of fun. You can find the fastest method of reaching 99 hunter in this complete OSRS Hunter Guide, along with money-making methods, fun alternatives, and more.

We have separated Hunter into two methods, since it’s very profitable at higher levels (80+). In the first way, you’ll get to 99 fast and in the second way, you’ll learn how to make money.

How to get to Puro-Puro
Impetus Impulses: How it works
Equipment and inventory recommendations
(6.4) Implingements

Osrs Hunter guide
Osrs Hunter guide

Traps for hunters
You get one additional trap for every twenty hunters levels. You should always bring as many traps as your level allows.

There is an additional trap for every hunting spot in wilderness

Hunter level Traps
1 1
20 2
40 3
60 4
80 5

Equipment for Hunters
For those of you who are ironmen, your best bet is to stick with the hunter stores around Gielinor. The hunter shops in Yanille and Nardah are currently open. The fur icon on the map indicates where they are.

Regular players simply need to buy their traps from the grand exchange.

Both hunter shops and the grand exchange will stock all of the equipment listed in this guide.

Osrs Hunter guide
Osrs Hunter guide

Bird House Runs: Active-Passive Hunter Training Method

Birdhouse runs are now used passively as a means of training hunters in Fossil Island. You can think of them as farming runs. As you train hunter, another skill, perform pvm, do some homework, or work, you can run 4 birdhouses every 50 minutes.

Can’t be there? That’s okay. You can run on your phone by setting up a 50-minute alert.


To make these runs as efficient as possible, you’ll need to set up a bank tab with the exact inventory

  • Digisite pendant (if you have a Nexus portal room, you can mount it in there too).
  • 2 logs per hunter level (type will differ).
  • Handle with care.
  • Knife.
  • At least 40 hops seeds (barley are cheapest).
  • Once clockwork (for testing).
birdhouse type crafting level hunter level hunter EXP Total run exp
Regular 5 5 280 1,120
Oak 15 14 420 1,680
Willow 25 24 560 2,240
Teak 35 34 700 2,800
Maple 45 44 820 3,280
Mahogany 50 49 960 3,840
Yew 60 59 1,020 4,080
Magic 75 74 1,140 4,560
Redwood 90 89 1,200 4,800

Why not take advantage of the good hunting, crafting and money opportunities offered by bird house runs?

The fastest way to level 99 in OSRS
Varrock Museum Quiz Levels 1 – 9
The first two levels of Hunter are quite slow, and there is no need to grind them out as you can get them by taking the Varrock museum quiz. Using Runelite will highlight the answers for you if you are using this page.

Copper Longtails levels 9 to 20


  • The Piscatoris Hunter Area is the area between the Hunter Teleport Scroll and the Fairy Ring.
  • Xeric’s talisman teleports to Xeric’s lookout by means of the Woodcutting Guild’s skills necklace.

There are 20 – 29 tropical wagtails in this group.
From the Grand Exchange, purchase the Feldip Hunter Teleport Scroll, or walk over from Castle Wars to get to the Felddip Hunter Area.

Osrs location for tropical wagtail
The Eagle’s Peak quest at level 27 is required to access box traps, so if you plan on making money from chinchompas in the future, you should take that quest. With the experience reward, you will skip two levels and be at level 29 hunter.

47 Swamp Lizards level 29.

A net trap is made with a small fishing net and a rope.
You don’t need to take them to the bank since it isn’t worth the trip


East of Canifis. In order to reach the Ancient spellbook, use the Kharyll teleport, the Slayer ring teleport, Ectophial, or fairy ring code CKS.

Osrs location for swamp lizards.
47 – 60 Orange Salamander species.
Desert robes/water skins to protect from desert heat and a small net trap with rope to catch fish

A small area just east of Shantay Pass in the Kharidian Desert is the Uzer Hunter Area. It is possible to teleport to Desert Eagle from here using the Necklace of Passage. You can purchase the necklace at the Grand Exchange.

The location of the orange salamanders in osrs
contains 60 to 70 red salamanders
using a net trap made of small fishing nets and ropes.

This area is located in Ourania, and it can be entered via the Ourania Teleport in the lunar spellbook or by using the spirit tree to teleport to the battlefield.

red salamanders location osrs
75-80/99 Black Salamander
This method can be taken all the way to 99, but it is not recommended since no money will be made and the process is tedious. Herbiboar or chinchompas would be better alternatives.

Black salamanders: how to catch them
Black salamanders can be caught with a fishing net and rope. It depends on your level of skill how many traps you set.

Black Salamanders are only found in the Boneyard Hunter Area in the Wilderness. Alternatively, you can run north from Varrock or use the burning amulet teleport.

Location of Back Salamanders in OSRS.
Level 80-99 Herboar Hunting.

You need to complete Bone Voyage Quest

A fun way to train hunter is to chase herbivores around the island by using herbiboard running, which came with fossil island. It allows you to earn up to 140K hunter experience while earning 200K hourly profit.

You can track herbivores on the island by inspecting rocks, mushrooms or logs. This will automatically be highlighted in the cyan boxes if you are using run elite)


  • Wonderful
  • magical secateurs
  • on the herb sack (for slayers and tithe farmers)
  • potions of strength

The herb bag

The tithe farm mini-game will let you earn 250 points or 750 slayer reward points for the herb sack. As an alternative to 750 slayer points, the Tithe Farm is highly recommended. It is also possible to note your herbs at nearby leprechauns if you do not wish to get a herb sack.

Hourly profit
Around 200K gp per hour is possible depending on your level of herblore

EXP Rate
of a hunter is 130K per hour

Hunter: 5 to 13K per hour

Moneymaking Methods for OSRS Hunters
Level 80 – 99 in Red Chinchompas

In order to reach 99 hunter, red Chinchompas are a nice money-making method. By the time you reach level 80, all five traps will be unlocked, allowing you to earn approximately 900K gold per hour. All you have to do is find a place to place them. Several players prefer black salamanders and herbiboars over red chinchompas as they are camped by bots and players.

900K/hour profit:


  • The area of Feldip Hills (fairy ring code A K S) is also popular
  • A Western Hard Diary is required to enter the red chinchompa hunting ground, which has the least amount of bots.

80 – 99 Black Chinchompas

Consequently, red chinchompas are more commonly used for hunting black chinchompas, which cannot be done outside. Pkers tend to camp on black chinchompa spots, which makes red chinchompa profits easier and less stressful.

It is best to wear tank gear like D’hide if you intend on trying black chinchompas.

Hourly profit: 1.2M per hour (without including expenses associated with being pked).

It’s impossible to catch Black Chinchompas anywhere else but in the wilderness. You will find them near the Lava Maze to the southeast. Teleporting here with the burning amulet is the fastest way. The wilderness obelisk is another option.

A Mini-Game based on Puro Puro

Osrs’s hunter skill has its own mini-game, as it does with other skills. A mini-game called Puro-puro (actually called Impetuous Impulses) may be accessed from Zanaris. Access may be gained after completing the quest Lost City.

Puro-Puro requires at least 17 hunters so you can catch the first impling, but it’s recommended to have at least 50 hunters before coming here.

As well as having 50/79 magic, it is recommended that you use snares and tangles to catch the implings.

How to get to Puro-Puro
The wheat field in Zanaris is home to Pure-Pure. You will need your Dramen Staff from the Lost City Quest to reach this point. Go to the abandoned shack located in the Lumbridge swamp. If you have completed the Fairy Ring Part 1 quest, you can use fairy ring code BKS.

Workings of Impetuos Impulses
The Impling Jars and a butterfly net are all you need to play Impetuous Impulses. You will catch Implings throughout this mini-game until your jars are full, then you will back them and continue. Please watch this video guide on the pure-puro mini-game if you’re looking for strategies:

Gear and inventory recommendations

  • for armors that reduce weight (preferable graceful)
  • You can purchase the magic butterfly net outside the mini-game by paying Elnock 3 gourmet jars, 2 earth jars, and 1 essence jar found on the great exchange.
  • Getting there should be easy thanks to the Dramen staff.
  • Jars of immolation
  • containing rune pouches for entangle and snare

The best way to earn the most profit from your impling jars is to sell them at the grand exchange after catching them. Unless you have the Lucky Impling Jar, all impling jars are tradeable with the exception of the clue scroll drop table (non-hard).

Hunter Level Impling Profit/Imp
17 Baby Impling 2K
22 Young Impling 2.5K
28 Gourmet Impling 2.6K
36 Earth Impling 2K
42 Essense Impling 2.3K
50 Eclectic Impling 3.5K
58 Nature Impling 3.3K
65 Magpie Impling 21.5K
74 Ninja Impling 30K
83 Dragon Impling 340K
89 Lucky Impling Clue Scroll Reward

This OSRS hunter guide hopefully proved helpful to you. Browse our other guides for more skilling info.

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