Osrs Agility Guide

Osrs Agility Guide 1-99 Complete Guide in 2021

Despite its monotony and slowness, Osrs Agility Guide offers a variety of benefits. Your running energy will be permanently boosted as you advance through the levels. There are a few alternative ways to train agility in OSRS besides agility courses. In order to gain benefit from the Graceful Set, you will need your rooftop courses in order to gather Marks.

When the rooftop courses became available, agility became more accessible, especially at a lower level. Using rooftop courses is the fastest method of reaching 99 in this OSRS Agility Guide. Alternatives will also be discussed. Navigate to the level you’re at using the below navigation.

Only agility can be considered a true passive ability in old-school Runescape. Having a high agility level is extremely beneficial to your account as your run will restore a lot faster.
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Those of you who have ever created an ALT account will know how slowly the run energy actually replenishes on such an account. Your run energy increases by 5-10% for every seven agility levels you reach. Once you reach agility level 50, you are already experiencing twice as much energy regeneration as you do at level 1.
Osrs Agility Guide
Osrs Agility Guide
The training of agility will also allow you to unlock various shortcuts around Gielinor, as well as increase the speed by which your run will restore once you have elegant clothing. This makes agility a very important skill to learn in old-school Runescape since it’s very important to get around quickly.

Quests recommended for Osrs Agility Guide

You do not need to mess around with lower-level courses to gain agility if you complete these low-requirement quests before we get started with the OSRS Agility Guide.
Traps for tourists 
A level 47 leveling up requirement, 10 fletchings, and 20 smithing are the only requirements for this quest. You are not granted agility experience directly on completion of this quest, but you are rewarded with two lamps, allowing you to raise your agility level all the way to 26.
Trees of the Great Forest
The grant tree can be done right after finishing the tourist trap. Quest reward: 7,900 experience points giving level 32 status when you kill level 172 Black Demon (safe spot possible). The only requirement is to have 25 agility.

Grades 1-10 – Gnome Agility

The first 32 Agility levels can be skipped if you complete the questline before beginning your training. After completing Recruitment Drive, The Tourist Trap (use your reward tomes on Agility), and The Grand Tree in order, you will be able to jump directly to level 32 in Agility: A lot of experience can be gained from completing these quests in order. For account types that can complete these quests, it is a good idea to use this method.

Osrs Agility Guide
Osrs Agility Guide

You cannot skim over these quests, or complete them if you are not a Skiller (like a PKer). At the Tree Gnome Stronghold northwest of Ardougne, repeat this course until you reach level 10.

The Draynor Rooftop is located on levels 10-20

Using Rooftop courses will be your main training strategy going forward. Draynor Rooftop is the first location. The fall damage you take may require you to eat some food depending on your Hitpoints level. Many of these courses can also be improved by purchasing the Regen Brace. You will start receiving Marks of Grace while training at random from this point on. It will be extremely useful later if you pick up everything you find.

The Varrock Rooftop is located between 30 and 40 levels

We will now train for agility at Varrock. If you chose to do the recommended quests mentioned at the beginning, we will use this course from levels 30 through 40. There is a lot of material in this course, but it is easily mastered. When you have more than 20 Hitpoints, you don’t have to supply food. Be sure you continue to collect Marks of Grace as usual.

Canifis Rooftop, Levels 40-60 (or 47/52)

In the next installment of our Rooftop adventure, we will learn about Canifis. There are a few different ways you can train your Agility depending on what you prefer. Marks of Grace are available between levels 40-60 of Canifis. I recommend sticking here for these levels if you aim to become fully Graceful.

The Wilderness Agility Course levels 52 – 60

The wilderness agility course osrs is the best place to train agility between levels 52 and 62
The course does not offer any marks of excellence, but it is still the best experience per hour for students at this level.
Avoid taking too much damage here by keeping your HP as low as possible. Due to the damage this course deals, you are advised to bring food. A pie is a good choice. There are rare instances of people showing up on this course because it is located in the wilderness. Being as light as possible is the best way to avoid risking anything.

A course that covers levels 60 to 72 at the Seers Village Rooftop

Agility training should be done on the seers’ village course from levels 60-72
It is recommended to keep a Camelot teleport with you on this course if you wish to get the best experience per hour. You will gain experience faster by traveling back to Camelot after you have completed the course every time.
Osrs Agility Guide
Osrs Agility Guide

Pollnivneach Rooftop Course Levels 70 to 80

In old school Runescape, agility training was done on Pollnivneach rooftop agility course
Below is our Hallowed Sepulchre section where you can experience agility training at its fastest.
  • 53K/hr Experiment Rate
  • It will take approximately 23.5 hours to reach 80
  • The number of graces per hour is 13
Course on the roof of Pollnivneach:
In Pollnivneach, a desert city is the Pollnivneach rooftop course. Ali Morrissane will take you here for 200gp if you use her carpet. If you prefer, you can choose Pollnivneach as the location of your player-owned house.

Rellekka Rooftop Course, Levels 80 to 90

SRPS roof top course guide Relekka
60K/hr Experimentation Rate
The approximate time it takes to reach 90 is 61 hours
During the hour, there are 16 marks of grace
Course location on the rooftops of Relekka
With your enchanted lyre, you can teleport to Relekka if you have completed the Fremennik Trials. The player-owned house can also be linked to Relekka for easy travel. From Seers’ Village, you can teleport to Camelot and then walk north.

The Ardougne Rooftop is located on levels 90-99

We’re getting closer and closer to the prized skill cape! The course will allow you to earn roughly 62k xp/hr while profiting a great deal. You will earn 25% more Marks of Grace here if you complete the Ardougne Elite Diary before beginning here.

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