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3 Key Stages of Selling Your Home

Selling your home can often be a time-consuming and stressful practice. There is a wide range of factors to consider from ensuring that your home is in the best possible condition to sell quickly to navigating property chains, dealing with counter offers and organizing removals, to move to your new home. The act of selling a home can be complex and time-consuming but it does not need to cause undue worry. With some smart preparation and planning, the property can sell quickly and at a price that is appealing to both you and the buyer. Once your new property has been secured, the removals process can be simplified with similar levels of smart planning. This article describes three key stages of the home selling process with advice at each step.

Before It Goes on the Market

A key part of selling your home is ensuring that it looks at its absolute best before it is put on the housing market. One factor that should be thoroughly taken into consideration is the property’s “kerb appeal.” This is the name given to the outside of your home, including gardens and driveways, which the potential buyer will see as soon as they arrive at your address. It is extremely important to ensure that the outside of the property and the surrounding grounds are in perfect condition as this will form the first impressions of the property in the buyer’s mind. Take time to power wash patios and driveways and ensure that green spaces look at their absolute best. Any exterior faults that are visible on the property should be repaired. Apply this same logic to the inside of the property and you will be ensuring that the potential buyer does not have any issues that prevent them from making an offer or offering to purchase for a price below market value due to perceived issues with the home.

Negotiate Effectively

In 2022, buyers will almost certainly want to put in counter offers or bids against the listed price of the property. This should be expected. You will likely be doing the same to secure your next property and negotiating is part of the buying and selling process for what can be one of the biggest purchases in a person’s lifetime. Be guided by your estate agent in terms of what constitutes a sensible counter offer but also undertake research into the property market yourself. By having a broad understanding of property prices and demand for housing in your area you will have more information at your disposal to help guide negotiations and justify the value of the property.

Plan Removals Ahead of Time

It is a fact that it is possible to move house for less by comparing the market on removals companies. By getting a range of quotes together with customer reviews on the service provided, a suitable firm can be hired for a competitive price. Organize this well ahead of your moving schedule and take steps to make the whole moving process easier. Simple tips like marking packing boxes on more than one side with their contents can help when you have a large volume of stacked boxes to move. Also, it can be beneficial to organize packing contents by rooms in the new home to make the process of moving in as efficient as possible.

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