Visiting Adana 

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     One of the most unpromoted regions of Turkey is Adana. This is a complete off-season story that does not require you to set up for summer and beach holidays.


     We came to this southern region at the invitation of the Industry Council of the Turkish Fresh Vegetables and Fruits Exporters Association. So part of the trip lay to the spurs of the Taurus Mountains, in the valleys of which the famous sweet citrus fruits are grown here. There are lots of tangerines, oranges, and lemons.

      Of course, in Adana, one cannot miss Turkey’s largest six-minaret Sabancı Mosque. It rises above the city and is visible from almost every district. Covered with gold leaf, in white marble, the mosque adequately decorates the city. Entrance is free, but for women, of course, separate. The mosque is located on the Seyhan River next to Merkez Park. Like many other buildings and businesses in the city, the mosque was built by the largest philanthropist Sakip Sabanci.

     Well, for shopping for nuts, coffee, and spices, and just for new impressions, go to the ancient Kazancilar Bazaar. Here you can buy copper plates, jewelry, handmade rugs, and, of course, Turkish coffee. Everywhere you need to wear a mask, and it is more convenient to pay with Turkish lira.


      If you are relaxing somewhere nearby, dinner at the Capa restaurant (Kapa) with a picturesque view of the Seyhan River will seem to you the main decoration of the trip.

The menu includes traditional dishes and focuses on sea fish – fresh, local. Traditional Turkish meze snacks are served as appetizers.

      The second restaurant, Kebapci Mesut, is famous for the brand’s longest kebab which is Adana kebabı. In general, Adana is one of the most kebab cities in the country.

      But the signature long kebab is made with minced lamb and fat tail fat mixed together with garlic, onion, paprika, and hot red pepper flakes, giving it a dark red color and a spicy flavor. This very long Adana kebab is first fried on a wide iron spit and then grilled on an open grill. The specificity and skill of local chefs are reflected in the sign of the restaurant. It is proudly adorned with the image of the signature long kebab.


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