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Genshin Impact: Arataki Itto Guide

“Who’s a good boy? Yeah, you are!” – Arataki Itto to his Kabuto beetle; And Genshin Impact Playerbase to Arataki Itto.

He really is just the best, isn’t he? Has a sad backstory, but is still one of the most fun, positive characters in the game. He never lets anything get him or his energy down, and he is always on top of his game. Of course, being a hyper-carry like Xiao and Cyno means that he’s going to need a lot of investment, and if you want to get him at C6 (Which is an insane power boost) you better bet you’ll need to use some crystal top up to get there. However, even at C0, Arataki Numero Uno Itto does not disappoint… if built with a proper team.

The One and Oni: Arataki Itto

So, what makes people love Itto? His fun personality and the outstanding performance of his VA: Max Mittelman, who also voiced Ryuji from Persona 5 – both characters use Clubs and both characters are idiots. Coincidence? Maybe.

Still, to say that Max did a good job with Itto would be a severe understatement as it is one of the best performances in the game.

Aside from his personality and appearance, it’s his hypercarry potential and hard-hitting attacks that make him fun to play. Also, chucking his pet bull at enemies is never not going to be fun.

Itto’s TalentskRMqy o2tnEOhlncas2JxAK3K9KTF44EVZbG4bpov5yVS7mVrSt6UJ7o0WxmxIadhmj

Itto’s main way of dishing out damage is through his charge attacks, which are enhanced by his “Superlative Superstrength” mechanic.

Elemental Skill

Masatsu Zetsugi: Akaushi Burst (Gotta love Itto’s naming conventions) – is Itto’s elemental skill where he tosses the gang’s mascot bull – Ushi – at the enemies to deal surprisingly massive amounts of damage. Ushi then proceeds to dance and taunt enemies until his duration or HP expires.

Elemental Burst

Royal Descent: Behold, Itto The Evil! – This is when the real fun starts. Itto summons his demonic club and converts all of his damage to Geo. But that’s not all. He increases his ATK based on his DEF, meaning that unlike most characters: One of his main stats is actually DEF, not ATK. Also, Shouta thinks this move is really, really cool.

This DEF = ATK combined with his Ascension Talent that increases his Arataki Kasegiri (His Charged Attacks with Superlative Superstrength stacks) based on 35% of his DEF makes for some crazy damage multipliers.

Itto’s Best Weapon

Not only is Itto’s signature weapon, the Redhorn Stonethresher HIS best weapon, it’s also one of the best Claymore’s in the game – if not the best for most DPS characters. It gives a MASSIVE 90% CRIT DMG bonus at level 90, coupled with an impressive 542 Base ATK… but that’s not where it ends, oh no.

For Itto, this weapon is a godsend because as its passive it gives 28% DEF and adds 40% of your DEF to your normal and charged attacks at Rank 1. At Rank 5, this just becomes insane as it gives 56% DEF and adds 80% of DEF to normal and charged attacks. For Itto this is just out of this world.

However, even if you didn’t top-up your Genshin account in order to get his signature weapon, there is another option – The Whiteblind. This 4* Craftable Claymore increases your ATK and DEF by 12% each time you attack with a normal or charged attack and stacks up to 4 times, giving Itto 48% ATK and DEF, respectfully.

Itto’s Best Team

Itto best works in a Mono Geo Team, or a Team with 3 Geo 1 Bennet.

The best character to pair with Itto, bar none, is Gorou, as he provides a ton of DEF boosts to the team. Bennet is there to give even more ATK, but you can basically swap him with anyone else and it won’t make too big of a difference. If you have Geo Archon Daddy Zhongli, then Bennet becomes obsolete as his healing won’t do much for your team.

Itto, Gorou, Zhongli, Flex – You don’t really even need the 4th character, but can use someone like Kazuha if you want to gather enemies around.


Itto is a loveable idiot, and the people who pulled for him LOVE him. He’s a great hyper-carry character if built with the proper stats (DEF, Crit Rate/DMG) and a good mono-geo team that can support his bull-chucking shenanigans. If you decide to go for his C6, be sure to use U7BUY services as mentioned above, but you can also find more game currency on the website as well!

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