Under The Oak Tree – Her Father Abuses Her

Her father abuses her

Under The Oak Tree: Her Father Abuses Her is a novel in which a stuttering woman is forced into marriage with a knight. On the night before the wedding, he disappears on a campaign. After three years, he returns as the most celebrated knight in the country. But as his wife, Maximilian is hounded by thoughts of her father’s abuse.

She moves to a new home

A fantasy novel, Under The Oak Tree, is a beautiful work of literature, full of rich detail and poetic language. While the characters are cartoonish, the book is also full of nuance. When the main character, Maximilian, stands next to Riftan, a knight who is over two meters tall, the fragility of Maximilian is emphasized. It is as if Maximilian has been reduced to the size of a doll. Riftan is like a shoulder for Maximilian’s tears, and he moves forward slowly, but slowly.

She falls in love with Anatol

Under The Oak Tree is a contemporary Korean novel that is currently being adapted into a webtoon. The main character, Maximillian, is a young noblewoman with a stutter. She was raised by a cruel father who constantly made her feel unworthy. As a result, she has very little self-confidence and little will. She also feels insecure and lonely.

She meets Riftan

Maximilian’s husband has not seen her since their wedding night three years ago. Rumors have it that he wants a divorce, so she must find a way to prevent this from happening. She has low self-esteem, and is desperate to save her marriage. But she can’t do it on her own – she has to make sure that Riftan stays in the marriage.

She meets Ruth

The two characters are best friends, and they have known each other for years, before Ruth became a knight. Although Ruth calls Riftan out in front of his people, the knight is loyal to her, so he let’s her get away with such blatant disrespect. He knows that Ruth keeps his lands in order, so he does not want to kick her out, despite pressure from the Crown.

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