Visiting Antakya

     It is so amazing to have a chance to travel around the world. Traveling around the world gives so many benefits such as meeting new people, getting new feelings, learning about new cultures, and tasting cuisines. Everything will provide your body with a huge amount of adrenaline. Another way to feel the adrenaline is to test your luck at a real money casino and try to win your first jackpot.  

    Turkey has lots of amazing cities and towns to visit. All of them are different and grant you amazing feelings. Traveling to the south of Turkey is impossible without visiting an interesting city. That city is Antakya, the capital of Hatay province. This is a real Eldorado for lovers of the ancient Romans, archaeological museums, and ancient monuments.

      Where to Start? 

      It is worth starting the journey from the historical church of St. Peter. It is a sacred place for pilgrims, carved into the rocks of Mount Starius. This church was one of the first from where Christianity spread throughout the world and where the adherents of the faith were first called Christians. Saint Peter himself preached Christianity in Antioch, on the territory of modern Hatay. The temple has not survived in its original form, but the Christian community has kept the cave church and the hillside altar largely intact, with several restorations. By the way, Pope Paul VI declared it a place of pilgrimage in 1963.

    Another amazing place to visit is the Hatay Archaeological Museum. It is known for its extensive collection of mosaics from the Roman and Byzantine eras, covering the period from the 1st century AD to the 5th century BC.

    Mosaics were discovered in the suburbs of Daphne (now Harbie) in Roman villas on the Mediterranean coast and in the Taurus Mountains by archaeologists at Princeton University in the early decades of the 20th century. Even a month is not enough to view and study all the exhibits in 19 halls.

    In addition to mosaics, the museum displays Roman sculptures, pottery, and ancient handicrafts. A place of honor in the collection is occupied by Roman sarcophagi. 


       Of course, in this southernmost region of Turkey, you should try the most famous meat pie. That is the kagit kebab which is sometimes called the meat-in-meat pie, or apricot pie.

     In a small cozy restaurant Mualla, dinner will be accompanied by musicians performing old national Turkish songs.

    The Konak restaurant also leaves a strong impression. It hosts guests in one of the largest mansions in Antakya, rebuilt after a strong earthquake in 1872. Restoration work, which began in 2013, was completed after two years of painstaking work while maintaining the historic texture and fine woodwork of the house. The unanimous verdict of our team is delicious!

    While waiting for kebabs try Antioch’s signature pastry called kaytaz boregi. That is savory patties with minced meat, onion, and a little red pepper paste. 

    We strongly advise you to visit Turkey and you will return every year. 


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