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Egypt Country Code – EGY

EGY is the country code for Egypt. Egypt is located in northeast Africa and is the gateway to the Middle East. The country’s history dates back to the time of the pharaohs. It is home to a number of historical monuments along the fertile Nile River Valley, including Giza’s Pyramids, the Great Sphinx, the Karnak Temple, and the Valley of the Kings tombs. The capital city of Cairo, meanwhile, contains Ottoman landmarks such as the Egyptian Museum and Muhammad Ali Mosque.


Egypt is a country in northeast Africa and the Middle East. It has a rich history and dates back to the pharaohs. Its monuments are spread along the fertile Nile River Valley, including Giza’s Pyramids, the Great Sphinx, Karnak Temple, and the Valley of the Kings tombs. The capital, Cairo, is also home to Ottoman landmarks, including the Egyptian Museum and the Muhammad Ali Mosque.

The EGYPT country code is part of the ISO 3166-1 standard. The code for the country is EGY or EG. It is appended to the country code for 20 other countries. The country codes are in alphabetical order. These codes are the main codes for Egypt. However, they may differ slightly from city to city.

When dialing a telephone number in Egypt, it is important to dial the country code that corresponds to the area code. If you have a mobile phone, you should use the country code in which it is registered. Generally, this is ’00’ for international calls. Otherwise, you must dial the exit code of the country you are calling from.

If you are calling Egypt from abroad, you should use the country code 20. Alternatively, you can use a different country code, such as 011 or 810. The code for calling Egypt is not difficult to find. You can use our website to find the code for Egypt. You can also find regional telephone codes for the major cities of the country.

During international calls, you must precede the country code by a prefix or an area code. This indicates that you are calling Egypt and that it is in Africa. After the country code, you must also add the city code of the person you are calling. Then, you can dial the number.

You can also find area codes for Egypt on the country code guide. Most people in Egypt have two digits for their phone number. You can use these numbers to call both landlines and mobiles without incurring long-distance charges. However, if you are calling a customer service number, you may be charged per minute.

Egypt is located in Africa and borders Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Cyprus, and Israel. The country has a population of 83082869 people and an area of 1,001,450 square kilometers. Its capital city is Cairo. While calling Egypt, make sure to check the local time in Egypt.

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