Can I Use Concealer Instead of BB Cream

Can I Use Concealer Instead of BB Cream? 

When it comes to cosmetics and other items for personal grooming, there are a wide variety of options available, each of which fulfills a particular need. The capacity of certain products, including BB cream and concealer, to create a flawless complexion has contributed to the items’ meteoric rise in popularity in recent years. 


When it comes to putting on makeup, anti aging bb cream and concealer are frequently seen as necessities. BB cream, which is an abbreviation for either “blemish balm” or “beauty balm,” is a multipurpose product that combines light coverage with the advantages of skincare. On the other hand, concealer is a highly pigmented product that is designed to cover particular flaws, such as dark bags under the eyes, pimples, and redness.

What BB Cream Is Designed to Do

BB cream is a multipurpose product that gives the skin a natural-looking, translucent tint while also providing extra benefits including protection from the sun, hydration, and even anti-aging effects in some cases. Those individuals who are looking for a finish that is more natural and dewy but does not have the weight of traditional foundation should definitely choose this option.

The Importance of Using Concealer

When you need to cover specific areas, concealer is like a magic wand that appears from nowhere to save the day. It does an excellent job of concealing blemishes, such as stubborn dark circles beneath the eyes, annoying pimples, and any other blemishes or imperfections that you want to cover up.

The Arguments for and Against Skipping BB Cream


You can cut down on the amount of time you spend on your cosmetic regimen by sticking to just using concealer.

Concealer, which is lighter than BB cream, gives you the feeling that your skin can breathe more easily.

Personalizable: You can select the areas of your face where you want covered and the areas where you want your natural skin to shine through.

Concealer’s Role in Achieving a More Natural Look

Using just concealer effectively requires you to get a natural and even-toned appearance over your face. First, ensure that your face is clean and well-moisturized, and then use a very small amount of concealer to cover any areas that require it. To get a flawless look, blend the product softly with a cosmetic sponge or your fingertip.

Instructions on How to Omit BB Cream and Rely Solely on Concealer

Prepare Your Skin:

 Before applying any kind of makeup, you should first wash, tone, and moisturize your face.

Apply Concealer:

Use a small amount of concealer to dab on problem areas, such as beneath the eyes, behind the nose, and wherever else you have blemishes.

Blend Well: 

To achieve a natural transition between covered and uncovered regions, blend the edges of the concealer in a soft and gentle manner.

Using Powder to Set Concealer:

 If you want to make sure that your concealer does not move about, choose a powder that is transparent.

Putting on the Finishing Touches:

 To finish your makeup look, use the eye and lip products that you like most.

How to Choose the Appropriate Concealer Color

The importance of picking the right concealer color cannot be overstated. Choose a tint that is somewhat lighter than your natural skin tone to conceal dark circles beneath the eyes. Choose a shade that is an identical match to either your foundation or your skin if you want to cover blemishes.

Suggestions for a Finish That Will Last a Long Time

Use a cosmetic primer to create a smooth canvas for your concealer by following the instructions on the packaging.

The layering technique involves first applying a very light coat of concealer, blending it in, and then applying more coats as necessary.

Setting Spray: To seal in your makeup and extend its wear, set it with a setting spray before applying any finishing touches.

Taking Care Of Your Particular Skin Concerns

Before using your standard concealer, you might want to consider using a color-correcting concealer on certain imperfections, such as dark spots or redness. A green concealer can be used to counteract redness, and a peach or orange concealer can be used to combat dark spots.

Combining the Use of Primer and Concealer in Makeup

If you use a makeup primer before applying concealer, you may help create a flat surface, which makes blending the concealer much simpler and ensures that your makeup won’t move during the course of the day.

Acceptance of Your Own Exceptional Charm

Always keep in mind that applying makeup is a kind of self-expression, and because of this, there is no universally applicable method. Embrace the one-of-a-kind qualities you were born with and select a makeup look that allows you to feel secure and at ease.

Improving Eye and Lip Makeup Without the Use of BB Cream

If you start with a simple foundation, you can let your eye and lip makeup take center stage. For a striking appearance, try using some eyeshadows with a lot of color or lipsticks with a lot of vibrancy.


To summarize, whether you should forgo BB cream and rely solely on concealer is, in the end, determined by your own preferences as well as the overall appearance you are going for. Both products come with their own distinct set of benefits, and you may choose the one that is best suited to your routine based on the requirements of your appearance. It is important to keep in mind that makeup is only a tool that can be used to enhance your natural beauty; whether you like to go natural or wear a full face of it, the decision is completely up to you.

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