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Osrs Cooking Guide 1-99 Complete Solution in 2022


Among Osrs Cooking Guide 99s, cooking is among the easiest. Its main advantage is that it requires little to no investment and levels quickly. Thus, players frequently choose cooking for their first 99. A skillcape that is untrimmed is also the commonest in the game. The OSRS Cooking Guide will cover every possible method, as it is a complete guide. Profitable and fastest F2P and P2P experiences per hour.

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Is Osrs Training Good for Your Cooking?

What’s the point, anyway? The GE sells food, but cooking is needed for a number of important quests and diaries.

  • The Recipe for Disaster: 70 cooking needed
  • The Swan Song: 62 cooking needed
  • The Varrock Elite Diary: 95 cooking needed
  • The Wildy Elite Diary: 90 cooking needed
  • The Kurend Elite Diary: 84 cooking needed

It is essential for Ironman accounts to have a decent kitchen, too, so they can feed themselves while bossing in osrs.

Osrs Cooking Guide

The cooking skill is also one of the fastest to learn in the game, which is why it is one of the most common capes. Until recently, cooking was one of the few capes that could be earned quickly. This guide will explain how to earn the osrs cooking cape.

Leveling Up Boosters

P2P is the only way to boost your cooking experience:

A family crest for cooking gauntlets

You can reduce the risk of burning certain foods when wearing Cooking Gauntlets. Cooking gloves are also called cooking gloves. Lobsters, swordfish, monkfish, sharks, and anglerfish are the only ones affected by the gauntlets.

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Family Crest required.

You need to finish the Family Crest quest before you can access the Cooking Gauntlets.

Family Crest requires the following skills:

  • There are 40 mining companies
  • and 40 smithing companies
  • that produce Magic 59
  • and 40 crafting products
  • Safe-spotting ability for demons 172

The Best Places for Cooking

A nearby bank and a fireplace/range are all that you need to train cooking. You will find here a list of the best P2P and F2P restaurants.

Osrs levels for cooking

In old school Runescape, different levels of cooking burn are one of the most important factors to consider.

The burn level refers to the point at which the food stops burning completely.

In addition to the level at which you are cooking, the burn-rate also depends on your location, whether or not you are wearing gloves when you cook (only for certain foods), and whether you are cooking on an open flame or a range.

We have included a burn-level chart in the guide portion below for each cooking level so that things are easy for you.

Osrs Cooking Guide
Osrs Cooking Guide

Rogues Den at Burthorpe (P2P)

The Burthorpe Inn is located beneath this place. There is a constant fire, and a banker (who doesn’t move) is standing just next to it! Is there any way to make things better? Only the downside of training your cooking here is that a fireplace (instead of a range) will slightly increase your burn rate compared to a range.

P2P players find it the best cooking place since there are no requirements to get here. It is also the best place to go AFK when playing old-school Runescape due to the fact that you can instantly bank.

The fire can be found under the pub in the Burthorpe game room, where you can teleport on your games necklace.

I cook best on the Hosidius Cooking Range (P2P)

There’s no better place in Osrs to cook than Hosidius. By practicing at the Hosidius range, your burning level declines by 5%. If you have completed the Kourend & Kebos Elite Diary, your burning level decreases by 10%. You must have 100% Hosidius favor to use the Hosidius Cooking Range. It is located close to the bank.

You should cook in this area if your hospitality favor is 100% due to the lower burn levels. Burthorpe, however, still remains a good alternative, and today it is still widely used.

A Cook-o-Matic (the Cambridge Castle Range) (Free to Play)

Completing Cook’s Assistant allows you to access the Cook-O-Matic 100, which has a reduced burn-rate range. You will need to climb the ladder to reach the range in Lumbridge Castle’s kitchen.

Unfortunately, you have to climb ladders to get from one level to another. However, this is the fastest and easiest way for a free-to-play player to learn cooking.

We didn’t think it was worthwhile to include other cooking locations in this guide, so we didn’t.

Guide for cooking in OSRS 1 to 99 using the AFK method

In order to get the most benefit from this method, you must use both the Cooking Gauntlets (Highly Recommended) and the Hosidus Range (Highly Recommended) during your cooking training.

For your convenience, I have included burn-level tables.

Cooking Sardines Levels 1 – 20

The amount of Sardines you require will range from levels 1-20. In a good location, you can complete levels 1-20 in under 10 minutes. As an alternative, you can use shrimp, which will burn a little less energy, but gain you less experience.

  • The EXP rate is 30K/hr.
  • Gross profit: -6,496GP

Cooking Trout Levels 20-30

Cooking levels 20 to 30 require 128 Trout to be cooked. This takes approximately 5-7 minutes.

  • 80K experience per hour.
  • A profit of 128GP.

Cooking Salmon Levels 30-50

You will need to cook 978 salmon between cooking levels 30 and 50. Cooking time will take between 40 and 50 minutes per pound. You can just stop making money at level 35 and make Jugs of wine instead if you don’t care about AFKing.

  • Experimenting Rate: 100K per hour
  • 1.956GP Profit

Cooking tuna is level 50 to level 61

You will need to cook 2,010 Tuna at each cooking level 50 to 61. It will take you around 1.5 hours to complete this task, and you will make a very slight profit.

  • Your exp rate is 120K per hour.
  • Your profit will be 2,010GP.

Lobster Cooking Levels 61 – 76

Levels of burn when cooking lobster
With the cooking gauntlets and the Hosidius range, you will stop burning lobsters from level 61.

74 74 70 64 61

It will take you 6 hours to cook 8,618 Lobsters at cooking levels 61 to 76. If you choose lobsters you will lose some money.

  • Your exp rate is 160K per hour.
  • Your profit is 270K.

Chef Levels 76 to 82 Swordfish Cooking

For the fastest experience, cook swordfish at cooking levels 76 to 82. There are 7,748 swordfish to cook, which will take approximately 6 hours.

The cooked swordfish will have the following Cooking Burn Levels:

86 86 82 81 76
  • Rate of exp: 180K/hr
  • Gross profit: -180K

Cooking Monkfish levels 82-89

You must cook 16,142 Monkfish each level from 82 to 89. Your time investment will be around 12 hours, and you’ll make a nice profit.
The levels of burn for Cooking Monkfish

92 90 84 88 82
  • Rate of exp: 200K/hr
  • Income from 82-89: 1M
  • Gross profit from 82-99: 4,3M

Cooking Sharks levels 89-93

In order to achieve cooking level 93, you will have to cook a total of 11,207 Sharks over 9 hours. The exp rate on the sharks will be 260K and you’ll make a nice profit.

Sharks burn levels before cooking

94 89
  • Rate of exp: 260K/hr
  • Gross profit for 89-93: 580K
  • Profit for 89-99: 2M

Cooking Anglerfish levels 93-99

You will need to cook 25,387 Anglerfish to reach cooking levels 93 to 99, which will take you around 20 hours.

Cooking Anglerfish burn levels

98 93
  • 310K per hour EXP
  • 780K profits

We have an old school method of getting 99 in less than 60 hours using our old school runescape Cooking Guide. The Hosidius Range must be used along with cooking gauntlets.

Guide to 99 OSR Foods (OSRS Cooking Guide)

In case 60 hours of AFK gaming isn’t fast enough for you, never fear: if you’re able to handle these click-intensive, fast cooking methods, you can do it in just 26 or even 20 hours.

The Cooking Jug of Wines reaches levels 35 – 90

As soon as you reach level 35 (which can be reached in under 20 minutes), you will be able to make jugs of wine. The fastest way to get 99 cooking in the game is to cook just wine, but this does not involve a lot of AFA like cooking fish does.

The equivalent of a burnt fish is a bad jug of wine until level 68.

Having 14 jugs of water and 14 Grapes in your inventory will help you with this method. Combine them, and bank until you have the required amount.

You will need 26,620 jugs of wine to progress from levels 35 – 90. The process will take ten hours. If you do it this way, you will lose approximately 8M GP and spend around 26 hours in total to reach 99.

  • The exp rate is 500K/hr.
  • From 35-90, 3.3M was lost in GP.
  • The amount lost from 35-99 was 8M.

Karambwans 1-tick levels 90 to 99

As with everything else in the game, cooking also offers a tick manipulation method. One tick of karambwans can earn you 1M exp per hour. Performing Karambwans will not burn you up once you reach level 90.

It will take you around 8 hours to do Karambwans from 90 to 99. It will also make you some money!

  • Rate of EXP: 1M/hr
  • Profit per hour: 800k
  • Profit total: 6.5M

From 35-90, you can use the jug of wine cooking method, but after that, you can switch over to Karambwans and you will only lose around 1.5m GP and get 99 in under 20 hours.

Cooking Guide for F2P in OSRS

Lumbridge Castle is the best F2P cooking spot

In Lumbridge castle, you can find the Cook-o-Matic 100, which is the best place for people who play free to play. The Cook’s Assistant quest, which lasts for 1 minute, allows you to access this range for free.

Sardines, trout, salmon, and tuna Cooking Levels 1 – 74

The P2P Cooking Guide is recommended for cooking levels 1 – 74. However, we suggest cooking tuna until 74 degrees and switching to lobster once it reaches that temperature.

Lobster/Swordfish cooking levels 74-99
The Lumbridge Castle range will no longer burn lobster once you reach cooking level 74. To get 86 lobster, you must keep doing it. You should cook swordfish when you reach level 99. In this situation, you can expect to get a 170K experience per hour.

  • The lobster’s exp rate is 150K per hour
  • Tuna’s exp rate is 170K per hour
  • profit is – 3M

As an alternative, it is possible to cook tuna at levels 61 – 99
It is likely that you will lose some money if you cook lobster or swordfish this way. From level 61 all the way to 99, you should cook tuna to avoid losing any money.

  • You earn 120K exp every hour.
  • You earn 130K gp per hour.

Owning an Osrs cooking cape has its advantages
Is the cooking cape a useful piece of equipment in OSR? The only cons are that it is a fast cape to attain and a faster way to trim another skillcape.

You will no longer burn food when wearing the cooking cape. To enter the cooking guild, the cooking cape can also be substituted for the chef’s hat.

Overview of the Old School Runescape Cooking Guide
You should now be able to access 1-99 cooking and the cooking cape as quickly as possible with the help of this Osrs 1-99 cooking guide. You can do semi-AFK cooking on an alt account while you train, complete NMZ quests, or do quests while you train skills. Alternatively, you can cook on an alt account while you watch Netflix or work.

Rogue’s Den in Burthorpe is the best AFK cooking place. You can practice cooking in old school Runescape by standing next to the everlasting fire, right by the bank.

Cooking in osrs is well-suited to AFK players who want to make money while getting high experience rates.

You can upgrade jug of wine to 99 for the fastest cooking experience rate in the game or switch to 1-tick Karambwans for a whopping 1M cooking experience per hour! Aren’t Karambwans profitable to make?

Despite being AFK, cutting is highly recommended if you want to make money. Instead of AFKing, you may opt to string and earn income while fletching, or purchase darts in order to get 99 fletching as quickly as possible.

It is 100% recommended to use one of the cooking gauntlets from the family crest quest in order to reduce the burn levels for specific fish.

We’d like to keep this osrs cooking guide as up-to-date as possible so if any information is missing, please let us know.

You can calculate your remaining experience and profits using the Cooking calculator.

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