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Sell ipads for Cash

The simplest way to Sell ipads for cash is to exchange them at an online retailer in exchange for money or gift cards. You use a free shipping label to send your iPad by mail. After a final inspection is completed once the iPad arrives at the warehouse, you are reimbursed within a few days. Finding your own purchaser is a different choice. If they reside far away, you can either meet them in person or send them mail. Although it takes more work, you can earn the greatest money by finding your own customer. This is so that the trade-in firms may still make money from the end buyer by selling your iPad. 

Where to Sell Your iPad Online

All of these options allow you to request a free quote in just a few seconds. Get at least two bids so you may compare offers to discover who will pay you more for your iPad.

Sell Up

If you need to evaluate buyers quickly and want a one-stop shop, Sell Up is fantastic. You may sell your cell phone on the website, along with other items like an iPad, wearables, and more. Simply visit Sell Up and choose Tablets to obtain the best price for your iPad. After choosing your tablet and responding to a few questions, SellCell will display the best price that has been offered to you. You can use SellUp website to get a fair buy-back price for your iPhone based on its condition. They provide greater value for your iPhone than the majority of cell operators. To benefit from the high buy-back price, you do not need to purchase a phone from them. Additionally, they offer on-site collection and immediate cash payment.

Buyback Boss

One of the best buyback programmes is called Buyback Boss. You can sell your Apple Watch, smartphone, or iPad. Your commerce quote is good for 14 days, and shipping is free. Once BuyBack Boss has examined your iPad, you can choose to get paid by check or PayPal.


For gadgets in excellent, fair, or bad condition, Decluttr offers a quick trade-in estimate. You can bring your box to the majority of UPS drop off locations, and shipping is free. It’s not necessary for you to mail your charger, supplies, or original box as some other places might. You can trade your unwanted items, such as phones, books, and Legos, to Decluttr. To determine a final value, Decluttr examines each item. Decluttr will return your goods for free if the final price for your iPad is less than the first offer. The day after Decluttr receives your iPad, you will receive payment via PayPal or direct transfer.


A well-known used electronics market in the country is Swappa. Swappa doesn’t accept trade-ins, but you can still earn additional money. You get to pick the price after uploading images of your iPad. To appropriately price your equipment, try looking at the recently sold items and active listings. Any technological item with chipped or shattered glass or water damage cannot be sold on Swappa. When your product sells, Swappa will pay you via PayPal and you will then mail the item directly to the customer. In a few American cities, Swappa also enables local buyer sales. You can avoid paying shipping fees by using the Swappa Local option, and PayPal is still used to pay you.

Final Words:

You may usually trade in your iPad with online retailers. Although this is the simplest option to sell your iPad, you might not get the best price. These businesses still need to turn a profit, after all. You can sale it straight to the customer for greater money. You can impose fees that are comparable to those of the trade-in sellers. If you decide to sell it yourself, it can take longer to locate a buyer. There are many ways to exchange your iPad for cash or gift cards. Our marketplace Sell Up help you to find the best price only takes a few minutes.


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