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Familiar With Only Formal and Informal Essays? Have a Look at 5 More Types

As a student, you may come across writing different types of essays. Writing any kind of essay is crucial to academic success. Appropriate knowledge is vital to draft a perfect piece of paper.

You all have been learning since childhood to write essays. It is a regular task, and is a means even to test your knowledge in college applications.

You might have come across situations where a professor assigns a task, and feel perplexed in choosing from a dozen essay types. There are four types of essays other than formal and informal, and the number is more manageable. An essay help ensures that you become potent in choosing appropriate type.

Argumentative and Expository essays consist of factual information and clear arguments. On the other hand, Narrative and Descriptive essays give you the authority to write engagingly and creatively express your ideas and thoughts. If you are a university student, the most common type of essay you have come across is an argumentative essay.

4 Common Essay Types

Narrative Essay

A narrative essay focuses on presenting the real-life experience of a writer’s story. While it sounds easy to present experiences, brilliant thinking process is required.

While writing a narrative essay, an author should depict the story for best engagement. In addition, a writer must use first-person “I” to grab the reader’s attention.

Including “I” in the essay is to make any reader feel part of the story. A well-written essay will always consist of a personal statement in the end.

Points to Remember

Guidelines to abide by for writing a narrative essay

  • Engage with the reader by initiating conversation in the essay to give the reader a more realistic experience.
  • Follow proper structure to keep the reader stick till the end.
  • Remember to give importance to every character, introduction, and even conclusion.

All factors-when put to use, allows to present a commendable narrative essay.

Descriptive Essay

Similar to the narrative essay, you could use good words to create a picture in the reader’s mind. You can describe a person, place, memory, or even any item. It does not mean that the sole purpose is increasing the length of the essay because it is a narrative essay. Instead it means that every sentence should convey a broader meaning.

Points to Remember

Guidelines to abide by for writing a descriptive essay

  • Collect information
  • Decide the theme
  • Write the introduction
  • Write the body that entails a deeper meaning
  • Conclude in the last
  • Embed lively language which engrosses the reader

Argumentative Essay

An argumentative essay requires a thesis statement- with a solid perspective on a particular subject. Your motive is to influence the reader in your favor by providing valuable pieces of evidence.

This type of essay is prevalent in colleges. For example, an undergraduate student knows that major papers include argumentation.

Points to Remember

Guidelines to abide by for writing an argumentative essay

  • A well-structured thesis statement
  • Body supporting a thesis statement
  • A persuasive conclusion

Expository Essay

An expository essay illustrates a balanced overview of a topic. You have to use facts and examples in favour of the topic chosen. A genre of essay where a student has to investigate on a topic and present their argument in a clear manner.

Points to Remember  

Guidelines to abide by for writing an expository essay

  • Frame the structure
  • Start with it
  • Keep your sole focus on clarity

Now that you are well-versed with different types of essays, there should be no scope of queries. Start today, and still feel that there is insufficient knowledge, seek essay help. 

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