osrs combat training guide

Osrs Combat Training Guide 1- 99 Complete in 2021

As I talk about gear and weaponry within the scope of article Osrs Combat training guide, you will learn how the bonus system works, and what types of items you should focus on getting. On the next page, I will discuss the most effective training methods in osrs combat level. The end of this article will include a summary of bossing and pets.

Bonuses and levels begin at the top. Old School Runescape revolves around accuracy, which correlates with everything in the game osrs combat guide. There are no changes to your hitting power, but your frequency of hitting will increase. Additionally, you gain more Attack bonus from wearing more weapons as your Attack level increases.

Osrs Combat training guide 1-99 in 2021

There is no change to your accuracy as your strength level solely changes your Max Hit. A higher Strength level allows you to wear extra weapons, and your bonus comes primarily from your weapons. As well as increasing your Attack and Strength bonuses, there is gear that does this as well.

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You are less likely to get hit if you have a high Defence level. You still take the maximum number of hits regardless of what changes. You are also able to wear more armor as you increase your Defence level, which means you will be easier to hit with clothing of a higher level.

osrs combat training guide
osrs combat training guide

Defending yourself against melee attacks

Is attacking in osrs different from other actions?

By upgrading your attack you’ll access higher-level weapons and will be more accurate in strength training osrs

What if you choose strength?

A higher MAX HIT means more damage for you melee training osrs.

OSR game: how does defense work?

If you level up your defense, your chance of getting hit by opponents or monsters will decrease. Therefore, max damage will decrease but not accuracy. As well as higher-level armor, you have a better chance of avoiding attacks.

Do you need to train melee in any particular order?
In melee training, the defense should not be looked at as a priority since it doesn’t affect your max hit or accuracy. Your accuracy and damage are affected by your strength and attack, so you should always prioritize them.
Training in OSRS is best suited to weapons
The rapid leveling of scimitars makes them appealing to many players.
Level 1 attack Iron Scimitar
Level 5 attack Steel Scimitar
Level 10 attack Black Scimitar
Level 20 attack Mithril Scimitar
Level 30 attack Adamant Scimitar
Level 40 attack Brine Sabre / Rune Scimitar
The Brine Sabre gives a +2 str & attack bonus at level 40 when compared to the Rune Scimitar. Rune scimitar should be used by F2P players for training their combat all the way up to max strength.
osrs combat training guide
osrs combat training guide

Granite Weaponry – Level 50 – 60

Above 50 attacks, granite and leaf-bladed sword are the best weapons for p2p combat training osrs
When members reach level 50, they will use granite weapons. The granite hammer is better but more expensive than the longsword, but the longsword is easier to operate.

It is superior to the granite hammer at level 50, but you must have 55 slayers to equip the leaf-bladed sword. Ironmen usually choose leaf-bladed swords over granite weapons, since they are far easier to procure.

A Dragon Weaponry level 60-70
A dragon sword or dragon scimitar are the best weapons for combat training over 60 years old
Level 60 is when you should train with dragon weapons, particularly with dragon scimitars. You can choose the dragon sword over the dragon longsword instead if you do not wish to complete Monkey Madness.
Between the 70th and the 99th level
Measuring attack levels over 70 is ideal for melee
Abyssal whips, bludgeons, daggers, and swords can be obtained once you reach level 70.
When you reach level 75 you will have unlocked the Ghrazi Rapier, the best weapon in your slot for enhancing your attacking, strengthening, and defending abilities all the way to the maximum.
It is best to train combat from level 75 and up with the Ghazi Rapier and Avian Defender. Obviously, most players will not have the option of purchasing this combo, so they should instead train with the abyssal whip in dragon defender (for attack and defense) or with the blessed Saradomin sword in any other abyssal weapon (for strength training).
Armor for the battlefield: best in class osrs training attack
Challenges for training in combat
Training your combat in Osrs is no different. Quests often provide a more efficient training path. A few quests in the game can boost your strength, attack, and defense instantly.
Waterfall Quest 13,750 attack/strength exp
Fight Arena 12,175 attack exp
Tree Gnome Village 11,450 attack exp
The Grand Tree 18,400 attack exp
Holy Grail 15,300 defence exp
Dragon Slayer 18,650 strength/defence exp
osrs combat training guide
osrs combat training guide

Most Efficient Way To Train Melee

So what is the most efficient way to rain your melee in osrs? The most efficient path always starts with the waterfall quest.

Waterfall Quest: 1 – 30 levels of strength and attack

Completing the Waterfall Quest will instantly raise your strength and attack levels to 30. A fresh account in osrs p2p melee trainingcan be created in this way.

Crabs level thirty – sixty or seventy

Crabs are the enemies you should be facing from levels 30 to 70. A high number of hitpoints, not very high damage and aggressive attacks are the characteristics of these enemies. AFKing them doesn’t pose a threat.

Rock crabs can be fought in Relekka although this is pretty abandoned these days. Sand crabs can be trained in Hosidius since they are more efficient.

In addition to sand crabs, players can tackle ammonite crabs on Fossil Island after completing Bone Voyage.

The Slayer level range is 60/70 – 99

By doing slayer alongside your combat training, you can practice old-school Runescape and improve your combat skills. You will not receive the highest combat training EXP rate using this method, but it will be a more efficient style of play, especially if you wish to max your account.

If you plan to access the Chaeldar slayer master, it’s best to wait until 70 combat. The weapons and armor will also be better at 70 combat.

At these combat levels, the learning slayer will be slow.

The Nightmare Zone is found at levels 60/70 – 99
A player base that is a great deal less fond of the nightmare zone is the old-school Runescape crowd. This is due to the fact that combat is too easy. Yep, you read that correctly, the nightmare zone can be trained 100% without logging in.

In other words, the nightmare zone is the best place to practice your combat moves while watching NetFlix, playing on an alternate account, or doing your homework or work attack guide osrs.

At least five quest bosses must be unlocked to access the nightmare zone. There are three outstanding quest bosses in the nightmare zone:

  • Los Angeles
  • Arena of combat
  • Village of Tree Gnomes
  • Slaying vampires
  • Tree of Life

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