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How to Hang a Flag on the Wall without Damaging the Wall

Do you wish to hang a flag that belongs to your favorite soccer team or nation on your wall? Flags are an accessible way to show off your heritage, your support for your favorite sports team, or display your pride in being an American.

It’s easy to hang a flag on a wall. A flag can instantly transform your personal space. It adds personality to the area. However, you must know how to put up a flag without damaging the wall.

Finding the right place

Your room’s wall must already have some decorative pieces or others. Take them into account while choosing the proper place to hang the flag. Also, be certain whether you want it to be at your eye level or at some place higher on the wall. Then decide the manner in which you want to put it up – horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. And if you want to display more than one flag, then you can

  • Showcase them together on a single wall.
  • You can hang them next to each other to form a row.
  • You can also create a border along the wall by placing the flags next to each other.
  • If you want diversity, you can display them all around the room.
  • If the flags that you possess represent your different interests, segregate them into distinct sections. For instance, you can allot one wall for the flags of your favored soccer teams and another for the flags of your favorite baseball teams.

Mark the spot where you want the flag to go up. Following are some of the things you can use to solve the problem of how to hang a flag on a wall without causing much damage to it.

Using spring clips

Using spring clips is probably the easiest way to hang a flag on a wall. You do not need any tool to do so, and the wall remains intact. These spring clips can adhere to various surfaces like tile, finished wood, metal, drywall, and glass. You only have to stick them where you intend to put the upper portion of the flag. Then, all you have to do is clip the flag into them.

Using painter’s tape

You can think of using adhesive tapes to hang the flags ups. But the only drawback is that if you want to take the flags down to rearrange the decoration, these tapes cause the paint of the wall to come off. So, the best way out would be to use painter’s tape. Though they do not possess a strong adhesive backing, it is enough to hold the lightweight flags in place. Moreover, you can pull it off if needed without taking off the wallpaper or paint.

Using double-sided tape

Another great option is to use double-sided tape. These tapes work well on metal, wood, concrete surfaces, stone, and glass.

Using adhesive putty

Tacky putty, also known as adhesive putty, is easily removable, and you can again use it. If you want to rearrange your flags, this is an appropriate method. But if you are worried that it might damage the older painted wall, then before using it, test it first on a small surface.


Try out these ways to achieve the desired look you want to have by hanging flags on the wall.

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