Visiting Adana 

Traveling around the world is one of the most fascinating hobbies. Such a hobby opens the world’s secrets and shares lots of new emotions. You are able to see how people around the world live, communicate with them, taste different cuisine, and learn about new cultures. Though, sometimes the trip to the desired country might …

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Visiting Antakya

     It is so amazing to have a chance to travel around the world. Traveling around the world gives so many benefits such as meeting new people, getting new feelings, learning about new cultures, and tasting cuisines. Everything will provide your body with a huge amount of adrenaline. Another way to feel the adrenaline is to …

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How much does it Cost to Get Citizenship in Montenegro?

Montenegro is small in size, but it has a big heart, with friendly, welcoming people, simply stunning mountains, and picturesque beaches. Montenegrin Citizenship Expenses:  The minimum investment amount for Montenegrin citizenship (passport) in 2022 is typically greater than €370,000. Contribution to the Government Fund – Minimum of €100,000 Purchase Real Estate/Property – Invest in Projects …

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Andy Warhol Education and Career

Andy Warhol, one of his era’s most famous and successful artists, combined avant-garde and intensely commercial sensibilities. Andy Warhol, a veteran illustrator, and publisher, became famous in the 1960s as a leading Pop art figure. He experimented with various artistic mediums, including writing, filmmaking, video installations, and performance art, controversially merging fine art and popular …

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