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Airport waits can be boring, but don’t have to be

Traveling creates a lot of unwanted stress and anxiety. It isn’t needed, either. But the hustle and bustle of getting to the airport is a large part of it because traffic can build up, TSA security lines can be long, and people may miss their flights if they don’t plan ahead.

Technology has been great for people who are traveling. They can access any number of things like an online casino, games, shows, movies, music, and far more. There is so much available to access at the grasp of one’s fingertips. That’s what happens with everyone having a mini computer in their pockets, which is what cell phones have evolved to.

But people can also use tablets and other devices to access whatever is available via the airports’ free internet. Here’s a breakdown of other airport activities while waiting for a layover.

Retail therapy

Believe it or not, the airport has some decent shopping available. Whether there is room in the luggage to stow it is another topic of discussion. But going through the stores at larger airports, if nothing else, can create ideas for home decor once at or returning to your destination.

There are often stores for everyone. There is a typical newsstand store for basic shopping needs, whether literature for the flight or a snack and something to drink.

Other options include some designer stores, believe it or not. There are also stores with specific brands, like the PGA Tour for golf attire. That’s typically popular in southern states with better weather year-round.

There are stores for sports fans. The stores will sometimes be for one team but include merchandise for every team in that city. Other stores will feature all teams in their markets.

Grabbing a bite

Given the hurry-up and wait nature of most travelers, some will forego food while commuting to the airport. Especially if already crunched for time. Layovers will leave people without opportunities to leave the airport to get food, too.

There are plenty of fast food options. Perhaps a Whataburger in Texas or a bowl of gumbo or a po’boy in New Orleans, or great barbecue anywhere across the country. There are plenty of quick grab-and-go options, too.

But there are also many restaurants. Most places will have breweries that offer local beers. There’s also an old adage that bartenders are some of the most knowledgeable people there are. There is always a good friend in the local bartender, even when traveling alone.

Some places will have win bars as well, steakhouses, and other upscale dining for those who are already comfortable with the expenses that come with traveling.

For the kids

Airports have done a much nicer job through renovations to give those traveling with families a place for their kids to take a break. It will often be for toddlers and younger children. Still, that is a big relief for those families who are looking to kill time for their young ones.

Fun with friends

For those traveling in parties, there is plenty of fun to be had. Instead of some of the traditional options, think of keeping a little extra luggage space to pack a board game. For a longer layover, perhaps Monopoly is the way to go to bide the time. It can also be played in a restaurant to avoid the gross floor and provide drinks and food with a little free entertainment in the interim.

There are other options, too, such as card games. Or if someone has a handheld device like a Nintendo Switch, that could be another way to link up and play stuff like a Jackbox game set. With the right equipment, it could even be played on one of the televisions and incorporate total strangers for the most fun experience.

Some exercise

That’s not all, though. One of the best options is free, and that’s walking the concourse to get some extra steps in. Since there is plenty of sitting in a tight, confined space on an airplane, stretching the legs ahead of time is a great way to not only pass the time but also be most comfortable. It’s also a great way to people-watch.

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