Making  Movies in Beachwood, Ohio

When you read that title, you probably thought of the traditional “movie.”  I don’t blame you but hear me out – what I am actually referring to is the sort of videos that influencers make when they are partnering with brands.  There are a ton of different companies that offer these positions, so if this is something that interests you, stay tuned!

One important note that I would like to make up front is that you will not always be asked to make videos in a position like this one.  Rather, there are a variety of responsibilities that you might end up taking on.  Still, if you end up working with an organization you like, you can end up having a lot of fun with it, too!

What am I Talking About, anyway?

Put simply, the job that I am discussing today is known as being a brand ambassador.  You can read about them here,, though I will provide some additional information as well, of course.  In short, it involves being a social media influencer who works with a brand to help represent them.

Now, this probably sounds appealing.  Social media influencing is known as a fairly laid-back style of employment in the first place, and many of us have the ability to start earning money through our presence.  The nice thing about this is that you can make some additional, and somewhat supplemental, income on top of what you have already cultivated.

 The Qualifications

Now, nothing comes without a bit of a catch.  The biggest one here is that the size of your audience will determine how willing brands are to work with you, and how much you will be paid.  Since this is so inherently fluid, I can not really tell you what a “fair” deal would be.  Rather, I will simply caution you to work for what you are worth.

What are the usual qualifiers to become a brand ambassador, though – how hard is it to do?  Unfortunately, there is no one, “simple” answer to this question.  A good benchmark is ten thousand followers on a social media website, though.  Some examples are Instagram, YouTube, or Tik Tok.  That is where we see a lot of them come from, at least.

One of the most popular sites right now for this is definitely Instagram.  You can scroll down your feed, and I can almost promise you that if you follow any popular influencers, you will probably see some posts that are akin to the ones that I am discussing in this article today.  Even smaller ones can sometimes get partnerships, so if you have over ten thousand followers, don’t count yourself out!

What They Do

This is probably your next big question, and I certainly don’t blame you.  For some examples, consider checking out a resource like this one.  On the surface, it can appear to be a complicated job.  Certainly, there is a lot that goes into it.  It is not that difficult once you learn, though!

The main purpose of one is to generate interest and attention to a certain brand.  Obviously, it will be the one that you are partnering with.  The influencer uses their platform to do this.  How does that work?

It is pretty simple.  It could be sponsored posts showing off products or simply shoutouts before videos or movies.  If you are in Beachwood, Ohio, consider looking at local opportunities.  Sometimes those can be some of the most lucrative ones if you keep your options open.

What are the other duties you can expect to perform?  There are a variety, and of course these will vary depending on the partnering organization.  One that I find takes some ambassadors by surprise is doing in person events or product demonstrations.  When I say “movies,” this is largely what I meant.

They are essentially a commercial but put with a new packaging.  This helps the brand appeal to more customers.  As you grow your own platform, it benefits both you and your partner.  So, that is part of the appeal for becoming one.

Is it Worthwhile to Become One?

I can not truly answer this question for you in a black and white manner.  However, if you already have a following on social media and are approached by a company to become an ambassador, you might find that it will be worth it for you.  You should just keep in mind that a specific number of posts will likely have to be dedicated to said brand.

If that is something that you think you would enjoy doing, consider peeking at the resources I have linked today.  You might find them helpful as you start your journey to follow this career path.  It is as fun as you make it to be!

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