How to Find Nature Documentary Shows

If you’re interested in watching a nature documentary, there are a few things you should keep in mind. The first is to make sure you get a program that’s geared toward kids. This is particularly important if you’re planning to watch one as a family.

Blue Planet II

For fans of David Attenborough’s previous Blue Planet series, you’ll love his new project. It aims to take you on stunning tours of the ocean.

The series combines cutting-edge videography and storytelling to deliver a mesmerizing look at oceans. You’ll find yourself on a dazzling tour of the sea, with a little help from some of the world’s most colorful creatures.

While it’s impossible to know exactly how much damage humans have done to our planet’s oceans, we can learn a lot from what they’ve left behind. This series explores some of the biggest challenges our oceans face, from plastic pollution to coral bleaching.

Seven Worlds, One Planet

Seven Worlds, One Planet is a nature documentary that explores the diversity of life on earth. The series is narrated by Sir David Attenborough and has footage of animals from every angle. In addition to examining the lives of animals, the series highlights new species and environments.

The series will focus on the seven continents of the planet, and each episode will have one hour of content. Antarctica, for example, is considered the most hostile region on Earth. Life is difficult there because the continent is largely dependent on the ocean. But despite its harsh environment, there are some rare and unusual creatures to see. For instance, the Weddell seal grinds back ice with its teeth.

Night on Earth

Night on Earth is a nature documentary that focuses on the nightly activities of animals. It uses cutting-edge technology to give viewers an unparalleled glimpse into the animal kingdom.

The series is narrated by Emmy-winning actress Samira Wiley. The show takes viewers to various parts of the world, focusing on different habitats and species.

For the most part, the show is fun to watch. Using a variety of technologies, the series shows the ways that animals survive in the dark, as well as how they interact with other animals. Occasionally, it also makes subtle suggestions to help protect the environment.

Columbia: Wild Magic

One of the most stunning and interesting features of Colombia is its flora and fauna. This eloquent documentary covers the best parts of the country in an enlightening manner.

The film also covers modern day challenges. These include human and animal conflicts. It even showcases some of the most exotic creatures in the world.

In fact, the documentary is a timely wake up call. 6.5 million hectares of forest have been lost in the last 26 years. Humans have done their part to damage the eco system. Still, some of us work to protect the natural bounty.


One of the most popular sports podcasts is MeatEater. The show combines nature documentary with hunting and cooking culture. It is also a platform for hunting tips, advice and equipment sales. Founded by Steven Rinella, the show is also a media brand.

Currently, MeatEater is a Netflix Original series. During its ninth season, which premiered in September, Rinella travels to Missouri Breaks to hunt mule deer and dusky grouse. He will also join expert Karl Malcolm to chase Merriam’s wild turkey in New Mexico.

MeatEater’s style of storytelling is different from most conventional hunting shows. The narrator’s voice is reserved and his tone is reverent towards nature.

Hidden Kingdoms

A new documentary called the Hidden Kingdoms of China has recently made its way into homes around the world. This nature documentary from National Geographic and Chinese streaming site Bilibili shows the amazing animal life of China. It also showcases some innovative filming techniques.

The series takes viewers on an extraordinary journey to China’s most stunning landscapes. They are given special access to the most captivating creatures of the country.

This series uses some innovative filming and telephoto techniques to get close to the animals. Its narrative flow can feel scattershot.

David Attenborough’s The Year Earth Changed

David Attenborough’s The Year Earth Changed nature documentary is a timely film that showcases the transformation of wildlife during a global lockdown. It’s the perfect movie for Earth Day and a great way to see how humans and nature co-exist.

David Attenborough’s documentaries are known for their stunning footage, captivating narration, and fascinating subjects. This new documentary explores how nature responds to the COVID-19 pandemic.

A global lockdown that occurred in March of 2020 altered nature and the lives of many people. As humans stayed indoors to prevent the spread of the disease, previously endangered species increased in numbers. Previously polluted areas became cleaner. Some of the silver linings included improved air quality and less smog, an abundance of new animal life, and decreased levels of toxic gas emissions.

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