Lube For Rubik's Cube

Lube For Rubik’s Cube

If you’re looking for a new lube for your cube, you’ve come to the right place. The best lube cube is the one that’s the best fit for your pieces. You can choose between several weights and viscosities. There’s also a lube for core pieces that is specifically designed to work with core pieces.

Compound X

Compound X is a water-based lube developed by CubicleLabs in the USA. This unique formulation is designed to increase the speed of twisty puzzles. The substance works by using silicone polymer polymers that are charged at molecular levels. The product is not gummy and lasts longer than traditional silicone. It also comes with a sweet pomegranate scent.

Some cubers use petroleum-based lubricants, but they have mixed reviews that suggest they can cause the plastic to break more easily. Also, the excess use of petroleum-based lubricants can wear the center mechanism. If the plastic gets greasy or sticky, a brush should be used to clean it. Silicone-based lubes are especially popular because they leave a thin coat of lube on the plastic and make the cube turn smoother. Besides, these types of lubes come in different weights. For example, the core is usually lubed with a lighter lube, while the pieces are lubed with a heavier one.

Despite their different viscosities, Cubicle lube is a standard in lube collections. It works well as a core lube as well as piece lube. Another popular option is Lubicle, which is a premium silicone teflon lubricant. Lubicle 1 is designed for cubes that require an optimal balance between speed and control.

Cubelelo Calm Lube

The Cubelelo Calm Lube is an outstanding silicone-based lube that has a viscosity of 5 and provides an overall stable feel to the cube. This lube should only be used on the core pieces of the cube. All other parts of the cube should be lubricated with the Hurricane Lube, which is available separately.

There are a few things to look for when purchasing a cube lube. First, make sure you are buying a legitimate product. If you are worried about the legitimacy of a company, you can check their reviews. If a review is positive, it means that the product is legit. Also, make sure you buy it at a reputable website. This way, you can make sure that the product is safe and delivered on time.

Another important consideration is the viscosity of the lube. A high viscosity lube is more suited to the cube’s core, while a low viscosity lube is better suited for the outside. A medium viscosity lube should be used for the inside of the cube, where metal-to-metal contact occurs.

PFPE-based lubricants

PFPE-based lubricants are excellent for lubricating bearings, guideways, and other technical elements. These compounds are also extremely stable against aggressive media and high temperatures. PFPE-based lubricants are available in a variety of different formulations.

PFPE-based lubricants can be used on Rubik’s cubes to prevent them from sticking to each other. These lubricants are safe for the cube’s plastic construction, which makes it ideal for beginners. They are available in toy shops, online, and in hardware stores. A popular brand is Traxxas 10k/30k/50k, which is available at hardware stores and Halfords.

PFPE-based lubricants are also good for lubrication of the automotive industry. They provide long-term performance and are compatible with plastics, metals, and leather. They can even be used in sunroofs and headrests.

PFPE-based lubricants are best for lubricating friction points in high temperatures. Their low evaporation rate and low oxidation rates make them ideal for high-temperature applications. Moreover, they provide for-life lubrication. Moreover, these lubricants are safe for use in food applications.


Lubricants for Rubik’s cubes come in many varieties. Silicon and PFPE-based lubricants are the most safe for the cube’s materials. Oil-based lubricants should only be used by experienced players. WD-40 is not recommended, as it will damage the cube, even in moderate amounts. Even if it does not damage the cube, it will slow it down.

Vaseline is not recommended as a lubricant because it can wear down the pieces and make them more difficult to turn. However, WD-40 can smoothen out the pieces and last about 30 minutes. It is not a good idea to use too much of this lubricant as it can cause skin irritations.

Other types of lubricants do not work as well on plastic. They are meant to lubricate surfaces that are not going to touch your hands. This is because they have an extremely unpleasant smell and can easily get on your fingers. In addition, the lubricant can slow down a cube after about a month. Furthermore, the lubricant can also damage stickers.

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