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A Guide to the Gan Speed Cube

The Gan speed cube is one of the best puzzle machines on the market today. If you are an avid cuber and enjoy solving puzzles, you will love this machine. It has a powerful and precise algorithm that will make your puzzles look great. Even if you are new to the puzzle world, the Gan will teach you how to solve it. Plus, it comes with a plastic tuning tool and a tutorial on how to CFOP.


The MoYu WeiLong GTS3 M is one of the fastest cubes around. It is a fully magnetised 3×3 speed cube that’s available in both regular and light magnet versions. It comes with a tool and a proprietary adjustment mechanism.

One of the coolest features of the MoYu WeiLong GTS3M is its patented spring compression gear system. This mechanism makes quick and easy spring tension adjustments possible. Although it may not be the most obvious feature, it is worth mentioning.

Another feature of the MoYu WeiLong gtS3M is its sculpted edges. Specifically, its outer ridges provide a great deal of grip and help to hone your skills. In addition, the GTS3M is actually one of the most stable cubes on the market.


GAN speed cube 356XS is the new flagship model from Gan. It is one of the lightest cubes available in the market. The all plastic core makes this puzzle lighter, while the adjustable magnet system reduces its weight. This GAN speed cube is available in stickerless or stickered versions. In addition, it comes with a storage bag and user guide.

Its core magnetic design offers smooth movements. Adjustable tension and compression allows you to adjust its strength to your preference. Also, it has a corner magnetic design that provides smooth and consistent corner turns. Despite its small size, it is durable.

GAN 354 M

GAN 354 M is a 54mm, stickerless, non-traditional speed cube with a frosted plastic outer skin, an upgraded core, and a tad bit of honeycomb-surfaced internals. While the honeycomb-surfaced design does a great job of smoothing out the surface of the cube, it still performs well with the toughest angles. It is a worthy successor to the original Gan 354M.

The puzzle is packaged in a compact box that features a traditional accessories box with a Gan pamphlet. The GAN cube has two travel distance adjustments. One is for a faster and more aggressive solve and the other is for a slower, more ponderous solve. The GAN 354M is a miniature, magnetic 3×3 speed cube that is ideal for one-handed enthusiasts.

GAN 11 M Pro

The GAN Speed Cube 11 M Pro is the latest in the line of GAN’s high-end cubes. It is a unique combination of modern cubing technology that has increased speed and stability.

Among other features, the GAN 11 M Pro includes an industry-first corner-core magnetic positioning system. This allows for smoother turning and increased stability. Moreover, the core has been redesigned to allow for more advanced magnet strength and tension adjustment.

Although the GAN 11 M Pro isn’t the fastest 3×3 out there, it does have a few special features. One is its dual-adjustment core, which is capable of 24 different adjustment variations.

GAN Cube Solver Robot

GAN Robot is the world’s first intelligent cube robot for consumers. It is portable and can be solved with the touch of a button. The GAN ROBOT connects wirelessly to an app called Cube Station, and calculates the best solving path in just 0.01 seconds. This allows the solver to have a very smooth and controlled solving experience.

With five claws, GAN Robot is easy to carry and use. The AI capabilities will help the solver learn cube solving techniques. You can connect the GAN ROBOT to a mobile app to play a variety of cube games. There are also battle functions and training functions to assist you in mastering a wide range of scrambles.

World records

If you want to buy a speed cube, it’s good to read up on the different types available and their performance. This guide will help you decide which one is best for you. The list includes the current world records, as well as cube choices to get you started.

GAN is one of the most popular brands in the speedcubing industry. Its flagship cube is known for its excellent control and quality materials. With six tension levels, the cube has a variety of configurations, making it suitable for beginners and more advanced cubers.

The GAN356 Air UM Max Park Signature Edition is a replica of the cube used by Max Park. It features a VIP card and a biographical pamphlet. The cube also comes with a tensioning tool.

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