Osrs Making Money with Fletching

Osrs Making Money with Fletching 1-99 Complete Guide 2021

In our Osrs Making Money guide, we outlined the fastest ways to 99 fletchings, but now it’s time to explore some of the most profitable ways to make money through fletching.

It isn’t until level 55 that fletching becomes profitable. It will cost you a tiny amount of money before it becomes profitable. You’re looking at around 30K if you decide to use our fletching guide’s method of cutting unstrung bows.

As fletching is a fast skill, you can get to level 55 in as little as 2.5 hours, even with the slowest and cheapest method.

Getting experience by stringing bows is the most profitable way to make money with fletching, even more, profitable than cutting unstrung bows. Due to the faster stringing process and the need to make both bowstrings and unstrung bows, 14 bows can only be stored in an inventory.

Stringing bows is not feasible, but it is possible to cut unstrung bows. You can use either method, but if you’re looking to earn some money and level fast, a string is a great option.

These are the string methods you need to use between 55 and 99.

Osrs Making Money

Longbows strung with Maple: 194K
Level of fletching required: 55

hours of experience: 140 hours

The profit per hour of stringing Yew Longbows is 182K
and the requirement for fletching is 70

hours of experience: 180K

A magic longbow can be strung at 225K per hour
required fletching level: 85
experience per hour: 220K

You will earn 194K for an hour of work when selling the grand exchange. Once they are sold, players may high-alch them. Those who do so earn an additional 80K magic experience per hour.

Alching the price of a magic longbow can be profitable or costly depending on the market, so for the extra magic experience, it’s definitely worthwhile.

Osrs Making Money

If you haven’t already, you owe it to yourself to learn how to fletch. Everyone should train fletching since it is fast and profitable.

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