What are bumper balls?

They go by many names, such as bumper balls, bubble balls, and human hamster balls.  Here is everything you need to know, regardless of whether your child enjoys playing bumper ball soccer. Even though being encased in enormous inflated plastic balls bouncing and crashing appears to be pleasant, one local woman seems to have a warning tale to share. In this article, you will get everything about What bumper ball are. So keep reading!

How Old Must Children Be to Use Bumper Balls?

Regarding bumper ball safety, there are no rules that are widely acknowledged. Most businesses renting out bumper balls or organizing bumper ball activities establish an age restriction of no less than eight years.

Since the bulk of adult bumpers balls weighs in the neighborhood of 20 pounds, a younger youngster might find it challenging to play in one. Children’s bumper balls are lighter but have a weight limit of over 10 pounds.

How safe are inflatable bumper balls?

When employing bumper balls, there is a possibility of harm, especially for all those who are noisier and clash more violently.

  • If your youngsters want to play using bumper balls, use the hooks and the harness inside the ball.
  • Only engage in play on soft surfaces, like grass or sand.
  • Never let children play close to anything that might cause them to fall and get a head injury, including walls, curbs, rocky terrain, and other similar objects.
  • An adult is always watching the bumping and is prepared to step in if things get out of hand. Are our inflatable bumper balls safe?
  • There is a chance of injury while using bumper balls, especially for individuals who are rowdier and collide more fiercely
  • Use the hooks and harness inside the ball if your kids are going to play with bumper balls.
  • The bumping is continually observed by an adult who is capable of intervening if it gets out of hand. 
  • Use the bumper ball completely as directed by the manufacturer.


How do I pick the most OK kids’ inflatable bumper ball?

You should consider four important things when purchasing an inflatable bumper ball.


Since you are purchasing the ball for safety, safety should be the first and most important thing you consider. Your choice of the inflatable bumper ball should offer your children the highest level of protection.

Be aware that safety doesn’t only mean your children are shielded from injury when they fall or bump against anything.

A particular fragrance may be present in some inflatable bumper balls. Your children may feel queasy or ill after inhaling this plastic odor. Therefore, selecting an odorless ball is crucial.


The second most important factor is the ball’s substance. Most bumper balls are constructed of vinyl or PVC, occasionally in conjunction with rubber. These materials provide safety and are incredibly robust and long-lasting.


We are confident that you don’t want to invest in an inflatable bumper ball that will after hours of use. Therefore, we advise you to get a bumper ball with a longer lifespan.

Putting extra money into an investment will yield better returns than purchasing disposable, low-quality balls every other week.

Easy of use

you to get a comfortable-feeling inflatable bumper ball. It should be simple to use for your children to enjoy their playing time.


This bumper is unquestionably among the strongest. However, each product we tested is worthwhile for testing out. Each provides something somewhat unique from the other.

 The younger family members can benefit from more petite child-size bumper balls, but your children may outgrow them very fast because they are only suitable for a specific weight range. 

Additionally, there is no possibility that you will get to use one after the children have gone to sleep.

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