LED Flood Light

Buying a 150 Watt LED Flood Light

Having a 150 watt led flood light on your property is important because it helps you save energy. There are many brands that produce these kinds of lights, but it’s important to choose a good one that will last for many years to come. Here are some of the top models that you can choose from.

Lumilum Large LED Flood Light Series

Using LED technology to its fullest potential, the Lumilum Large LED Flood Light Series produces a large amount of light while saving a surprising amount of energy. With their incredibly low operating costs and long lifespans, these lights are an ideal replacement for traditional shoe-box type fixtures. They are also an excellent choice for architectural and commercial lighting applications, such as outdoor tennis courts, parking lots, and outdoor sports courts.

A 50-watt LED floodlight can produce a 22,000 lumens of super bright white light, making it an energy efficient replacement for a 1000W halogen bulb. It has a well done waterproof design, and the LED power supply is isolated to protect it from being exposed to people. In addition, it uses an impressive technology to produce the best possible driving quality.

Lumilum FLCU Series

Whether it is your home or office, a 150 watt LED Flood Light is a smart move. With an impressive display of LEDs and a trunnion style mounting bracket, the Lumilum FLCU Series light bar is sure to provide an energy efficient lighting solution for your needs. Aside from its dazzling display of light, the unit comes with an impressively built in surge protector. The unit offers the maximum discharge current of 10kA for 120-277V drivers, providing an added measure of safety for your cherished electronics.

The Lumilum Large LED Flood Light Series is a worthy replacement for traditional halogen and metal halide light fixtures. The units come in a variety of sizes to fit most commercial needs. The unit has an impressive list of features, which include a tempered glass lens, a heavy-duty die-cast aluminum housing, and a hefty 18,000 lumens of LED output.


Choosing a supplier for Oreva 150 watt led flood light requires you to take into consideration a number of factors. If you’re looking to buy this product, you’ll want to find a reliable supplier that offers competitive prices. Depending on the type of floodlight you’re buying, you’ll also need to choose a lens type that will impact the amount of light that will be dissipated.

LED flood lights are designed to have a wide, directional beam of light. In addition to being used for flood lighting, LED floodlights can also be used as street lights. They are available in a wide range of wattages, from 15 watts to 400 watts. They are also available in different color temperatures, such as cool white and warm white.

Topaz’s 150W, 40K, High Power Flood Lights

Whether you are looking for lighting for your auto dealership, building facades or even for outdoor security, Topaz’s 150W, 40K, High Power Flood Lights can help you achieve the perfect lighting solution. These high power lights are durable and offer a wide range of mounting options. They are wet location rated and feature a UV resistant powder coat finish, making them perfect for outdoor areas.

The 150W, 40K, High Power Flood lights from Topaz are ideal for harsh environments. Their one-piece die cast aluminum housing is UV resistant, providing a strong, durable light source. They are available in a variety of mounting options including a yoke mount and a trunnion mount. These high power lights are ideal for outdoor security, campuses, auto dealerships and building facades.

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